Chapter 3: Closing down sale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Brenda’s been a steady witch, in her forest den

Many years have passed for her, then along came Ben


A stranger walked amongst the trees, he knocked upon her door

The witch had been a baking, and moping her wet floor


This man was tall, rode a horse, and dressed in silver metal

He held a rose, all in white, with a single bright red petal


‘I’m a knight’ he said, ‘I come to break your spell’

‘Be off with you for I’m a witch with nothing left to sell’


‘I have a kingdom under threat’ said Ben, ‘And need a special queen’

‘She must be very beautiful, with powers unforeseen’


The witch appeared, Ben was smitten, very much in love

Such a beauty stood before him, he thanked the lord above


The witch was shocked, surprised to see his rose

She smiled and said, ‘I have one of those’


‘For mine is red, with a single white petal’

‘I’ve been waiting for a knight, in bright coloured metal’


‘I’ll be your queen, if you can break my spell’

‘Free me from these beasts, in this forest they all dwell’


The knight he accepted, ‘Anything you ask’

‘I’ll break that spell, I’ll take on that task’


The night grew dark, then a howling sound

A swinging sword, brought the werewolf to ground


Brenda she watched, hopeful indeed

‘He must be the one, the knight that I need’


All the forest creatures, along with wicked Wayne

A zombie dentist too, all of them slain


Last one was the worst, for that was the Count

A most fearsome attack, the bat he did mount


Brenda saw Ben was struggling, and in some pain

‘I cannot wait another, hundred years again’


There was one potion left, upon her larder shelf

Some Dragon breath, to boost up your health


She tossed the bottle, calling ‘Take this young Ben’

The Bat he saw it too, turned towards her but then


Drac stretched too far, shrieked, ‘Oh heck!’

As Ben chopped off his head at the base of his neck


It was over for Brenda, no more beasts left, not one

The witches spell it was broken, completely undone


A Witch no more, a Queen at last

The silver knight with a sword so fast


Happy ever after, I hear you say

It was for a while, then a bat arrived one stormy day

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sparkles9999. All rights reserved.


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