Chapter 4: Grand Re Opening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 7

There’s a dark and creepy forest, in a land not far away

It holds a powerful secret, alive at night, but not the day


The beasts have all returned, hungry, fearsome, and yet

Their night time café is empty, available, ‘To Let!’


But what is this, a light is on, Norman’s not lonely anymore

The broomstick’s out, fresh lick of paint, new sign upon the door


‘Under new management’ it read, grand re opening coming soon

A whole new menu for all beasts, opening at the next full moon


They took some time to venture back, a brutal battle one fateful night

Their witch had left with a man of steel, most beasts fled from the fight


Wolves and bats have now returned, ghouls took cover under ground

Another beast did show his face, hairy, mostly brown


Full moon tonight, beasts queued up, ready for some grub

The door it opened, two new faces, ‘Welcome to our pub’


The beasts all stunned, a pair of faces smiling, staring back

Two fine witches, one was blonde, the other inky black


‘My name is Debra, my sister’s Dawn, you see we are a two

‘Witches all, come to your rescue, so how the devil do you do’


‘I thought all witches lived alone, with a cat, and had black hair’

‘Oh no we’re different, Dawn likes black, I sometimes dye mine fair’


A vampire bat, in the queue, he was the very first

‘Welcome to you, try this pint, it will quench your thirst’


The bat he drank, then a push behind, ‘Stop that we don’t do tiff’s’

‘There’s plenty brew for all in here, we call it bitter, John Smiths’


‘In that case Witch, as it tastes so good, please pour me another’

‘If it’s possible, to take away, for my older brother’


‘Off you go then Mr Bat, but don’t forget to pay’

‘Will you take a slimy toad?’, the witch she said, ‘Okay’ 


A real bad smell, a hairy dog, a werewolf did appear

He kept his distance, checked the menu, but didn’t come too near


‘I’m hungry and I’m grumpy, not eaten in a while’

‘What can I have that’s quick and tasty, it needs to make me smile’


‘Try our special hot pot, full of spices, snakes and toads’

‘A slithering curry called a korma, I’m sure you’ll like it loads’


The café it went really dark, a figure sobbing at the door

A Yeti, very sad, tears dropping on the floor


‘What’s all this?, don’t be sad, there’s enough in here for all’

The Yeti sobbed, ‘I’m far too big, I just want to be so very small’


Debra’s nose did twitch, she grabbed a cup, ‘Just drink this little brew’

‘A Witches potion, very strong, just the thing for you’


The Yeti sipped, he gulped and gulped, and then he drank it all

Two minutes later Dawn she smiled, ‘Now look you are so small’


Opening night, a real success, two Witches very proud

The beasts were back, all been fed, not too bad a crowd


A word of warning for all ramblers, you really must take care

Don’t stray off the muddy path at night, for if you do, beware!

Submitted: May 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sparkles9999. All rights reserved.


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