Chapter 5: A dragon comes a calling

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Down in the Forest, a row it is brewing

One Witch returned, whilst the other was stewing


Debs with a start shouted, ‘Oh no what is that?’

‘It’s a dragon of course’, ‘But I said fetch a rat!’


Dawn did reply, ‘It was scared and alone’, ‘this dragon I found’

‘You must take it back, It’s too big for this ground’


‘We could keep it outside, with the cat as a pet’

‘Then we’ll soon have another, the mother, you bet’


‘Don’t have a blond moment’, said Dawn the small Witch

Debs she got cross, her nose did a twitch


The twitch hit a jar, which tumbled on down

Frog spawn did spill, over Dawn who did frown


‘Not so fast sis, and don’t turn your back’

Dawn blew her a kiss, ‘Have this for a snack’


A big ball of slime, covered Debs head to toe

‘Take that you fool, the dragon can’t go’


The Witches were rowing, then a growl from outside

A knock on the door, ‘Can we come in and hide?’


Peering outside, a long line of beasts

‘Guys we’re not open yet, it’s not time for your feasts’


With smoke in the air, and a real foggy haze

The Witches they saw, the forest ablaze


‘Come in all you beasts, be quiet, take cover’

‘A baby dragon is here, and outside is it’s mother’


‘We’re Witches, we’re smart, don’t need any help’

All of a sudden, a shriek, then a yelp


The baby dragon was calling, looking so cute

‘He’s calling his mother, I bet she’s a brute’


Debs reached in her pocket, then looked at her sis

Nodding then saying, ‘Come on, we got this’


The Witches held hands, they started to spin

Both started to mumble, making a din


From deep inside, they wailed, danced about

Words of a spell, from their mouths did come out


‘We are witches, have brooms you can hire’

‘Help us above, to douse this great fire’

‘Angel dust, and Lizard wee’

‘A piece of bark, from an ancient tree’

‘So we spin, and spin, and spin again’

‘And send you this spell, and ask for some rain’


Beasts stood in awe, then came the thunder

‘Quick, the magic umbrella, all must get under’


Outside the Café, the rain it was pouring

The baby dragon inside, asleep and was snoring


A swoop from above, a dark shadow was cast

Then a massive crash landing, ‘Oops she’s here at last’


All stood a watching, the forest ahead

‘Go fetch baby dragon, get him out of bed’


Then everyone saw it, a big fiery snout

Beasts they all scattered, and didn’t hang about


A dragon it was, so big, what a brute

‘Have you seen my son’, ‘He’s small, really cute’


‘He’s inside and he’s sleeping, he’s really just fine’

‘Thank goodness for that, he runs off all the time’


Some shuffling behind, baby dragon was out

‘Sorry mum’, he said with a real cheeky pout


‘Well come on’, she said, ‘It’s time for our tea’

‘We dragons eat at four o clock, it’s now half past three!’


The Witches smiled, ‘Would you like a drink?’

‘We’ve lots of fruit and veggies in, but no meat I think’


The mummy dragon she smiled, ‘’That would be very nice’

‘Dragons love their fruit so very much, and veg with lots of spice’


The table was set, a party was had

Jokes they were told, and most really bad


An alliance was made, dragons often came back

Protecting the forest, from those who’d attack


Don’t harm their friends, their flames they will burn

Then one day, a knight on a horse did return


What was his purpose, had the Witches to go?

Watch out for more stories, or you may never know.

Submitted: May 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sparkles9999. All rights reserved.


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