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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Andy loses his most prized possession, a book. But there's something about this book that no one understands but Andy. Why is it so important? Join the search for this book and uncover the truth.


“Hey have you seen my book 'Agents Undercover' mom?” Andy asked. “No sweetie I haven't, I told you we will look for it in the morning, now go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.” Rebecca suggested. “Fine” Andy staggered,and went up the stairs to his room. Andy liked when his room was decorated it made him feel at home, with walls covered from roof to floor with decorations of Star Wars, paintings, posters, and even colored lights that made his room glow. 

He turned on his radio and curled up with his stuffed dog, only wishing for his book that held many feelings. Eventually he was asleep. He continuously rolled over to his other side, sleeping like he was a 60-year-old man with back problems.

“MY BOOK!” he woke up, and exclaimed. He jumped out from under the covers, and ran to his mothers room, unaware of the time. “MOM, MOM MOM!” he yelled, almost loud enough to wake the whole city. “what, Andy what?” she asked, unable to open her eyes, and undoing the covers. “ I remember where I placed my book, I DO, I DO, I DO!” Andy declared, unable to understand his yelling, she looked at Andy then at the clock, and back at Andy. “It's 4:30 in the morning, what's happening? '' Rebecca examined. The house was fine, Andy was fine. “ Jason has my book, I let him read it, and then you rushed me to get my things so we can go see pop pop, and I never grabbed my book.” Andy insisted.“ oh, um alright, uh yeah, we'll go get it later when everyone wakes up  okay sweetie?”  “No mom, I need it now” Andy wasn't too happy,of what he heard, but thrilled at the idea of getting his book back. “Okay, okay,let's go,” Rebecca replied. 

Without a soul in sight, they walked outside and moved to the car. It was dark, cold and calm; but the feel of the spring breeze made Rebecca relaxed. Upon arrival Andy hopped out the car and ran to the door with such excitement. Andy knocked once, with hope of an answer. Within a few seconds of waiting no response had been given, so Andy knocked outrageously. “Andy! stop that's rude, didn't I tell you they were sleeping?” Rebecca scolded. “Lets go.” she tugged on Andy, insisting to go to the car. Andy wasn't ready to give up, he looked back once more, and in surprise he called out, “mom, look.” The light flicked on, and a tall shadow approached the door, opening it slow, desperately trying not to disturb the rest of the house folks. A lady with long gray hair, and dressed in her PJ's stood on the poarch.

“hey, is everything alright becca?” “Yes, I'm sorry Linda, it's just Andy, he said he left his book here with Jason by accident, and he hasn't slept since, he scowled at me saying he needs his book, do you recall 'Agents Undercover' by chance“?  “oh, um, hold on one minute, I'll go check” Linda reckoned. A few minutes passed, and Andy was more impatient than ever, cracking his knuckles, walking in circles, and even pretending to talk to his dog. “I'm sorry I've looked around I haven't seen it” Linda considered. “BUT-” not giving up. “Andy!” Rebecca barked, pointing towards the car. “I'm sorry” she repeated once again. Without any more words, Linda nodded and shut the door quietly. On the way back home Andy let out a small but quiet sniffle, while wiping a tear that flowed down his face. 


The next morning

 “Good morning sunshine,” she crooned to Andy. “Good morning momma” he crooned as well. “So tell me why so upset about your book Andy?” she tried to exaggerate the happy overtone.  Ignoring the question with his, “Mom, why don't you ever talk about dad?” Andy speculated wondrously. “ don't know sweetie, it's just never a topic.”  He ignored the answer he received, and headed out the door to catch the bus. 

 Andy's father was in the military so he wasn't around much but when he got home, it was the best years of Andys life. He had been diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, which brought him to his death. Just when Andy was 8.


 “I don't know, he's only 10, and has an attachment to that book.” Rebecca muttered, to her good friend Lany.“He even asked about his father, which was very odd, but also expected. It's been almost two years without him, I mean it's been hard on us both,but we are still in disbelief. “yeah, it's definitely hard for a child to go through that, maybe that book reminds him of his father,” Lany proposed  “maybe, your right.” Rebecaa ended.


Later that night Rebecca never brought up anything from throughout the day. “Mom, I got my book back!” Andy babbled. “OH! That's just wonderful sweetheart, where was it?” she replied in a quick tone. “Jason returned it, he said he never read it, he just kept it under his pillow, that's why Miss.Linda didn't see it momma.” he was so jittery, he ate dinner and went straight to sleep. 

 She ended up checking on Andy about an hour after he was asleep. She saw the book, right where it always was. Sitting perked up on the dresser, hesitantly  she picked up the book and took it with her to the living room. 

She studied it for a moment before opening it; but when she pulled the hard cover over, a picture fell from the top of the page. It was her, Andy and her husband Josh. She let out a soft quiet gasp. Then flipped it over and saw the words, “Go Muffin Go.” Josh called Andy a muffin because Andy was his favorite person, and his favorite snack was muffins. “I miss him.” Andy puffed, holding back tears,and startling Rebecca. “Oh, honey me too.” Still lost on why the book itself was important, she questioned, “but-why the book?”  without another word, Andy  walked over to where his mom was sitting, flipped to the back of the 198 worded book, and pointed. The words “I love you Muffin, I love you Bec' were written in such neat cursive. Wiping away the tears, she placed a hand on the writing and whispered, “I love you too bird.” 


Submitted: May 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Destini Jersee. All rights reserved.

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