Cyberpirates 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Boley Folks House

If we forgo the slavery issue, which we won't, there remains the fact, you were her scrubby, a deck hand and cabin boy by hire. If you were dissatisfied with the living or working conditions aboard her ship, you had the right to find other employment that better suited you.

Since the Sweetheart Banquet Fishbait inserted himself into every aspect of my day. He intruded his way into my doctor's appointments, my business meetings, my phone calls. This invasion of privacy was extremely unwelcome . I and my physician considered his actions as interference with necessary medical treatment. Fishbait was jeopardizing the physician patient confidentiality. 


Invasion of privacy was a misdemeanor class 1 . I could sue him. Fishbait taunted me " so sue me. You're mistress and responsible for my actions. The penalty if I sued and won was six months in county jail and $ 500.00 in fines. Filing the legal action wasn't worth the risk. The county jail was extremely close to my house.


 Fishbait wasted little time before demanding that I name him as my caregiver and dismiss my physician and mental health team.. He was going everything in his power to pressure me into signing the power of attorney documents he handed me. His concern was for my property and holdings. He didn't give one dam about me. 


His attempts to seize power took place aboard a spaceship in international First officer was prepared to bring charges of insurrection, mutiny, and piracy against Fish Bait . 


He promised that he'd never use the power of attorney against me. I had no reason to sign his legal documents. And, I had even less reasons to believe him. He said if I signed my power over to him it would end the eviction process. He was mistaken. I was being evicted because of Fishbait. He was a convicted felon with three convictions to his name. Each felony conviction was for a  weapons charge. 


I had already brought my sanity under scrutiny by bringing Fish Bait, a convicted felon in my home with knives and firearms. Any police officer entering my home would have sufficient cause to arrest both of us. He was a felon.and I was enabling him to have easy access to several guns and drawers full of bowie knives and collectable swords and daggers. 


If police action or legal action were brought against Fish Bait or me I could face eviction. I had authorized my second in command to investigate the actions Fish Bait was known to have committed and the possibility of subsequent charges.


Anytime I wanted to end the eviction process I could , I could stop defending him. I could stop lying for him. I could put him out. The minute Fishbait left the property the eviction stopped dead in its tracks.


My sanity was further scrutinized when I consented to a civil wedding ceremony. I wasn't in love. It was a marriage of convenience. If we were married Fishbait would have the forever home he wanted. It was a marriage of coercion Fishbait had threatened to murder everyone I cared for and force me to watch as he killed them beginning with my sister, my neices, and my brother in law. 


By the laws of matrimony he was entitled to one half of my possessions, normally .  However, My attorney had negotiated a prenuptial agreement. Should we separate or divorce Fishbait was entitled to exactly what he brought to the marriage.a duffel bag, a white pair of Caprice pants, his iPad and army jacket.


Fishbait couldn't stop the eviction. I chose him above remaining in my apartment of 17 years. Mia's prediction was coming true. Because of my decisions regarding Fishbait I was losing everything Captain Gnarly and I had worked to accumulate.


I alone could stop the eviction. I did not want the responsibility for making him homeless and unemployed.


§ 18.2-165.1. Tampering with or unlawful use of cable television service. Was another charge the community brought against Fishbait. He did approach several of my neighbors and convince them he could connect the premium channels for them. He convinced the elderly ladies he once worked for a cable company and for a small contribution he would put every premium channel in their home. Each time he " tampered " with a cable box he collected $ 10.00 


Fishbait was using his electronic pirating skills to improve the economic condition of my household. I had premium cable channels and his small contribution.


 I knew the day would come when I would owe the cable company. But In the present I was content to pretend I was ignorant of his actions. I claimed " I don't know what my neighbors saw or thought they saw but, it wasn't  him. It wasn't Fish Bait.


 His crime , if convicted, was a class 1 misdemeanor. The punishment if convicted would be 12 months in jail or a fine of $ 2,500.00. or possibly both. Of course , Fishbait didn't care. Any fines he assumed I would pay.   Again cooperating with the authority wasn't in my best interest. Fishbait would be released and he'd find me.


The next charge the community brought against Fishbait was tampering with the United States Mail.  This was a felony. If you steal mail, you could be facing serious punishment under US Code Section 1708. Because the USPS is a federal agency, mail theft is charged as a federal offense. Conviction of any federal crime, even mail theft, can result in significant federal prison time and fines. In addition to federal charges, you may also face charges under the state mail theft laws. 


I said Fishbait was innocent but, in my heart and conscience I did not know . I did not believe he would physically take mail from the locked boxes of my neighbors.  I did not see how he could have unlocked the mail boxes. It was impossible. What my neighbors saw, if they saw anything was probably Fish Bait 

 using my key to get my mail


I ask to meet with the residents making the accusations. I asked to see the evidence that implicated Fish Bait. I was denied. The fear the regional manager stated if I saw the evidence or spoke to his accusers, I would jeopardize the safety of those women. I would tell Fishbait who accused him and what evidence they had . 


My neighbors had allowed their paranoia to go too far. I was asked if I'd want a convicted felon living next door to my mother or grandmother. The answer was yes, until he reoffends. The answer was obvious. I had the felon sleeping in my bed every night. 


Insurrection the definition of insurrection does not hold here. The laws defining insurrection do not apply. I have no need for the president,we no longer have , or anyone to declare martial law aboard my ships. I do not want the national guard or military , we no longer have, boarding my ships.


My first mate introduced the definition. An insurrection is “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government, his point being the ship was in and of itself a republic and I was the authority, civil or otherwise. Fishbait had instigated a revolt, a rebellion,  a resistance. if I accept his definition, Fishbait is accused of insurrection.


My mind says Fishbait has instigated a coups d'é·tat a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.  If he is convicted the punishment is mandatory incarceration for not less than 20 years. He can never be employed in any government capacity.


Mutiny. Is the open rebellion against a ship's Captain. Fishbait is guilty. 


The punishment if convicted, is any method of capital punishment dictated by a court martial . I could recommend marooning him but, I fear the ship's officers are seeking the death penalty. 


The officers and crew could follow the example set by NASA and Skylab 4.


 An urban legend tells the story of how, dissatisfied with the micromanagement of their daily timelines, the Skylab-4 crew staged a strike, some called it a mutiny, by turning off the space station’s radio, taking the day off, and doing whatever they pleased. On the 47th anniversary of the launch of the Skylab 4 crew of Gerald P. “Jerry” Carr, Edward G. Gibson, and William R. Pogue, it seems appropriate to revisit the origins of the story and determine its validity. After a thorough review of the available evidence, it is clear that no strike or mutiny took place during the Skylab 4 mission. The astronauts and ground controllers resolved crew scheduling issues during an inflight operations conference, dramatically improving the crew’s effectiveness and performance.( John Uri_ Johnson Space Center NASA ) editor ( Kelli Mars ) 


The Court-martial was empaneled without haste. The separate charges were heard individually as was the supporting evidence. 


You have been found guilty of instigating  a coups d'é·tat We the officers aboard the Mayflower yell  find you guilty of insurrection and mutiny. 


As a result of your callus nature , you are hereby sentenced to the punishment of 1,000 cuts .The Captain wanted leniency for you. She suggested we follow NASA and skylab's  insurrection example . We are tired of negotiating with you.


The Captain will perform her duty. and withdraw the name of one body part. The executioner read aloud . The first cut will be to the genitals. 


The first step in administering the sentence was to remove the pubic hair one strand at a time. One by one the executioner and his assistant snatched the public hair of the condemned . The condemned laughed through the extraction. He laughed , and mocked the executioners telling them “ you’re executing this like a couple of school girls. 


He cursed and swore at those punishing him. He issued violent threats toward  his former Captain, wife, and mistress. We won't waste our time attempting to administer justice for domestic abuse . Insubordination is an offense that is under our jurisdiction.


Gross insubordination means seriously disrespectful behavior directed toward a College Employee, including, but not limited to, deliberately and blatantly ignoring or disobeying an explicit directive and/or using or directing vulgar, profane, abusive, or objectively insulting language in any medium toward or about the your case, you are found guilty of gross insubordination against everyone aboard ship. The penalty is, your sentence is doubled.


Without any delay or discussion the first  two paper cuts were administered to the head of his penis . The second thin cuts  were across his right testicle then his left . Each time the Captain drew a body part another series of microscopic cuts ascended up the shaft , the sides, and back of his genitals. Within moments of the on start the condemned had ceased laughing . His use of profanity and threats against the woman had also diminished .


The Captain continued to draw body parts , his stomach. With this one by one , one hundred twenty cuts were slashed and cross slashed in a hatch mark pattern across the condemned man’s stomach . The incisions were designed to punish , to torture but not to kill the condemned .He would survive and be held for the state and federal authorities when such is restored.


Death would come much slower and much later. These cuts were designed to extract confession, to extract repentance, and prepare the soul for the remission and forgiveness of sins.


The next body part selected was the chest of the condemned . With the first cuts being made to the nipple of each breast . When the executioner determined a nipple and surrounding area would withstand no more the nipple was clamped between the teeth of an alligator clamp. The swollen blood filled nipple was pierced and a ring slid through the bloody incision. When both nipples were pierced and properly enslaved a heavy short chain bound the two rings together .


Because the chest had been drawn , every inch of the condemned chest must be given due attention. One by one each chest hair was plucked from its place and dropped into a boiling vat of oil . When the chest was completely clean of hair an assistant to the executioner took a very sharp knife and begun slicing paper thin segments of skin from the condemned ‘s chest. Slowly methodically the executioner and his assistants stripped one hundred twenty segments of skin from the condemned ‘s chest .


Into the clay jar went the victim’s hand for another area for the executioner to exact justice in the form of torture and punishment . This time the card read “ one hundred twenty cuts to the shoulders and neck of the condemned . The instructions were “ cut as deeply as necessary but, DO NOT BRING DEATH TO THE CONDEMNED. The condemned cried out in extreme pain and agony as each thin slice of flesh fell from his neck . With each slice of flesh from the area of his carotid arteries The condemned cried out for Mercy. He cried out for his wife, and mistress to forgive him . In the end he pleaded for his life. The sentence was prescribed and would not be reversed.


From the throat area the cuts progressed up across the mouth , the nose, the eyes , the ears , and then one as they had with his chest and pubic area the executioners plucked each facial hair from it’s follicle one by one . The most painful hair extraction came from the nose and upper lip of the condemned. As the final hair fell from his eyebrow and eye lid the condemned was crying hysterically like a frightened five year old girl. At this point the condemned would have said anything ; he would have done anything ; to stop the torture. The only thought on his mind was how he might end the punishment .


Now the cuts could begin. The cuts to the face were more of a psychological torture . For life, the condemned would be marked as a criminal. The outside world would not know; what he had done. Many , so many in the outside world would care less how he earned the marks only that wore the marks of a convicted criminal. This too was an unavoidable consequence of the imposed sentence. Hopefully, every time the condemned looked at his reflection he’d be reminded of his crime and the pain his actions brought to another.


The worse was yet to come. The next area of punishment was his head. As before with the pubic area, the chest, and the facial hair . Every hair on his head had to be plucked from it’s place and sacrificed to the boiling cauldron of oil. When the scalp was completely clean of all hair the executioner would begin administering the one hundred twenty small cuts to his scalp . As before , there would be excruciating pain. Unlike the other previously punished regions ; the scalp would bleed excessively . This increased blood would slow the punishment process considerably. The slow rate at which the cuts would be made would be another punishment . It too would be an unavoidable consequence of the judicial punishment .


The victim again reached inside the clay jar and retrieved another body part to be cut . The back of the neck. When these one hundred twenty cuts had been administered she pulled out the slip of paper and handed it to the executioner ; It read one hundred twenty cuts to each shoulder . Then the cuts proceeded upward on the front of his body . This series of cuts would progress across the shoulders , Shoulder to shoulder then down across the back . The sentence would be halted if there was body hair to be removed. Then the cutting would resume and continue until the final cut was administered.


While removing the hair inside the condemned man’s butt cheeks the executioner halted the execution of sentencing for fear the condemned had lost his mind. The judicial decree came to continue executing the prescribed sentence . The court was not concerned with the emotional or mental status of the condemned. His mental health or lack thereof was on him.


As an undeserved act of mercy and compassion the executioner directed four attendants to remove the hair from the Condemned legs . When it was time for the cuts the executioner ordered his assistant and the victim to assist in administering the cuts .


When the final cut had been administered the restraints binding the condemned were released . Two attendants quickly wrapped the condemned in muslin and placed him on a stretcher . In a clean secure area the Captain and paramedics cleansed the body and administered first aid to all one thousand cuts . Tomorrow would be another day and another punishment

Submitted: May 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M. L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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