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All about people who are albino's and this is a poem of courage for them.


They say we are  badluck

Mistake,???? cause we not

They say  we are ugly 

No, there are jealous are skin are smooth, we are white as snow 

We're blind in the day time

Well that's because we're special

They laugh Cause we can't walk under the sun 

That's because we're special we use umbrella to cover our selves, like we're king's and princess.

They mock us , 

I'm glad for who I am

God created me for a purpose and for your information I 'm not ashamed.

They walk under the sun and their skins Peels as for me I use unmberlla.

See I'm way too big ????.

My message for you all is that u should be happy for who you!!

Don't look down on your self.????????????????. 


Hi guys hope you liked the poem please do comment thanks.

Submitted: May 01, 2021

© Copyright 2022 uduak. All rights reserved.

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