The Lesbain Kiss

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Went the door as my roommate came in it was dark only the light from outside the door lit up her feet it was raining outside,

My roommate came in and looked at me although she couldn’t see my face because it was too dark to check to make sure I was asleep.

And cried I have been her best friend since kindergarten and never seen her cry so I got up.

She looked at me with shock covering herself with her hands and cried even more.

What happened I said worriedly rushing to her side putting my hand on her shoulder it was warm.

(in the back of my mind something turned on)

Then she stopped crying and quickly covered herself with the blanket sorry she said her voice suddenly calm I had something in my eye.

She always did this whenever she was sad angry or nervous, she just changed her emotion with a snap which is probably the reason she majored in acting.

I got up and pulled the blanket from her mad and said tell me the truth, me starting to tear up as well.

Then what I saw next was horrifying all her features were completely motionless except for her eyes which were streaming with tears.

Oh sorry, she said her voice cracking mid-sentence I must be coming with a cold I should go to the nurse as she started to get up.

 No I said in a forceful tone sit back down which she did.T

Dont go to sleep and stay in the dorm we need to talk about this.

she nodded.

Then I walked out of the room.

After a couple of minutes, I got some hot cocoa from the lobby and was coming back to her dorm when she spotted Julie's boyfriend.

He had a beer in his hand and looked really drunk he walked to me and said hay babe wanna party with me tonight he said drunk smiling.

No thanks, I said stifling my anger. It's for Julie's sake I kept muttering to myself then. Then whoo went a while then I threw hot cocoa on him and punched him in the face knocking him out. Don't worry the amount of drunk he is a feather would have knocked him out.

She stopped crying and looked completely normal even with her new pajamas on.

I sat down and drank some hot cocoa then I said tell me everything.

She started strong saying how she went to the Christmas party but then she saw her boyfriend alan Kissing a girl-

Then her expression changed to sadness and she couldn't keep up the act any more tears started to come out of her eyes she said wow I think- 

Then before she could finish I went and hugged her.

I'm so sorry I said now starting to cry I should have been there I should have protected you we have always been together since childhood you always help everyone else but not your self I'm just sorry I said.

It's fine I heard a tiny voice mumble

I looked at her face she stopped crying even after crying she still looked beautiful with her hazel hair and deep blue eyes then I moved on my own kissed her. I thought it would be a normal friend kiss like how a mother kisses her son or daughter but…

Like, imagine a couple in a movie tv show or anime you want to fall in love kiss yea that was how I was feeling.

Her lips were so warm it warmed mine on this cold day and as soft as clouds as if they were made of marshmallows then as if on its own my tongue went in her mouth.

Then she quickly pulled away then me realizing what happened I started to stand up.

I'm sorry I said stepping back I didn't mean to and I used my tongue without even asking you I started to cry.

It's fine my friend said looking at her lap what I said confused wiping away my tears

I will let you off this time she said meeting my eyes It's a practice kiss right like back when we used to practice in 5th grade she said with no sign of doubt that it could have been anything more.

Yea I said half relived or that might of been my dirty mind trying to convince me it was alright to kiss her but just to be safe I was going to stay at my mom house I thought as I was heading for the door.

Wait she said looking at me.

Yea I said looking at her 

Can you do it like the do it in movies she said.

My brain new what she meant but I pulled back some of my desire to confirm.

Then she said kissing scenes her face instantly turning red like a cute tomato.

At those words, everything spilled out of me my jealousy of her boyfriend her contagious smile pretty face my anger at my self for not being a better friend turned into


I kissed her


I like her when she smiles her cheeks always plump up.


Her cute little nose


her delicate little head


Even her long neck kissing every inch of it. 

I wanted her shoulders I wanted her skinny stomach then.

As my eyes were drifting downward I heard a

Squeak then 

 I look up, her head was back against the chair her hazel hair overflowing and a little messy. 

was that a moan I thought god it is so cute it was like a kid when they do it for the first time.

But her eyes were closed and she was crying.

I suddenly snapped back to my senses I got up.

I started to back up I looked I'm sorry I shouldn’t have.

Then I got my coat and went for the door

Wait my friend was about to say but I was already out the door running from my room.

 no running from myself…..

I basically seduced a college student and a girl at that oh know I said to myself as I was walking in the rain and snow.

Then all my insecurities came out of me oh I'm so stupid first I flunk my English acts then I can even get a boyfriend then I randomly seduce an innocent college girl who just went through a breakup I can live any more the something crept to the back of my mind I need deserve to just di-

But couldn’t finish my thought because my friend ran and hugged my back, please don’t leave she said crying I love you what I say confused.

And I always have she said.

I turn around to look into her sparkly beautiful eyes and I whisper smiling

"Me Too".

Submitted: May 01, 2021

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