Book Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story continues in the second book to my series It Begins Anew. This one is more drama. It gives more insight into the main characters. I want to fulfill my dream and actually get hard copies made and sold. In fairness that is why I closed off many chapters and some things have been changed from the rough drafts.

Table of Contents

Oct. 13,1996

Here is part of my second book in the series It Begins Anew.
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Oct. 14, 1996

Ken woke up around one in the morning from a strange dream. He dreamed he was a man named Richard. It was annoying, but not new. In spite... Read Chapter


Ken woke up at 4:55 and went into the kitchen. Bart was brewing some coffee. He gave a small smile. “Morning.” Bart greeted. ... Read Chapter

Oct.17,1996 pt.1

The smell of coffee woke Ken up. He noticed he was really entangled in his covers. He got himself free and heard Jerome and Bart talking.... Read Chapter

Oct.17,1996 pt.2

I may end up deleting this chapter. If anyone cares, let me know if I should keep it or trash it. Ty
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Oct.18,1996   Ken woke up before his alarm went off. He staggered toward the door half asleep. Ken glanced on the futon in p... Read Chapter


Oct.19,1996   Ken had just woken up. He stretched and got out of bed to start his day. On his way he glanced out a window an... Read Chapter


  The night was given up to the new day. Ken dreamed about Dawn and him. Free from inhibition. What woke him up with the sound o... Read Chapter


Jerome heard Ken below him. He went down to find Ken getting ready to do some laundry. They both noticed an orange Volkswagen ‘Bug’&n... Read Chapter


In a different time and place Ken dreams of the world through another’s eyes. It was Richard’s perspective of Derick and Jeremy. Ther... Read Chapter


Oct.22,1996   “Want some breakfast?” Ken asked Jerome without meeting his eyes. After his dream, which was one Ken c... Read Chapter


Oct.23,1996   Ken sat at his table. Jerome was outside waiting for the sunrise. Ken was feeling guilty. He knew once the sun... Read Chapter


Oct. 24,1996   Ken woke up when Jerome came back. For a vampire he was loud. Ken’s body ached and his sheets were torn. He r... Read Chapter


Oct.25,1996   The moon was going to be full. Ken was already stressed. He had a concert tonight and just hoped he could hand... Read Chapter


Oct.26,1996 Jerome and Ken picked the girls up. Jerome refused to go knock on Roxy’s door. He just honked the horn for her. He open... Read Chapter


Oct.27,1996   Ken woke up achy. He had tested the security of lock up. The structure had held up and was undamaged. He dress... Read Chapter


Oct.28,1996   Roxy’s orange Volkswagen was on Ken’s worksheet. He had to consult with Roxy before work was done. He told... Read Chapter

The ‘Hunting Accident’

Ken dreamed of a strange American city that he had not visited. It was another one of his past life dreams in which Jerome is going by Je... Read Chapter


  Oct.30,1996   Ken’s morning went by in its usual routine. He kept thinking about Dawn and the crazy, yet brave,... Read Chapter


Oct.30,1996   RJ came by Arties after school. Ken greeted him and wondered if RJ knew about Roxy and Felicia‘s fight. RJ w... Read Chapter


Oct.31,1996   The sound of Jerome’s BMW woke Ken up. He got up and shut off his alarm. He glanced down at himself and beca... Read Chapter


Nov.1,1996   Work was buzzing, it was just Ken and Mark holding down the business. They had to work through lunch and breaks... Read Chapter

A New Threat?

A New Threat   Ken walked into the living room. Derick had found something. It was a news bulletin about a shooting. The vic... Read Chapter


Nov.2,1996   Ken opened the cellar doors and was glad to see some of his clothes hanging on a metal hanger from a newly plac... Read Chapter

Family Matters

Family Matters   Derick pulled up to a multicolored brown stone ‘Gingerbread House’ in Iowa. The house looked small with... Read Chapter


Nov.2,1996 Origins   “Okay. You’re a match.” Jerome gave him the good news. “ For the record this is not how w... Read Chapter

Enzyme ‘W’ and ‘V’

Enzyme W and Enzyme V   Jerome was looking in his microscope lenses. Ken glanced back into the living room. Derick laid his ... Read Chapter

Life Changing Decisions

November 3, 1996    The Music Box   At the hospital, Jerome vanished into a lab. Derick borrowed some scru... Read Chapter


Elbyville    Ken buckled himself in the passenger seat. Jerome got in and turned on the radio. Ken then realized what d... Read Chapter


  A red and blue box with etchings on it was given to Richard by Derick for safekeeping. Matt, or Broady, had found the rented h... Read Chapter

The Boxes, The Chest And The Ring:

The Boxes, The Chest And The Ring. Ken went to lock his doors. He saw some headlights and turned his porch light back on. Ken realize... Read Chapter

Letters from the past

  Nov.6,1996   “The preliminary test is done!” Jerome told Derick as he came into Ken’s house. “It’s the ... Read Chapter


Shopping   Ken picked up Dawn and they went to the mall. They held hands as they walked. He was excited to have her help him... Read Chapter

Trouble Awaits

The mall was getting ready to close. Ken and Dawn pulled around the back. It was a creepy place to be. Ken backed his Chevy truck up to w... Read Chapter

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda  With it quickly agreed upon  by everyone, things were put into motion. Derick took Roxy to Ken’s house in ... Read Chapter

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