True Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story about love, friendship and achieving the dream. Read the full story and enjoy the plots.

True Love

In the beautiful city of Lalitpur lived five siblings, named Ram, Aalok, Maan, Raju, and Rajesh. They were from a poor family. The eldest brother Aalok was the only one who earned in the family. Their mother left the family when the children were very small and since that day the father became a drunkard. The father used to take his son's hard-earned money to buy alcohol without asking and lie about the money. Aalok is working in a bakery and earning 20,000 Nepali rupees per month. He was very responsive, so he was spending 5,000 rupees for his younger siblings' school and tuition fee, and 10,000 rupees on food and other household expenses. He never spent any money on himself. Every month he was saving 5,000 rupees for emergency use. Even though the family had a low income, they had a smile on their faces all the time. Every morning around 9 am Aalok leaves the house for work and would be back after 9 pm only.  He had a childhood best friend named Hari.

One sunny Sunday morning, a beautiful girl from a rich family came to the bakery to buy cakes, bread, and other confectionaries. She was very beautiful and her name was Sita. Aalok saw Sita and he fell in love with her at the first sight but had no guts to speak to her. Aalok just gave the bill to her without saying anything. Weeks passed by Aalok had already forgotten about Sita. But one-day Aalok's youngest brother Rajesh was playing, and suddenly he fell from the stairs on the ground. He got a big injury in his head and was bleeding a lot. Seeing that, Aalok got very scared and rushed him to the hospital. In the hospital surprisingly Aalok met Sita. She was a doctor there. Even Sita was surprised to see Aalok in the hospital. Sita asked Aalok why he is in the hospital. Aalok was in shock so he could not speak, so his best friend Hari handled the situation and told her what had happened to Rajesh. When Sita examined Rajesh, she saw a deep cut on his head, which needed stitches immediately. She told Aalok that his brother needed stitches and it would cost around 1,500 rupees. But when Aalok took a look in his wallet he only had 400 rupees, so he told Hari to stay in the hospital for some time and rushed to his home to get the money.

Reaching home, Aalok took out the money which he had saved for emergencies and brought the money to the hospital, and gave it to the cash counter. Seeing his friend paying all the bills from the saved money, Hari felt very proud of his friend. After a few days, Rajesh was better and recovering, so the doctor prepared the discharge paper. Rajesh was discharged from the hospital with some medicine to continue and the doctor informed that he still needed bed rest for few more days.

From the next day, Aalok had to go back to his work so he strictly instructed other siblings not to leave Hari alone in any case even not for a minute. The other siblings had a holiday going on, so now it was their responsibility to take care of Rajesh. Aalok also promised his siblings that he would come home in his break time. He informed Maan about the time for Rajesh's medicine. The next morning, without waking up anyone, Aalok cooked breakfast and lunch for the whole family, he ate some breakfast and properly kept the food for the sibling in the freezer. Then he left for work, without telling the boys, leaving a note on the table, saying that "it is Friday so I will not be able to come home for lunch, but I have cooked breakfast and lunch for you all" with a smiley face at the end.

Days passed by, Aalok started to forget Sita but suddenly on a Monday morning, she came to the bakery for some pastries. None of the staff had arrived so Aalok had to serve the pastries to her. After serving the pastries, Aalok came back to the counter made the discounted bill, and gave it to her. Aalok thanked her for saving his brother's life. From that day they became good friends. Slowly, Sita started to go to Aalok's place with chocolate and snacks for the boys every weekend. One sunny weekend, Sita and Aalok were talking to each other, suddenly Sita asked Aalok about his studies. After being silent for a while, with a long breath, Aalok told her that he was doing a Master's degree in nursing but had to quit at the final year because he had to take responsibility of his siblings and father. Aalok was sad that he could not follow his dream. Hearing Aalok, Sita got an idea so she asked Aalok whether he would still like to follow his dream if he got any chance, Aalok had a big smile on his face and said that he would love to become a nurse if he got an opportunity. They both were enjoying each other's company so much that they did not realize that it was already dark. Sita had to go to her home soon because she had to go to the hospital early next morning. She said good night and bye to the family and left for her home.

The next day early morning, Sita went to the hospital, treated an emergency case, and went to her boss to talk about a nursing internship for Aalok. Her boss curiously listened to the story about Aalok's shattered dream but he asked for some time to think about it. After few days, the boss called Sita and informed her that he was ready to hire Aalok as an intern from the next day, and once Aalok completes his Master's degree he can continue as a full-time staff nurse. Sita agreed to the plan. In the evening, Sita went to Aalok's place to give him the good news. Aalok was very happy so he organized a small party for Sita, Hari, and his brothers. He cooked varieties of food himself. They all enjoyed the party. The next morning Aalok woke up very early because he could not sleep due to the excitement. At 6 in the morning, he prepared breakfast and lunch for his siblings, and around 7 he left his house so that he could reach the hospital before 8 am.

On the first day, Aalok got to learn lots of things. He enjoyed every day spent in the hospital. Now it has passed 6 months, he continued his studies and completed the remaining semesters and also got good experience as an intern. Aalok worked hard day and night. Considering his dedication and experience the hospital management promoted him as a staff nurse. Aalok was very happy as he is saving people's lives. Every day there was a challenge for Aalok to win over. He always passed the challenges with full marks and walked forward to never look back at all.

It had been a long time that Aalok and Sita are enjoying each other's company and realized that they are in love. So they were planning to get married soon. One beautiful morning before going to work, Sita goes to her parent's room to talk to them about her marriage proposal. Sita's parents did not like Aalok because he was not from a rich family and was brought up without any parents. The parents were shocked and surprised to hear it and were reconfirming with Sita whether she is sure about it. Without thinking much, Sita replied to her parents that they are in love for the last two years. After thinking for a while Sita's parents were compromising for their daughter's happiness and agreed to the marriage plan.

A day before the marriage, Aalok and his friends had a bachelor party night. Everyone was having fun. After the party was over the boys went to the hotel which they had booked closer to the church. Reaching the room, as the boys were badly drunk they fell asleep without changing the clothes. Due to the hangover, the boys woke up very late. After they woke up, the first thing Aalok did was checked his phone. There were at least over 100 miscalls from Sita. As Aalok was badly drunk last night his mind was still in illusion. A few seconds later, he remembered that today is his wedding day. Without thinking anything, he called Sita but it was too late. On the phone, Sita scolded him very much. On the same evening, Sita sends a long message to Aalok, and her parents, and her work that she is going to take some break from the family and work.

It had already been two months that Sita went away without telling anyone where she was going. Her cell phone was switched off. For the last two months, everyone looked for Sita in all the possible places but did not find her. Without Sita, Aalok was shattered from inside. From the outside, he used to act bold but he was not at all.

Every day Aalok was going to the hospital very early, without eating anything. He was coming home very late around midnight, then again used to study all the cases for tomorrow. This had been going for the last two months. Finally, after two months Sita came back home. Everyone was very happy especially Aalok, he went to see Sita right away together with his friend Hari. When Aalok went to hug her, suddenly he felt dizzy and fainted on the ground. Seeing that Sita was so worried and confused about what just happened. Sita's father and Hari carried Aalok and laid him on the couch. Then, Sita brought her instruments and checked Aalok, she found out that, he was very tired due to all the work he has been doing and also not getting enough food and rest. Sita asked Hari what had happened, then Hari told her everything. Listening to that, Sita was very worried and gave Aalok an injection which made him sleep. She did not leave Aalok all day. After two days, Aalok was awake and was looking very fresh. But still, Sita was very worried so she told Aalok to call the hospital to take a few day's breaks. Aalok did not agree, so Sita forced him to do it. Aalok could not deny at all.

After few days, when Aalok got better, he started to go to work. Sita also resumed her work in the same hospital. One day at work Aalok felt woozy but did not care so much about it and kept on working. After some second his eyesight became wobbling and he fainted on the ground. Sita saw that and told other nurses to rush Aalok to the patient's bed where he could take a rest. After her work shift, Sita went to see Aalok. He was awake but was resting. When Sita saw Aalok in that condition she started to shake and cry. After spending some time together, Sita told Aalok that she has a night shift as well so he better go home. Sita was about to call Hari but Aalok refused to go home. Aalok told Sita that he would go with her after her shift was over. But, Sita knew that Aalok needed more rest so she told other nurses that if there is an emergency inform her immediately. As there was no rush, Sita took off some time and drove Aalok to his house, prepared something to eat, and made him go to bed. After Aalok was in deep sleep, Sita went to the hospital to finish her shift. After some time, Aalok woke up and did not see Sita around, so he called Hari and asked about Sita. Hari had promised Sita that he will not tell Aalok that she had gone to the hospital, so to hide that he lied to Aalok that Sita went back home to rest, and would come back the next day. Hearing that, Aalok was relieved so he went back to sleep again.

Now, Aalok is fully recovered. He started going to work. Soon Sita's birthday was approaching, which was on the 18th of June. Aalok wanted to give a big surprise, he was planning to celebrate her birthday by marrying each other. Aalok booked a marriage venue for that day. The same evening, Aalok visited Sita's parents, shared his surprise plan, and also handed over a dress for Sita. Finally, it was Sita's birthday, her parents took out a beautiful white dress and told her to wear it. She was looking gorgeous in that dress. Sita's parents blindfolded her and drove her to the marriage venue. After they reached the venue, the parents removed Sita's blindfold. When Sita saw everyone in the venue, even the priest, she realized that they are going to get married on that day. She was very excited and happy. The marriage ceremony took a whole day. It was a very joyful moment for the family and friends.

The married couple was planning for a honeymoon trip to Thailand but as they could not get enough leave from their work they decided to drop the plan. They resumed their work as many patients were waiting for them. A few days later there was a big accident near the bridge. Many people were badly injured and some of them were dead on the spot. Near the road, there was a small shop. Seeing that, the shopkeeper got very scared so he called the hospital, briefed the incident, and asked for help. The hospital sent an ambulance to the spot but as there were many injured people, the ambulance was not enough. The ambulance driver called the hospital and asked for more ambulances. The whole area looked panic with the noise of the ambulance siren. The ambulances took the injured people to the hospital first then took the dead body. The hospital was full of patients, the doctors and nurses had no idea how they could treat this many patients as there were no more beds left.

Aalok was a Head Nurse so he thought for a while, he got an idea, so he told the patients and the nurses that if the wound of the patients were not that deep then the patient could help each other, but for critical patients, the nurses and the doctors will attend them. By doing this, they could save time and more critical patients could be treated before they collapse. Using this idea many patients were treated and sent home. Things were getting calm but suddenly one more critical patient was brought in with the help of the hospital ambulance. Aalok went to guide the nurses, to take the patient to the operation theater. While helping the nurses, Aalok saw the face of the patient and it was Hari his best friend. He was shot with a gun near the heart. The bullet was still inside the body and he was heavily bleeding. Aalok was shocked and nervous, none of the doctors were free and Hari's pulse was getting weak every minute. Aalok had no idea how to treat him, fortunately, Sita came out of the operation theater after completing the surgery. When Sita saw Hari and his situation, she could not say no to the next surgery and rushed him to the operation theatre. The surgery was timely done. Due to the successful operation, Hari was saved but he went into a coma. Aalok was very sad seeing his friend unconsciously sleeping in the bed all the time.

A few months later on a fine morning, Hari woke up, seeing he awake Aalok and Sita were very happy. Hari asked Aalok how long he had been asleep. Aalok told him that he was asleep for four months. When Hari heard it, he was in shock, it just felt that he had met his friends just yesterday. Then Hari asked Aalok what happened since he had gone into the coma. Aalok told Hari everything that had happened during the time. After a week Hari was discharged from the hospital, his family members were very happy to see him back home with a smile on his face.

Aalok, Sita, and their family were meeting Hari frequently. They were having a lot of fun together. One weekend Hari invited Aalok, Sita, and their family for dinner, they all were having good fun, but suddenly Sita got a call from the hospital saying that there is a critical emergency case that had just come and none of the doctors were free. Sita had to leave for the hospital for a major operation. When she asked Aalok he could not say no, he just let her go. Aalok was sad but also knew that it was their duty to save people's lives. Then Aalok dropped Sita at the hospital and came back. In the hospital, it took Sita a very long time to finish the surgery. After the surgery, Sita called Aalok to pick her up from the Hospital. On the way to Hari's house, Sita asked Aalok whether everyone had already finished their dinner. Aalok told Sita that none of them had touched the dinner till now they were waiting for her just playing board games and passing out time. After hearing that, Sita was very sad that they had to wait for her so long. After arriving at Hari's house, she apologized for being late, but instead, everyone understood her situation and started to laugh and having fun. They enjoyed the dinner together chatting and laughing. Around one in the morning, they said bye to Hari and went back home.

On the same day, around four in the morning, when they both were in deep sleep, Aalok and Sita got a call from the hospital saying that there is an emergency with a mayor and they had to be there right now. Aalok and Sita could not avoid it because it was a high-profile case which they had to finish in time. After five minutes they called Hari and asked for baby help to sit with the boys until they are back home. Hari came immediately after Aalok called him. Aalok and Sita went to the hospital and talked to other nurses about the case. The mayor had a problem with appendices. His pouch of the appendices had burst and the fluid had started to affect other organs in the body. They had to operate as soon as possible to save him. Sita and Aalok changed their clothes and rushed to the operation theater. It was a complicated operation but Sita and Aalok did it very well. It took the mayor three days to recover. Aalok took very good care of the mayor, he became so happy that he promised Aalok that he will take care of his sibling's education.

Sita and Aalok had a dream to open up their own hospital to help the people in need. After few years, they finally opened a clinic and the first step to their dream to make a big hospital has started. Aalok and Sita moved to the new clinic after it started the services. It is been three year, the clinic is successfully running and providing affordable and quality services and free services to those who are in need and cannot afford the service. Aalok and Sita is still working very hard to continue the good work, to collect the fund required to build their dream hospital.

Submitted: May 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Luniva. All rights reserved.

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