A Message from the Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Is the truth really out there? Major Matt Stevens of the US Army Air Corps, and Lizzie Whitehouse, US Senator, are about to find out.
Stevens is about to embark on a journey out of our solar system, whilst Whitehouse is about to sign his death warrant and subsequent entry into the Secret Space Program.

Table of Contents

Berlin 1944

Chapter 1 Berlin, Germany, 1944 Major Hanna sat patiently at his desk. It was quiet now, not like it once was. The hustle and bus... Read Chapter

USA 1954

Chapter 2 United States, 1954   Colonel Walter ‘Walt’ Stevens stared at the message on his screen, not fully underst... Read Chapter

Matt Stevens

Chapter 3 State Corrections Facility, Texas. Present day   Matt Stevens stared in silence at the ceiling above him. ... Read Chapter

The Meeting

Senator Whitehouse is summoned to a high level meeting connected to appropriations. She is completely unaware of the true and shocking nature of the meeting and questions everything, including her
own mind. Is this real or a bad dream?
Read Chapter

Henry Hanna

Henry Hanna, journalist, descendant of a member of the Nazi party, receives a letter from the past.
Read Chapter

Dead or alive

Stevens awakens. Was it all a dream? Has he really been executed? Both of these questions will be answered and Stevens real journey will begin.
Read Chapter

We shot the President?

Chapter 7 Washington The lights dimmed and Lizzie put on her headphones. She could hear a count down, spoken in English....’For... Read Chapter

Stevens Journey begins

Chapter 8 Stevens was secured in his seat. This was real. He was not dead, but this was much worse. After managing to look throug... Read Chapter

Hanna looks back into history

Chapter 9 Washington Henry Hanna was aware of his family’s history. Their German ancestry. He knew he was a second-generation G... Read Chapter

A testing time for Stevens

Matt Stevens, along with hundreds of others on board the ship, are being tested. Not all will pass the test. Stevens knows that he must if he is to survive.
Read Chapter

A brief history of everything

Chapter 11 Stevens reached out and touched the screen as instructed. What the hell, now is not the time for a bad attitude, or a head... Read Chapter

The hunt for Henry Hanna

Chapter 12 Henry Hanna spent two days researching the landscape of Antarctica, the variety of research projects, both current and his... Read Chapter

The truth revealed

Chapter 13 Lizzie was struggling with some of the terminology used by a number of the speakers but the general outline of what was be... Read Chapter

Hanna's downfall

Chapter 14 Hanna took the call shortly before 8 am. Breakfast was the one meal of the day he liked to enjoy in peace, without any int... Read Chapter

Passing the first test

Chapter 15 Stevens awoke again. He had been put to sleep after the first set of tests had been completed. This time he was not re... Read Chapter

Break time for Lizzie

Lizzie, still only half way through her meeting, still cannot accept what she is being briefed on. Buzz, her minder it would appear, is of little help and seems to have a passive attitude to the
whole thing.
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Welcome to the Secret Space Program

Stevens is finally on the move through the giant ship, the USS Leonidas, a massive space ship.
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You are kidding me

Chapter 18 Lizzie was becoming more and more exasperated and, without realising, quite disruptive. This latest speaker was, or at... Read Chapter

All dead men

Stevens and the other potential crew members are introduced to GIL and reminded of their expendable status.
Read Chapter

Signing a life away

Lizzie is faced with her most sickening task yet at the meeting. She has a stack of death warrants to sign and is made to understand that in order to leave the meeting, sign she must.
Read Chapter

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