A battle of minds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Battle of minds is my view on time & balance.

It questions the oldest opinions , challenges the new ones.

A corridor of black and white, the floor black and white, the path between what is right, burns bright an eternal night.

A blessing, A blight, oh what a beautiful sight. Is this visage of balance? of harmony? of chaos?

In this blend of light and dark awaits us, champions of destiny, captains of our fates, truly free in our minds, held by our standards, our flags, our symbols, as we rally daily beneath these flags of divinity.


Fighting the eternal battle, every second, can we really be blamed if we wavier? If we falter?


If we stand bloodied upon the ground, our minds as fractured as our times of peace, with looming clouds of conflict always close at hand. A sword within a sheath, the slightest movement sending a shockwave across the world.

As others unsheathe these weapons to defend, to conquer, for love, for hate, for peace’s final resolution and an end to all that we are.

To finally stand free among the ashes of another failed creation, an experiment littering a split world, seeking answers among the rubble. Our hearts filled with regret, as we cleanse another foe from our world once more and await the next.

In this we are everything and nothing, we stand first and last. Reality shaped by us, yet we are beholden as well to her, to her warnings, her promises, to her final words.

These cause confusion and revolution.

This language has no words, only meaning. In this we find ourselves uncensored, unchained, ready to fail, but to learn from each one.

To improve and eventually to achieve our Eden once more.






Submitted: May 02, 2021

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