-----> "BEWARE of GANONDORF ! " ------ Frosty Slums: Faxan-Dorf's "Secret Underground ZONE ! '' --- Factory-Realm ! -- (PART 1) --"FIND US, NOAH ! " - Video game !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

----- '' BEWARE of GANONDORF ! '' --------- Frosty Underground ZONE: Faxan-Dorf's Garage - The Secret Underground Factory-Realm of GANONDORF ! --------- (PART 1) ---- Video Game ! ------ FROSTY SLUMS ! ---- '' Find us, Noah ! '' ----++ Bizarre 'PINK FROSTY CAR' ! ++---





Noah & the Underground Pipe-World Zone beneath his room.


(NOTE:  ''Noah visits the Underworld of Lost Vagrant Children-monsters''.  I ORIGINALLY WROTE THIS IN 2003.  - This is the edited version from 2019.

There's about 5 different versions of this story.  Thank you very kindly for reading.)



Part I:  The Pipeworks and the Journey to the Gateway




Noah Davidson is an eleven year old boy whose room is in the basement of his parent's house.  This is a story of how he discovers a secret hidden underground world beneath his house.

"Noah...wake up."





Noah awoke one stormy night to a mighty rumbling noise and a voice in his room.  His room was in the basement of his house.  Mannequins and boxes laid piled in the corners.  A blue couch with a small wooden t.v. sat next to his bed.  He was very scared and turned on his neon flashlight.

It flashed around his room on his various bookcases and posters.  Everything was quiet yet he still felt uneasy.  Something wasn't right and he had a very nervous and frightened feeling. 


Just then a telepathic message reached him.



'Noah, reach out to us.  Find us.  We are looking for you.'  The strange telepathic voice coaxed from within his mind.  The tone and syrupy texture of the voice resembled neither male nor female in its bravado.  It was an anomaly.


Noah was very frightened but he whispered, "Who are you?  What do you want with me?  How are you talking to me in my head?" 


The voice resounded again, 'Noah.... it's hard to communicate.  The telog machine is losing thought transference.  Noah... Noah.'


Noah whispered, "How do I get to your unknown voice?  Where are you?" 


No response came in the dark and he shuttered. Noah pondered on this briefly before he made up his mind to find out what is going on. 



Jumping out of bed, he ran to his underground closet and threw it open, as he began to put on a pair of red flannel socks and neon-green overalls. 

His great black boots lay next to the stairs and he put these on next.  He went to the mirror and checked his straight blonde hair as he put on a blue baseball cap.  He grinned and buttoned his undershirt. 


'Im going to go on an adventure to find out what this mystery is.  However I dont know where to begin,' he thought to himself.



A map lay rolled up in a corner of a chest beneath his bed and he unlocked it, retrieving it.  Then he noticed a green smoke coming from beneath a pile of clothes under his bed. 

Bewildered, he paused to look at it.  He was frightened and wondered why it was puffing green smoke from under his bed?  Moving the clothes, he saw a green symbol glimmering and glowing with green smoke rising from it on the floor. 



Gazing at it for awhile he finally got the bravery to touch it and he felt a dark energy pulsating from the symbol. 


'Where did this come from and what does it mean?' he thought.  He was scared and got back up onto his bed as he studied the map outline.



His town's named was Luxberg.  The two closest towns were Weavleton and Asmoxaney.  The haunted underground highway tunnels of Vicks lay between Luxberg and Weavleton. No one ever goes near the tunnel's entrances because legends say ghosts and invisible phantoms guard the paths that lead through it.



  An underground pipeway tunnel of the road goes beneath the forests of Vicks where cars drive through.  It was recently shut down due to safety issues in a sparkling, bizarre chasm that opened in the tunnel.  He drew a line in red pencil between Luxberg and Weavleton as he circled other spots where treasure may lie.


 The ''Video game arcade'' was next to the ''Hamburger Shoppe'' in the eastern part of town.


Is that where he should head first? 


He wondered if the town's gangs of teenagers were still hanging out in the arcade's depths.  They were known to frequently haunt the ''Game Arcade'' and the 'Pizza Joint'.



Finishing his inspection on the map, he grabbed his neon green baseball bat and slung it in his yellow backpack.  Filling the backpack with organic vegan protein bars and bottles of hemp milk, he slowly zipped it shut. 


He stared at his dark room with the posters on the walls.  'Goodbye nintendo system!  Goodbye t.v. and books!  One day I will return from my long adventure,'  he thought.


After writing a farewell note to his parents, he lay it on the pillow of his bed as tears faintly fell from his eyes.  'Goodbye Mom and Dad.  I love you forever.  I don't know where this journey will take me but I will return one day.'



He was just about to turn and head up the stairs when he heard a strange noise in the far darkened corner of the basement, where a heap of forgotten boxes and old christmas decorations lay.  He found a flashlight and shined it on the dark corner.


"Hello?" he exclaimed.


He started shining the light in various directions.  "Is anyone back there?"  He remained quiet for a short time but nothing happened. 



 But wait.  There was something there and it was then that he finally heard it.

  A distant roar and hum as of running machinery he heard when placing his ear close to the basement floor near the corner.  Even muffled sounds almost like unknown voices very far away he heard also. 

- Strange sounds of motorcycles and cracks of whips mixed with other roaring white noises were also very audible from beneath him.


  He was very terrified and gasped aloud as he stood listening, not daring to move.  Suddenly, he couldnt hear it anymore and he placed his ear directly on the floor.  Nothing.



'Curious.  That's strange,' he thought to himself, as he started moving the boxes.  A string of multicolored christmas lights were lit up above in the corners of the roof of the basement.  They shown various colors of red, pink, blue and green on the walls.  It was very dim light but helped him to see slightly better. 



After some time, he finally managed to move all the boxes and various items that were piled in the corner. 


Far in the darkness of the secret corner he saw a loose number of bricks in the wall that appeared as though they were placed there after the original foundation had been built;  almost as though it was hiding an entranceway or passage leading beneath the house.



He shined his flashlight on the loose bricks and found that a dim green light seemed to shine from within from an area behind.  Then it went dark again.  Noah gasped and moved forward as he tried to remove the bricks.  Some fell behind yet others wouldn't budge from their place. 


He braced himself and then smashed the bricks with his neon, metal baseball bat.  There was a loud crash with a falling of many bricks and pieces of sediment.  A sparkling dust glittered in green smoke from within the dark area behind.  He kept swinging his bat until a fairly large entrance opened in the dark.



It was then that Noah heard a startling noise from behind him in the dark.  High above, hidden within the draped silk curtains covering the basement wall, he saw a glowing face that was hard to explain.  It was glow in the dark in color, yet lighter, and pierced Noah with its phantasmic presence. 


It was abstract but it had an eye and a form of face visible, yet incomprehensible in an otherwordly manner.  It appeared to have long and pointy rabbit-like ears and was wearing a strange top-hat with a pair of long, shimmering spikes decorated on top.  He couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl. 



'Noah...  Your journey begins here.  The entranceway.... leading to the underworld.... beneath your house.  Follow the path.....'  The being whispered in a bewildering, mysterious voice of strange enticement.


Noah gasped!

'Noah....' The black-lit face flashed on the walls once more and then disappeared.  Noah stared in disbelief as he shone his neon flashlight in all directions. 


'Oh my gosh!  What and who was that?  What do I do?'  Noah thought, as he continued staring at the dark entrance.



Noah finally made up his mind to enter the dark entrance after much contemplation.  Shining his neon light into the dark passageway, he again heard the faint sound of machinery and a slight hum as of strange, mysterious voices far in the distance beneath him.

- A loud roar of rumbling underground water was also very prevalent from further in the darkness.


Just through the entrance was a glittering, checkered (black and white squares) passageway leading downwards.  With one last look behind him he rolled a big box of christmas decorations in front of the entrance and turned to follow the path downwards.



The neverending underground passage began to slope downwards more abruptly and after some time he noticed large green and red pipes criss-crossing above him in the dark and lying along the walls.  The pipes had glowing pink letters with symbols etched into them but he couldn't read them. 

It was an unknown language.  Other pipes were puffing out multi-coloured smoke with glittering sparks of light flashing within.


Muffled, strange sounds were heard in the dark as telepathic thoughts came into his mind.  After awhile he noticed the voices were telling him where to go. 


The checkered floor began to grow more bulky and cavernous, as continuous splashing water was echoing from below him.  Many hours passed and at one point he ate and slept for what felt like 9 to 10 hours.



When he awoke, he checked his supplies and once more continued his walk along the path.  It was pitch black and his neon light shone on all the various pipes and small sparkling gems in the walls.  It was purposely decorated with these along the walls.  They were very bizarre kinds of gems, unlike any on the surface world. 


Now the pipes Noah wasnt sure of.  They appeared to be leading in and out of the rocky walls as if they were a transit or transport system of the underground. 


 'Like roads and streets in the above world,'  Noah laughed to himself. 



How many miles had he traveled by this time?  It had felt like days and he found himself growing frightened at the thought of being lost in this underground industrial pipe world. 

Pipes, pipes everywhere and no entrances or exits. - (Almost like an underground pipeway 'Mario World' from a video game!)


At one point, a pool of green sludge with glitter floating on top appeared in his way from out of the darkness.  - A flashing polka-dotted block with a question mark symbol ("?") on it was directly above the bizarre pool. 


Noah nimbly jumped across the pool as it was not very wide.


A chocolate cake with pink icing and green sprinkles sat in a birthday cake box on the ground on the other side of the pool in a mound of glitter and fragrant snow.

Noah grabbed the pink birthday cake box and placed it in his yellow backpack.



"I'll just save that for later," Noah said to himself. "But is it poisoned?  I've read many stories of naughty boys getting killed by eating or drinking poisoned food.  I'll have to be careful!"


'What am I doing to do?  I'm lost,' Noah suddenly thought as he slumped down in the dark next to a sparkling pink pipe. 


'What about my flashlight?  I only brought one package of batteries.  If I run out...' He didn't finish the thought.  He had to come on something eventually.  The voice was guiding him but lately he noticed the voice was growing distant and no longer there.



Suddenly, he heard a rustling noise and he shined his flashlight on a small, furry pink creature on the other side of the passage.  A small doorway was carved out of the rock next to it with a tiny bookcase and nightstand by it.  The creature had long pointed ears and shiny green eyes.  It had the body of a caterpillar and a furry, glowing blue beard. 


''Why...who are you?  Where did you come from?  I never noticed that little door before?"  Noah asked. 


 The creature squinted its cute, little eyes and turned, noticing him for the first time.



"My name is Faxanberg.  I live in the Pipeworks.  Oh!  No need to be alarmed dear one.  I've always been here.  Although I wouldnt go any further down that way."  Here the creature pointed with one of its pointy, furry ears further into the dark.  The way that Noah was heading. 



"And why not?  I'm trying to follow a voice that Ive heard in my head.  It's a very strange voice that is giving me directions on where to find its hiding spot," Noah exclaimed.



The being chuckled slightly as its pink beard waggled back and forth.


"Oh dear me.  You'll never get out again.  They're luring you, that they are!  It's an underground realm of secret child kidnappers who turn youngsters such as yourself into monsters.  Didn't you know? 

Once you go down into their secret underworld hideout and city you can never get out again.  You're trapped, sealed by a magic spell.  They have scrolls of releasement, oh of course.  They're rare and a dark force is keeping all those children enslaved down there, far below in the hidden underground.  Heed my warning sonny.  Go no farther!" the creature instructed him.


Noah only watched in reply and crossed his arms.  "I have no choice now, creature.  I have to keep going.  I'm lost and at this point I have no idea how long I've been down here.  My food is running low and I am slowly running out of batteries for my flashlight.  What else can I do?" 

Noah stared at the creature harder.  "What are you anyways?  A caterpillar of some kind?"



The creature chuckled slightly.  "I'm a necroworm.  I'm the guardian of this passage of pipes.  You're in the 'Evermore Region of the Pipes'.  The Upper Levels.  Beware youngster!  From here on out things will get dark and drear indeed!  Especially if you start making your way into the lower regions.  Don't say I didnt warn you!" 


The furry beard waggled and Noah stamped his foot in impatience. 


 'A talking worm is advising me what not to do.  What next?'  Noah thought, shrugging it off. 


"Nothing for it.  I must go forward.  Maybe they can help me in figuring out who this voice is in my head.  They sound like they're in trouble and need my help,"  he said aloud to himself in deep thought.



Noah slung his backpack on his shoulder, turning on his neon flashlight brighter, and waves farewell to the furry pink creature.  "Goodbye unknown creature.  Thanks for the warning.  I will keep on the lookout." 


The creature chuckles strangely and says, "Keep to the neverending pipeworks.  Don't stray young one."  It was silent for some moments and perked up as it remembered something,  "Wait!  I forgot to tell you about Gannondorf King!  Come back!"


  But Noah was already too far ahead in the dark and the voice of the creature was lost within the loud, murmuring roar of the water in the rock walls.


After an hour of walking through the glittering pipe-works passage, Noah suddenly came upon a very bizarre and shiny pink car that was sitting next to a dimly-lit Christmas tree.  The car was covered in twinkling Christmas lights and a little mound of glistening snow sat on top; it resembled a sleek and fashionable Mitsubishi. 

A flashing wooden television sat in a pile of snow near the car; it's screen flashed on and off in neon colours occasionally.

Noah gazed in a curious fascination on the bizarre spectacle.  There was a relaxing snowy chasm in one corner with a dripping neon mushroom and a very large warp-pipe. 


A neon sign was on the sparkling walls above the warp-pipe.  It read, "To my snowy underground hallway & garage-hideout.  Come and visit me!  - Signed FAXAN-VORF: Mischief Maker!  Esq.  Longlive the Galandorf!" 


 A ''Pepsi" machine stood next to a dilapidated velvet armchair and a broken t.v. nearby in the darkness.


Noah only gazed in curiousity at the shimmering letters of the neon sign.  He gazed upward and noticed Christmas lights hanging from the low, crooked ceiling.  They twinkled dimly as they illuminated the surroundings. 



After many miles of walking Noah began to notice bewildering lights, almost like twinkling Christmas lights, hanging from the pipes that lead to and fro in the pipe walls.  Glistening piles of old car tires and various other decorated Christmas trees lay in the glowing corners.


Big polka-dotted mushrooms, with rainbow syrup coated on top, illuminated the blackness in the corners of this space. - Glow in the dark graffiti was decorated on the walls in this area, while bizarre decorations and glittering silk curtains were hanging from the ceiling.


Coming upon a strange opening in the passage, he saw a little glowing pathway with  neon signs and flashing arrows pointing off into the dark in various directions.  The corners of the  passage appeared to be heaped with bizarre old televisions, old car tires and wooden barrels.


- Many curious novelties were stacked up along the crooked walls and sitting upon the ground.


Bizarre outfits, endless surreal piles of children's clothing, sat on top of mounds of glittering snow, while others hung from hangers from inside little underground doorways that led deep into some kind of ''secret closetway entrances''; hidden subterranean closets of the bizarre lost children who dwelled down here in this dark underworld realm?

 The area resembled an underground wares department in a kind of bizarre store, yet mixed with the industrial furnishings of an ''underground factory'' of sorts.



The closet-way passages were much too small for him to go down and he heard a loud splash of water.  He shined his light above him.  Red and pink pipes wound throughout the rock directly above him as a glowing sign, almost like neon light yet different, was above the pipes, which  read, "INDUSTRIAL Watterworkz". 


'It's spelled wrong. - Waterworks?'  Noah thought to himself.  He heard a great foaming waterfall somewhere in the darkness further on down the passage.



After walking in the dark in this same fashion, with the red and pink pipes leading off into various directions and the cacophonous roar of water, he came on a small flowing waterfall.  It glittered mercilessly with a wafting, fragrant aroma rising from within its depths. 


He shined his light above and found the waterfall was falling out of a large pipe from the darkness above him.  It cascaded into an underground chasm in the dark.  Next to that lay a great glowing red pipe.

  A industrial barrel lay near the pipe and a green fire was flashing and sparkling in an otherwordly brilliance from within it. 



Noah approached the pipe and found that it was big enough to hold a grown man. 

'What an enourmous pipe,' he thought, shining his neon light into it. He backed up and found that the passage he was on kept leading off into the dark further on. 'This underground pipeworks goes on forever.  I'll never find my way out of here.' 



Just then, a very bizarre rabbit-like creature with soft and glittery white and pink fur, wrapped in a shimmering neon cloak, with mystical, glittering boots adorned on its furry feet, scurried near him in the darkness.  It had very long pointy ears and a form of a tiara that flashed in the darkness on its head, illuminating the dark in a flashing light. 

The tiara seemed to flash in a frightening beauty that blinded Noah for a moment. 


'What was that bright light?'  Noah thought, as he covered his eyes slightly, squinting.


The rabbit approached closer towards him.


When the creature got closer, Noah found it was walking upright like a human would on its hind legs.  In its hand was a mysterious book that seemed to shimmer in a powerful radiance of blacklight.  A great flash of phantasmic light sparks in the passage, the lights hanging from the pipes flashing on and off.


"Who are you?  What are you doing?"  Noah asked when the creature came near him.  The Rabbit turned its head and its eyes were covered in a pair of glow in the dark glasses that glimmered. 


 "I beg your pardon?  Did you speak?" the creature resounded in fright, glowering upon Noah.  Noah was frightened for a moment.


However, he then found that the rabbit wasnt malignant.  The telepathic voice in his head told him it was an excursionist of the Pipeworks to be trusted;  a guide to be followed.


"I have a bizarre voice in my head telling me that you are an excursionist in the Pipeworks.  Are you traveling somewhere down here?  Is there something I should know of this place?  Where am I?  What is this all about?" Noah asked.


 The rabbit stared at him for a long while.


"Perhaps I am not the one to tell you that.  You're in the Pipeworks my little one.  My name is of no consequence.  What have you in your hand?"


Noah looks down at his flashlight.  He flashes it to and fro in the darkness of the dim glow of the lanterns above him.  "This is a flashlight.  Don't tell me you've never seen one before." 

 The creature stared intently at Noah as though it had never witnessed such light.  Noah shrugged and flashed his light further down the dark passage.


"What lies down there, further along the passage?  What does it come to?  Ive been traveling this route for days and not come on anything.  I am very lost and I need to find out where to go," he said to the Rabbit-creature who stood before him.  The Rabbit flashed its tiara in the dark as the light shone off into the distance of the path.


A trickle of shimmering water fell in front of the creature from a large pipe running the length of the passage above its head. 

 "It goes nowhere and forever all at once.  You will be traveling for forever if you keep along this passage.  The 'Pipe-work's Zone' never ends.  As for you my little one, you must follow me.  You'll never get anywhere going that way.  Endless pipes and passages.  Come along," the creature said.   


The strange rabbit walked over to a dripping-wet red pipe in the dark behind a glistening waterfall.



"Ah!  Here we are!  This way!" the Rabbit screeched.

Noah, surprised and afraid, raised his eyebrows in fright.  "You expect me to go down that pipe?  I'm sure I could fit but it looks dark and dangerous.  Also scary!  I'll be killed if I try it,"  Noah questioned him.


The creature chuckled in a horrific manner, as it wrinkled its furry forehead and nose.  "Nothing to it my little man.  Not everything is as it seems in this place.  You must follow the voice that guides you and never lose hope.  Now!"


The rabbit wrapped its silky green cloak around its body and hopped onto the rim of the pipe.


He grabbed Noahs hand and softly led him up onto the rim next to where he stood.


"Where does it lead?  There's no light anywhere.  I'm scared.  I don't want to go,"  Noah nervously cried, shaking as the cold water trickled down from above him into the dark below. 

Great sounds as of machinery and roaring water met his ears as he climbed onto the pipe. - A fragrant, rainy essence clung to the very ether of the air in this region, directly above the pipe's entranceway.


"Nonsense my sentient one.  No need to be frightened.  You shan't come to harm.  Climb onto my cloak on my back if you're that scared.  As to where it leads...Well, that's a surprise my little man.  Now!  There's a good boy.  Climb on and hold on tight!" 

 Noah paused and finally consented, climbing on.


  The cloak seemed to wrap tight around both of them as it squeezed onto their form.  There seemed to be a dark trembling in the air around them that permeated Noah's ears. 


The voice within resounded as it warned him of getting lost and staying to the underground paths. 


The last thing Noah heard was a telepathic voice in his head saying, 'Courage and cling firm!  Into the dark underground hideouts you go!'





©2003/2019 Zelda Vaxandorf.  All Rights Reserved.









Noah visits the Underworld of Child Monsters 








Submitted: May 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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