The Guardian: Book III: Resurrection

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

With the fate of Daryl Ortega Hanging in the balance, Jake takes matters into his own hands. But when Devan finds out who Jake really is, will she fall back into old habits and put herself in more danger?

Table of Contents


POV:Jake:  As I watch Devan being escorted to the back by the surgeon, an exhausting moan scurries from my lips. I sink into a c... Read Chapter


POV: Devan "Señorita!" Miguel calls out to me. I lean against the wall outside of Daryl's room. I hear him, but his voice just f... Read Chapter

A Dream or Reality?

  POV: Daryl Waking up in this hospital bed is surreal because the last thing I remember is me drifting into an abyss of not... Read Chapter


POV: Jake  After Devan finishes up the last of the Shrimp Provencal Cheese Ravioli, she excuses herself to change. When she disa... Read Chapter


POV: Devan The smell of fresh salt water gently nudges me awake , forewarning me that we are not at the loft as originally discussed ... Read Chapter

Choose A Side

POV: Jake  As soon as we get inside the beach house, I place the keys on the table, put the bag next to the door, take her purse... Read Chapter

Damned If I Do

POV: Jake "This is Jake." I answer, unable to take my eyes off of her.  Her piercing brown eyes makes me lose the power of a... Read Chapter

New Reality

POV: Jake I curse under my breath as the bedroom door slowly closes, eclipsing her image until she disappears completely. I stand imm... Read Chapter

Survival of the Fittest

POV: Devan I close the door to the bedroom as a whimper of anguish escapes my mouth because the last words I uttered to Jake, are the... Read Chapter

Childhood Home

POV: Raven The smell of oregano and garlic gently caress me awake. My eyes flutter open, covetously searching for the source of the d... Read Chapter

Mother Knows Best

POV: Devan When Maverick opens the door, I angrily whisper to him that we are definitely going to revisit this conversation later. He... Read Chapter

Unconditional Love

POV:Jake The hum of the car's engine thankfully acts as a soothing white noise that calms my troubled mind. I have been driving for a... Read Chapter

Tying Up Loose Ends

  POV: Jake I arrive at the safe house, park the car, and walk into the kitchen area. The uncertainty of how we are going to... Read Chapter

Unexpected Visitor

POV: Devan "You didn't tell her I was pregnant did you?!" I whisper to Maverick between coughs. "Hurry up, tell me quick!" "Of co... Read Chapter


POV: Jake ...The next day is a blur.  Before going into work, I stop by Daryl's Villa to go through Devan's phone to find ou... Read Chapter

Making Up

POV: Devan:  It feels like an eternity since my lips have touched his, and all the rational reasons why I should stay away from ... Read Chapter

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