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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl living remote within a lonely snowy mountain finds a mysterious wooden box in her room.

Within the glacial twilight, in a snowscape high in the lands from normality. The sound of flowing and icy water echoes the vastness in the land of freedom and energy. At the frosted window of a lonely cabin, the surreal vision of the moon gleams the room. A woman who exiled herself away from the madness of cities rotted by urban corporations, escaping a tragic and forgetful past.  

Deep inside and below the lonely cabin is a mysterious wooden box. Giant by size and patterned in ritualistic symbols, holds an ancient evil. It appeared one day mysteriously by her room, unaware and unseen.

Within the opening of the box, a chilling tap is felt on the boned shoulder.

 ‘Is someone there?’ she says.

The room becomes alive by an unseen powerful and ghastly presence. Fear dreads across the lonely cabin. Wandering away into a separate atmosphere, an eerie howl echoes the hallway in dismay. The paralysis of shock drives among the nerves and her tightened heart begins to race in angst. A face appears.

The dark face looms slowly with menacing yellow eyes. Within her naked eye, her face becomes unnerved and alarmed. An intense panic has stricken her mind and body frozen, unable to move or gasp precious earthly air. The drumming of her heart, beats abnormally fast; sweat slowly pours from her forehead. The unnerving face lurks back into the shadows, leaving with a frozen and strong gust.

 “It's your turn to see Sheol” the face whispers

The room becomes loud by a frightful shriek, the walls become red; the windows shatter themselves through the sound of the shriek.

The girl becomes paralyzed again, comatose into a seizure state. Twitching and bleeding from her eyes, nose, and ears; raging visions of a fiery lake invade her fractured mind. Damned souls in the lake of fire, screaming and screeching for mercy as they eternally burn by the scorching lava. Men, women and children; all echoing their cries within the outer rims of the fiery lake.

Tall black shadows with piercing yellow eyes and large claws, surround her by her room. Staring at her suffering soul, they lunge into her as she screams her last breath.

Submitted: May 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Raoul Perseus. All rights reserved.

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Artic Wolf 1984

Great imagery here. Is the woman receiving a vision of Hell? Because if she is, it’s pretty frightening.

Tue, May 4th, 2021 6:07am


Yes, she is seeing Hell. 'Sheol' is the ancient name for Hell dating back into the Old Testament of the Bible. Although there are differences in Hell and a fiery lake within interpretations of the bible, in this case they do match up. However, if you carefully read the last sentence in the first paragraph; this can give a clue into why she is seeing the vision...

Mon, May 3rd, 2021 11:17pm

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