Matts Alright X Scooby doo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It was nighttime while a Vet Youtuber named Matts Alright got off the base for the day. He gets inside the car to be prepared to run in the store to get dog food for his pet dog named scooby doo.

It was nighttime while a Vet Youtuber named Matts Alright got off the base for the day. He gets inside the car to be prepared to run in the store to get dog food for his pet dog named scooby doo. Not the one from the old cartoon show but rather a 14-year-old collie with red and white fur who also talks weirdly when is given food.
He makes it through the empty streets of a curfew of what is currently the pandemic. He casually advances his step towards his decked home in the outskirts of the borough. He gets out with his two bags of dog food and barely carries them to his home over a few feet away. 
He takes his key and struggles to unlock the door due to the shopping bags being heavy. After finding the right house key in 10 minutes he finally opens the door to carry the dog food in. At this time he unwinds from his day from the base to prepare for his Twitch stream for the next two hours. 
After he says all of his Twitch schticks he then sits in the kitchen to play eenie meenie with what flavor to choose in the Scooby's dog bowl. He brings the dog's water bowl to switch the old water that sat in there for over 3 days. 
Then he checks his Tik Tok account to further see what his latest followers were on his page. As he's making a post a blocked notice comes from his DMS saying that he was banned from posting for over a few days. 
Frustrated as heck he goes outside to breathe a bit due to his ongoing PTSD from the conflict of war. 
After pacing back and forth for a few minutes he walks back in and sees his dog by the front door after eating what in the dog bowl. 
The dog says I wuv you continuously as Matt tries to shush him due to his kids that are sleeping upstairs. 
"Rutt rar rou doing routside Ratt?" Scooby asks as MAtt gets up "Uhh taking a breather outside what do you think of that?" Matt asks in a sarcastic type of matter. 
"Rou ro realize rhat rilitary doesn't rike rogs Ratt?" He explains to matt in a matter-of-fact tone. 
Scooby talks like how the other Scooby talked in the cartoons that Matt watches. But this one's more to himself and doesn't get scared as much as his cartoon counterpart. 
After a few hours of boredom, he starts popping the popcorn to prepare to watch a movie. He sets up the popcorn butter and salt as he waits for it to pop in the microwave. 
He then takes the popcorn out as pours it into a blue car-shaped bowl that he used as a flower vase. He sits down to further pick out the movie while his kids are still asleep upstairs. 
Popcorn has dropped on the floor as Scooby eats the popcorn trail as Matt sits down to start-up Netflix with movie and starts surfing the movies that recently has come out late. Scooby sits where Matt's foot lays out. 
Matt decides on the 60s version of Scooby-Doo as they were finding out where the phantom went in the old castle. Matt gives Scoob some pieces of the popcorn bite after bite. The run usually runs after 30 minutes. After the gang finds out that it was a disenfranchised magician that was searching for the treasure in the old castle. Matt yawns as well as his dog who is half-human. They march up the stairs to brush his teeth and his dog's fangs for the dog's well-being. 
They go to bed as Scooby is on the left side of a queen bunk. Matt nonetheless couldn't relax because of constant sleeplessness.
After over 10 seconds of tossing and rolling, Matt wakes up while Scooby was fast asleep. He proceeded to the kitchen to grab a cup of cold water. He progresses upstairs groggily as he sips his water to help assist his sleep. 
He slips back into the bed as he tries to go to sleep. After over 2 hours Matt already accidentally caresses Scooby as he wakes up in utter shock as well as Scooby-Doo does "Rhat are rou doing Ratt"? Lying there with nothing left to say to explain the weird situation. Scooby-Doo shrugs his shoulders since he always acknowledged Matts Alright as a little puppy.
He now turns around in his nightcap as matt turns the other way to try to calm his mind down once more for the following 2 hours. Scooby-Doo turns around in his sleep putting his huge paw on matt's shoulder as they both fell asleep around  3 in the morn.

Submitted: May 03, 2021

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