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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

There once was Twenty friends who all have unique different personas and go on adventures together sometimes. There's of course some who get along more then others, but their all friends nonetheless and the friend group is made up of three agenders: Willow, Arctic and Icee, 9 girls: Mimi, Viviee, Naomi, Candy, Bluey, Limella, Bumble, Mello and Hailey, & 8 boys: Adriun, Linden, Emerson, Sanford, Lordie, Grapeo, Baxton and Roylun. Their friend group is called "The Friendship Twenty Gang"

Table of Contents

introducing first 8 friends

First friend is Willow Lennox. They like drawing and reading and are pretty shy.  Next friend is Mimi Rosepetal she's a bubbly f... Read Chapter

introducing the next seven friends

Candy Cane is hyper, a hopeless romantic and she eates candybars and sweets a lot. Arctic Glacier is sorta goth not very good at talk... Read Chapter

introducing the last five friends

Baxton Doom is a skilled gamer who can be friendly but very competitive and gets mad when he loses so can be a sore-sport but when you wi... Read Chapter

the abandoned mansion

Willow invited a few of their friends to explore a nearby abandoned mansion that’s in town rumored to be haunted. Right now Willow is i... Read Chapter

suddenly blooming romance

Todays hangout was at a local fair and this time Willow didn't just invite their friends Mimi, Viviee and Adriun but also Naomi and Linde... Read Chapter

the love triangle

Willow was at the mall with their six friends Candy, Arctic, Bluey, Lordie, Emerson and Sanford. Willow and Candy were out to get clothes... Read Chapter

moving time

Willow on this fine day headed over to their two friends Limella and Grapeo's house and upon pulling in their driveway noticed two other ... Read Chapter

catching up

Willow's friend Roylun on this random day called and shocker here wanted advice cause he recently got some nice pointers on how he can im... Read Chapter

bar party

This marvelous morning Willow was getting prepared for a party down at one of the local bars. All nineteen of their friends were invited,... Read Chapter

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