It's okay

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Just in case no one has told you this today...

Hey there! It’s okay to be not okay on some days
I can able to understand what’s your problem is
You are going through something which will be resolved very soon
Practice mindfulness and Gratitude daily
Do workout, Meditation, and Breathing exercises whenever you are getting time to do
You are great dear. Don’t worry.
You have your pet to give all the love you deserve to receive from this world
No one can be you and that is your superpower
You have something different from others Just embraces that
Soon you are going to become a person whom you want to become

You have beautiful long hair or pretty short hair
Pretty face and I just love your sharp eyes
You have a very good, healthy body
You have a very good smile
You are easily approachable
You make people comfortable
You have a sweet voice
You have parents who are ready to sacrifice anything just to see the smile on your face
You have got friends who are there to appreciate and encourage you in whatever you do and they always make sure that you are okay, even th
ough you didn’t talk to them properly.



Submitted: May 03, 2021

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