Chapter 1: Locations

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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July 1st arrives and Jonathan’s disappearance makes the FBI wander where they are hidden. FBI waits for Jonathan to makes an appearance as Steven McCall becomes the next target on the FBI wanted list. They think he is hiding in Chicago as for his location in Chicago is the question. Mafia is protecting Jonathan Walker as he is no longer a threat. Jonathan Walker is in Texas, for good. With Lucille pregnant, Jonathan will not stray away from her. Steven McCall just keeps his nose down as he waits for David to make the first move. July begins and the heat starts. It is not uncommon for 90 degrees to arrive and stay for same time.

Victoria experience the blistering heat of summer as temperature barely drop below 80 degrees at night and 100 degree during the day. It is miserable and a nightmare for Elizabeth, as she sleeps during the day for her night shifts. Unable to sleep, Elizabeth is becoming irritable and grumpy. Plants and animals are thriving while the female mosquitoes buzz around, looking for fresh blood. Minnesota has more mosquitoes then Alaska. David keeps her company while she gets irritable. The house’s basement rooms are the cooling part of the house. They keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. White absorbs heat in winter and reflects heat in summer, cooling the house. 

Eric finds David reading his book in his bedroom. Elizabeth sleeps under a purple cotton sheet, finally comfortable and not sweating. Eric finds Elizabeth is in her birthday suit. Eric knows she is naked as he gives David a look. Eric knows about Elizabeth's body as they had their own encounter some months back. Elizabeth is still sleeping when Lucretia comes into the bedroom, with lunch. A noise wakes Elizabeth. She is still tired as she feels more rested then she did. Six pairs of eyes look at her as she drops back on the bed and fells back into sleep. Lucretia gets back to her business.

Lucretia is an Italian opera singer that tours in the winter and records an album in the summer. Elizabeth’s height with nearly black hair and a curvaceous body, Lucretia is showing a baby bump. Elizabeth knew about the pregnancy since May. At six months along, Lucretia is showing her fatigue. She and Eric married on June 4. Lucretia wear a blue strapped dress, with lace as decorations around the straps, bottom, and bust area. Since Lucretia is catholic, they married in a traditional catholic

ceremony. Lucretia father, Mark Roosevelt Ambrosia, walk her down the aisle to Eric, dressed in his Air force blues. David is the best man in his Marine uniform, standing next to him at the altar.

This baby boy will be unique. Eric is ¼ Cherokee, ¼ Black, ¼ French, and ¼ Hispanic. Speaking multi languages, Eric is passing his uniqueness to his son. Lucretia is the daughter of an Italian and an American living aboard. She also speaks several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and French. This boy will have a long road before he reaches adulthood.

Elizabeth wakes to find Lucretia coming out of the bathroom. Her belly is apparent as her wiggle is now a waddle.

“How is Junior?” Elizabeth asks

“Ok, he kicks my bladder. I can handle that. He is healthy and I am healthy. How are you doing?” Lucretia says


“Better now that I have more sleep then usual.” Elizabeth says

Elizabeth just smiles as she grabs the sheet, wraps the sheet around her, and changes into something more covered. She comes out in a pair of shorts, a tank top wearing a bra, and her underwear. Elizabeth wears underwear, unless at work during certain activities. Elizabeth joins the boys and Lucretia as the hot day wears into a hot night. Elizabeth goes to work in two days, enjoying her brief vacation.

David focuses on Kevin Stone as the Minnesotan government wants to see finances. David has a job cleaning Victoria and make sure the Kevin Stone pays for the rape, with prison or his death. David promises Elizabeth to make Kevin Stone pay for his crime and the crimes of the town committed. Kevin Stone is still Mayor as Kevin is still refusing to have his finances seen. Governor Franklin Temple Parker leaves David alone for now, about the sell of the property. Things are looking good for Victoria as a dark shadow is coming there way. Since April, the people’s support of the Mafia is going against the Coalition of Moral behavior. Many people find them good neighbors and Mayor Kevin is waging war against the Mafia. Elizabeth is on the back burner as she is still a target. She remains quiet about the rape and her incident as it will come out against her.

Elizabeth sees the price that Victoria has paid over the years with the Coalition of Moral Behavior. Rapes always considered punishment for women in Victoria as if women disobey, rape is the main punishment. Marital abuse is common as most women in Victoria have had some abuse in the past in their marriage. The Coalition of Moral Behavior is slowly destroying the town one piece at a time.

Two days pass and July 3 is another hot day, with the night staying at 90 and above. Her walk is the same until she reaches Clock Street. Kevin and several supporters are talking to the press. Nice clothing and interested press, they talk as Elizabeth walks to work, hiding her face as she goes. Victoria has many rumors, some good and some bad. Few people realize that this town has a seedy underground. Elizabeth knows the underground better then most people. Tonight, at the Paradise Club, is an underground party. She prepares herself for another wild night. Elizabeth knows her rules and how to respect the rules.

The party occurs under the noses of the Coalition of Moral Behavior. Tomorrow is July 4th, a non-important holiday. Victoria, as a conservative society with Christian values, does not celebrate Independence Day, July 4th. No parades will be on the roads. No fireworks celebration performed. Family usually gathers for a dinner and family time. Victoria, as a whole, prefers to isolate them from basic society around them. The fourth of July is just another day where people celebrate with family or as an informal military day.

Elizabeth and David celebrate with dinner for the family. Since marrying in January, Elizabeth stays quiet about the relationship with outsiders. David removes his wedding ring in public, to avoid any questions about their marriage. Living together for awhile, they settled into a routine and a working  marriage. Their marriage is still hidden from view, not ready for the reveal. She and David have plans to attend a wedding of a relative, the next day.

Elizabeth arrives at the wedding of cousin, Olivia Pearl Dawson’s wedding to Henry Larry Black on July 5th. Together for four years, Olivia and Henry lived together since last year. Olivia is sister to Alexis and Jaclyn Dawson and great grand daughter of Leslie Hunter King and Kit Montgomery. As David is with Elizabeth, David is cousins to Olivia, Alexis and Jaclyn. David finally meets his cousins and the family.

Henry Larry Black is five years older then Olivia, aged 25. He is a former stock broker and owns his stock broker firm in Minnesota. Elizabeth meets Henry at age 17, thinking Olivia is looking for a challenge. Henry proved Elizabeth wrong, committing to the relationship very quickly. Harry is very happy about being married tomorrow to Olivia, been dreaming of the day for one month.


The wedding is quick with Olivia wearing a blue lace gown, with long sleeves and flowing to her ankles. Dawson does not wear veils as weddings are informal events. Henry wears a black suite with a blue bow tie. Weddings plan by the parents if under the age of 18 and planned by the couple over the age of 18. Days of the wedding are always pick by the parents as the day must be religious in some way. The couple can also pick the day as it must be before a Sunday or during church service.


Church arrives on a beautiful Sunday morning of July 6th. Church is mandatory, required for heaven. David travels to church once a week, Sunday morning for his attendance duty. He did go to church as a child and teenager. Once he wants into the Marines, David stopped going to church as he choose to work Sunday. He still works Sundays as he can get some work done.

As the church ends, Elizabeth looks at David with a worried face. Quiet as she indicates something is wrong, David looks at his messages on his phone from Kevin Stone. The message says 'Meet me at the Mayor's office on the 7th of July. We need to talk.' David knows this is a trick on Kevin's part. The rest of the day, David feels nervous as the thought of the meeting is very stressful.

Next day, the morning of July 7th, David drives to the meeting with Diablo and Eric Williams in the vehicle with guns if required. Mayor Kevin Stone seats on his car, neatly washed and the bumper still has his bullet holes. Kevin Stone looks at David as he carefully approaches him. The two men are cold as ice cubes, with no emotions on their faces. Both wearing suites, the two men are faces each other with a poke face.

“You have not removed the holes yet.” David says

“Not yet. Elizabeth is not with you.” Kevin Stone says

“Guess.” David says, “She decided to stay home.”

“No, I know that we are not friends. You have the one woman I want.” Kevin Stone says

“Kevin, deal with your problem, Why contract me?” David says

“Peace, my family is felling apart. I am losing control of Victoria.” Kevin Stone says, “My mistakes are catching up me and costing me everything.”

“Peace requires you turn yourself in, in Minneapolis.” David says

“No. here only.” Kevin says

“You brought the judge, corrupt system. Minneapolis or death.” David says, “That is your choice.” David walks away, drives away in the truck.


Midnight on July 7th and Elizabeth readjusts her mini skirt as she walks down the stairs to the Underground bar and brothel. The underground is a popular gambling den where people gather and play card games. Betting money is common. Gambling is illegal in Victoria and if caught, two weeks in jail. Elizabeth sees the vice and how married men regularly cheat on the wives on a daily basis. If Mafia is this town’s biggest threat, the Mayor has the system wrong.

Steven McCall, a regular customer here, orders his vodka straight and into a shot glass. He smokes his Cuban strong, like his women, hornier the better. He is at the bar with Dee 'Bend over' Baxter. Dee is a common girl and earns her nickname by bend over when she is ready. Dee wears a simply strapless red dress that goes mid thigh. Her chest nearly comes out of her dress. She dyes her hair, blond, to attract more attention.

Steven loves his girls, sluts. Elizabeth hates this part the most since vice is big business and people never see this side of life. She remains ignorant of this in the outside world as truly, this is the side that starts when bans becomes a way to control people. Bans, on anything, never work. It causes more problems. Elizabeth sees how bans make problems worse and control become impossible. Vice ban used to control gambling within city limits. However, gambling goes under ground where people do not see them and gambling controls unchecked. The casino in Victoria has a Minnesotan gambling


license with a permit from Minnesota. Victoria sees no money from the casino as the owners pay taxes to Minneapolis.

She finds a familiar face, John 'Deep' Anderson. John works as part of the underground. He is a crime lord, working for Steven. 'Deep' comes from the underground, taking nosy people into the tunnels and killing them. Elizabeth keeps her nose clean of the situation and tells nothing to anyone. If her husband/boyfriend knew about this, he would like to know about this. Elizabeth has her secrets. David is aware of the underground as the gambling is not a problem for him. It is other items hidden in the underground that worries David.

John sits with his scotch and smokes his cigarette when Elizabeth approaches him. A cocky man by nature, John enjoys his booze and cigarettes as well as his numerous women. Elizabeth talks business and John responds back with his twenty. Elizabeth knows John 'Deep' Anderson since last year. She and he set a plot to kill Mayor Stone until the plan failed due to mayor Stone moving an event to another area. John 'Deep' dislikes Mayor Stone for one reason and only one reason, disrespecting women. He shots men in the back and leaves women alive as Mayor Stone kills men and women for his own gain.

The underground lays twenty feet under ground level and remains unknown to the naive residents above. This place has been around since the town’s founding. It once is a brothel that the group ‘XYZ’, crime lords and drug dealers that banded together against the mafia in the early years. Few groups remain today since they are part of the Mafia or dead. XYZ is the last group around. Still, XYZ has a chance to stay apart as the Mafia rarely involves death as it is a waste of time unless necessary. The Mafia will to resolve their problem without violence until required.

Victoria seems a nice town with old Victorians and mansions as things are deceiving. The underground tunnels keep alive the crime lords to be safe and protect their turf. Blood has spoiled on these peaceful streets once, ten years ago. The trees, in the park, often have bullet holes and people still find bullets on occasion grown into branches. Guns buried to hide crimes come out of the ground on occasion, with bullets still inside them. Even old knives find in the parks around Victoria from frequent knife attacks that occurred ten years ago. Victoria, in its time, is a wild west of violence where people shot people just because they wanted them dead.

The turf wars, of ten years ago, killed ten Mafia members in the back. Mafia assassins will not shot someone in the back since it is rude and disgraceful. There is one exception to the rule, only done if the person has caused great harm to people, including government employers. Many buildings, like ‘little eats’, has bullet proof windows since the last turf wars destroyed glass windows. Mafia has not had a good hold of Victoria. This time, the Mafia has their chance and making sure that nothing goes wrong.

Elizabeth continues her talk with John when Tina McCall comes into the bar. Tina is Steven’s wife and she does not really care about her husband’s infidelity. Tina and Steven married for the money. Tina has dark brown hair and a quiet personality. She is rarely noisy. Elizabeth has seen her before and she is a woman of morals. She comes to gambles with her husband and friends.

Tina wears her traditional black tube dress that has a jagged hemline at mid thigh. She is a fashion forward woman who wears what she wants and looks good in everything. Elizabeth keeps her distance as she walks pass the table and into the tunnels. Tina disappears into the darkness of the tunnels. Tina McCall is from an old family, the Lynx family. So named for their crest of the Lynx, the Lynx family consider holy as the family did once follow the Coalition of Moral Behavior's rules until the death of the Frank Lynx by Miles Turner in 2074. The family waged war against the Coalition and has been in war with them since 2074. Tina McCall is Frank McCall's granddaughter. Tina and Steven's McCall's four sons and two daughters carry on the tradition.

The tunnels extends crossed the main part of the city, in a square design. The first tunnel is relative short, about 30 feet long with small gambling rooms and brothel dens. Vice is cheap in the


tunnels. Smaller tunnels extend under the many parks in the Victoria Falls. Many tunnels exist under Victoria as people hide activities in the tunnels to avoid capture.

The tunnels started in 2058, after the city founding in 2050. At first, the tunnels acted as brothels and gambling dens when the city started banning certain activities. The first of the bans is Smoking. The law proclaims that Smoking on sidewalks is illegal and you are immediately arrested and find 400 dollars.

The second ban is sex, especially sex between married individuals and sex between singles and married individuals. Sex between husband and wife is enforced as a religious standard as no other sex is prohibited. Victoria has the highest adultery rate in the USA, at 70% while the city also has the highest marriage rate, at 95%. Street walkers are arrested and go to jail for several weeks. Sentence of two years of Jail is common for streetwalkers if caught.

The third ban is gambling. No gambling can be done in any building unless with a license. Victoria does not give out a license. Minneapolis gives licenses to several locations in Victoria and always refuses to name the locations. The places provide Minneapolis with an income and the state wants to receive income.

About in 2078, roughly speaking, the XYZ group moved into the underground and has stayed since in the underground. Mafia has tried once to destroy them, failed miserable ten years ago. Ten assassins managed to find the tunnels. The crime lords find them and killed them. If rumor is right, they mailed the mafia the video of the killings. They run the crime trade since 2073 as today, the last group lives in Victoria.

Elizabeth applies her trade in secret and knows what the tunnels hold. In years past, some mayors were actually crime lords and caused havoc while in office. While other mayors takes their money and their enemies murdered. Some of these crime lords live in the rich part of town as good residents. They keep their nose out of politics, avoiding any trouble. 

She knows the tunnels intimately and the group knows her well. The group has often asked Elizabeth for help during certain matters and certain times. Mayor Stone’s two assassination attempts are one of these times. At times, the tunnels keeps people alive and the town with income as the Coalition regularly takes money for the church from the money of the town to pay bills. Coalition of Moral Behavior can not pay their bills.

Elizabeth watches as John plays cards with the boss, boss’s wife Tina, and three other lords. The cards dealt on the table and talk begins of the Mafia. The talk is mostly about the trial of Frank Taylor and the assassinations of Frank and drug dealer Omar Adams. Steven and Tina McCall talk about the meeting with Mr. M, making peace and ensuring that the group stays neutral.

Submitted: May 03, 2021

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