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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Libby just graduated college, and she needs to rant.....

May 3, 2021.....(TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING)

Sometimes, it can be difficult to want to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, it's even excruciatingly painful. When you truly want to be happy, and you’re not. Yep, that is the feeling I am talking about…The feeling I am living with every second, minute, and hour. See, I am pretty sure I found what I really need AND want. Shocking right? I mean, who finds both at once, in one wonderful person?! Is that even truly possible? I could be dreaming. *OUCH* Well, I guess I’m awake. That pinch is gonna leave a mark, though.

So, this person. This wonderful, seemingly perfect person. Who gets that lucky? Wait, I don’t believe in luck. *pauses, clears throat* It’s blessed. I’m blessed. This person is a blessing. When I am with him, I feel like I am walking on clouds no matter how much it storms in other areas of my life.




Life has been pretty much a mix of tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis to this point (metaphorically of course). But this man. He stills the storm in my heart when nothing else does.

Wait….I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Libby. It’s nice to meet ya. I’m sorry, I totally got off on a tangent there, rambling about him. I tend to do that lately. It honestly seems like there is nothing else I really want to focus on. Nothing else is nice or pretty or fun. Everything else pretty much sucks at the moment, and I'm no “Negative Nancy” at all.

Still, let's just move on for now. Wouldn’t want to bore ya with all this talk about someone you don’t even know. See, I just finished college last summer, and I’ve been stuck in this really small town my entire life. College was online thanks to the good ‘ol pandemic. Online school. It's one of those things you kinda love and hate at the same time. It is nice to wear PJs to classes, but it's also super lonely. No social life to speak of, no parties, no nothing. Just me and my books. It leaves a lot of time to think. Too much time to think. Enough time for my thoughts to have thoughts to worry about. I think I need a hobby, one to take my mind off all the mess around me. If I don’t do something soon I may just lose it for a second or two.

But it’s fine.

I’m fine.

WE’RE FINE....right?

Hope I haven’t bored ya too much so far. I think I may have forgotten how exactly to socialize with another human being. I'm positive I’m not the only one with this problem after all these months of social distancing. Anyway, it was nice to meet ya. We should grab lunch sometime.




Submitted: May 03, 2021

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