Banshee's Lost Treasure

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Pooka is on another adventure. When she finds a chest at the antique store that doesn't belong to the store. when she opens the chest it leads to a pirate adventure with her pirate queen ancestor and it leads to a discovery that's out of this world.

Table of Contents

Visit from Oakwood

Just a day ago I had just got done with morning studies. I took my lunch outside. I called my friend Oakwood the way he taught me. I bang... Read Chapter

The kids get a big laugh

We headed to the new antique store. On the way, we passed some of the local kids. They were laughing and pointing at me. One of the kids ... Read Chapter


We had just arrived at the store. There were beautiful old items. A lady with dark brown hair and black glass. She had walked out from th... Read Chapter

The Chest and Babka

Goldie headed to an old chest. it looked like it was something right out of a pirate book. I felt like it was calling to me. Goldie stopp... Read Chapter

The Adventures Begin

When I got home I put on my pirate's outfit. I collected my spyglass, my sword, and compass. I put it all in my bag and collected the che... Read Chapter

On The Pirate Queen Ship

"What's your name cailín?"   "Marley Hazel Preston, but everyone calls me Pooka."   He's eyes went wide before... Read Chapter

story of my family

I started to tell her all that happened that lead up to me be on the ship. I also told her that she was my ancestor on my dad's side of t... Read Chapter

The island of betrayal

    "Let me see your spyglass cailín," Gráinne said.   I told her it was just a paper towel roll with wa... Read Chapter


As the boat moved faster and faster I could see these shimmering objects surrounding the bottom of the boat. I looked all around, all I c... Read Chapter

A new ally

  As we drift farther away from Cù-sìth I started to relax a little bit. Goldie was breathing hard she looked banged up. She o... Read Chapter

The End of one Adventure

  Clíodhna smiled wide. Her dark green dress made her hair shine and eye sparkle.  "What can I do for yee". " how ... Read Chapter

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