The goofs are by and large present, holding on to be made

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

What does really happens between a fight of gods? Is it really a fight? Or could it be just a board game?

In the first place, they made the sky and the earth, and the earth was without structure. From that point forward, indeed, the situation spun out of control. 

It began honestly enough. A man and lady in adoration. An enticement. Organic product. Information. 

And afterward they got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Yet, that is not the finish of the story. They moved forward, made a life for themselves. A decent life. They had kids. The first, they called Cain. At that point they suffered a heart attack, some more. One of those was called Abel. He was the top choice. Cain didn't care for that. 

Thus the main piece was taken out from the board. 

It was a little wrongdoing, all in all. Be that as it may, happening so early, it formed all to come. The kids spread out into the world. Humanity carried on with an unforgiving and merciless life. And afterward somebody understood you could plant your own harvests. Land got important. Individuals got solidified to the situation of poor people. Rulers managed over man and rulers administered over lords. 

The main domains rose. The Greeks. The Egyptians. The Hittites, the Assyrians. They exchanged. They fought now and again yet nothing at any point to disturb the overall influence. Until one day, a power of impossible force cleared in from the ocean. Furthermore, everybody felt their fierceness. 

The bronze age finished like it started, in blood and franticness. And afterward the moves were traditionalist. A realm ascends here, at that point it falls. A realm discovers its direction, at that point it vanishes. 

Again and again, in an eternity pattern of… pause. Who is this? Alexander The Great? What a vainglorious name. Furthermore, he constructed the biggest domain the world had at any point seen. Be that as it may, he kicked the bucket, similar to everything men do. Furthermore, it self-destructed. 

Before long two incredible domains rose, one in the west and one in the east. The Romans bound together a large portion of a mainland. China would never fully figure out how to bring together itself for any critical time span, yet both were incredible, and both endured a long time. 

Religions rose too. Conviction had consistently been an incredible asset. Also, the players taking the actions, realized how to utilize it to get what they needed. Yet, this was unique. It was more… lasting. It penetrated all. Also, it was an error. 

Yet these extraordinary domains fell. There was nothing that should be possible about that. Be that as it may, what rose in their places were ready to develop vastly. And afterward Genghis Khan tagged along to change everything once more. A solitary piece equipped for unbelievable measures of annihilation. Of creation. The piece took practically the entirety of Asia, and afterward Asia took him. He kicked the bucket and the domain fell and that was that. 

What's more, a time of phenomenal murkiness rose like a ghost around the whole world. Out of that haziness came a sickness that left 33% of mankind hacking and draining and crying and passing on. 

Still the game proceeded. 

It took some time, yet soon the light got back to the world, and in a couple of more hundreds of years, somebody discovered that you could utilize steam to manage job. A great deal of work. The entirety of the work. Yet, as usual, a revelation like that doesn't improve things for any individual who doesn't control it, it simply makes those individuals all the more impressive. 

Steam prompted power. In this way started the cutting edge age. Also, the finish of the game drew nearer. 

Humankind had no real way to realize that the players were taking their last actions obviously. They just went on about their lives. The extraordinary conflict went back and forth and they guaranteed never again. At that point the following conflict went back and forth and they guaranteed never again. At that point more conflicts came. Continuously more conflicts. 

Lastly, meshed into the texture, all things considered, a gathering intended to shield humankind from itself and from the obscure occurred. The more we knew, the more we investigated, the more inquiries we replied… the more the players would undermine that information. 

At long last the tricks upon ruses upon ruses reached a crucial stage. Furthermore, the finish of the game showed itself. Neither one of the players could win. They could proceed with the impasse however long they needed, yet there wasn't a very remarkable point. 

So the first god rose from his seat and expanded his hand. the second gestured and stood, shaking the hand. 

"Great game." The first said. 

The second peered down at the board. "For what reason do we continue to do this?" 

The first shrugged. "Rivalry is useful for the spirit." 

The second grinned. "We're playing against ourselves. There will never be going to be a champ." 

"I realize pietism is kind of our thing, yet you realize you wedded one of us, right?" 

"All good. I will return to the cell, before they notice I'm no more." 

And afterward god headed out in a different direction.

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2022 IAmJustAWriter. All rights reserved.

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