Team Blume

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

*Based on my superhero alter-ego and concept that I have created as a child and that I believed in*

In that moment in the nature was born a flower. Actually, five different flowers. It wouldn't be a big deal on its own if that weren't Pink Tulip, Red Carnation, Yellow Dandelion, White Hyacinth and me, Blue Rose, superheroes that must defeat five enemies who want to subdue or destroy humankind because of various reasons. Still, is sometimes harder to defeat yourself than someone else? Could superhero also be the biggest villain when his powers lose control? And how is possible to balance a team that has persons with opposite attitudes, can we all together fight on the same side even when our opinions collide?

It's time for the most complex superhero story I've written till now, if you are ready enter my superhero world from the childhood transfered to a present time and be a keeper of my "Team Blume" secret ;)

Table of Contents

Part I - Introduction

The story is not recommended for those under 15; potentially disturbing / violent scenes, self-destructive scenes, morbid philosophy, alc... Read Chapter

Part II- "Once upon a time ..."

Part II- "Once upon a time ..."    It rang for break.    I take the notebook to complete the drawing ... Read Chapter

Part III- "Flowers in rainbow's colours"

Part III- "Flowers in rainbow's colours"    I stare out the bus window and lightly turn up the music on my phone. If I ... Read Chapter

Part IV - "The world we believe in"

Part IV - "The world we believe in"    The next day we gathered again at the magnolia, we sat by the tree and listened ... Read Chapter

Part V - "Germination of Evil"

Part V - "Germination of Evil"    The fairies set out on their mission. Red Carnation: "Let's want some gas and poison ... Read Chapter

Part VI - "Virtual unreality"

Part VI - "Virtual unreality"    By itself, Glich's headquater didn't look spectacular, there were all kinds of buttons... Read Chapter

Part VII - "System Error"

Part VII - "System Error"    Glich (laughs): "Oh, there's really everything here! In one decade, so much information ha... Read Chapter

Part VIII - "Hot Head"

Part VIII - "Hot Head"    The robots were programmed to fight, we had to defeat them as we would a pot... Read Chapter

Part IX - "Opposing Attitudes"

Part IX - "Opposing Attitudes"  Five colorful air combats flew across the African sky. Team Blume has just moved on a battle ... Read Chapter

Chapter X - "Desert Inferno"

Chapter X - "Desert Inferno"    We worked out the tactics of the fight with Inferno, our goal was to capture him with a... Read Chapter

Part XI - "Coldness in the heart"

Part XI - "Coldness in the heart"    Just like the other three times we wanted to meet the enemy before we attack. Cata... Read Chapter

Part XII - "Bad old times"

Part XII - "Bad old times"   We got out of the portal and found ourself in the foot of the mountain where Cataleia was. Me: ... Read Chapter

Part XIII - "Meeting of the Generation"

Part XIII - "Meeting of the Generation"    "We will build a large residential complex here! Every tree will be cut down... Read Chapter

Part XIV - "The Fall of the Angel, the Birth of the Rose"

  Part XIV - "The Fall of the Angels, the Birth of the Rose"   Already that evening, Magnolia gathered us. Rea: "No... Read Chapter

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