Democracy Cries

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Democracy Cries


The body

Mum is off to the market as always.

Little Democracy plays around his mother`s compound full of joy and expectations that the mum who went to the market will come back with her a little gift for him. In this innocent hope, he continued running around and catching a good play-some fun.

After less than a long while, there came a hand flying in the air after the likeness of his favorite fly. Little Democracy hastily looked skywards as he gave a quick peep.  In the illusion, that this flying hand must be his favorite fly, made he choice to pay but less attention.

Little Democracy in his mind was like;

“Mum is off to the market,

The whole compound yard is all mine,

I have all the time to catch all the fun,

I`m soon to be blessed with a handy gift from mum,

My favorite fly is keeping me company,

What a day!”

Little Democracy was busy rejoicing as he thinks through these thoughts, but little did he know that danger looms in the horizon. Little did he know that a thunder-like Gong is about to disturb the early morning sleep of giants. Little did he know that when push comes to shove, that it is possible a dangerous swallowing could come to a child from the mother side.

Suddenly, this favorite fly of this Little Democracy failed to land on the ground or on the surrounding dwarf-stem trees. It landed on Little Democracy`s cheek. Painfully Little Democracy exclaimed, Gosh! Ebee k'?laa si ? It was explosive.

In utter surprise, after a short while, Little Democracy noticed that that explosion on his cheek was a slap. Still in surprise, he looked and saw that this flying thing wasn’t his favorite fly but a hand of a person from his mother side. Again he shouted in utter wonder, crying, “I have been slapped and the slap was from a hand that was supposed to love and support me. Grudgingly he continued his crying, asking, for how long will I remain fledgling?



Though Athens is often regarded as the birthplace of democracy and as an important reference point for democracy, The United States of America is believed to be one of the recent forces working assiduousness, covertly and overtly, as encourager and preacher of democracy. From the onset of this preaching struggle, it has always been task herculean for nations and their citizens to imbibe this concept in true practice. Both the soft and hard preaching of this democracy to sovereign nations, over time, have faced many different challenges coming as opposing reactions. One of this opposing forces is the rise of communism/socialist government.

Against all oppositions, recently it is of record that more sovereign nations have co-opted the democracy concept into their government system and have consciously, but painstakingly, engaged growing it day by day. The experience has not, all the way, been smooth.

Trump was seen as “Little Democracy” who set off to play politics thinking that the background which is democracy is solid for him. He thought that the people of the mother side (democrats) are still purely on the side of the tenets of democracy, but little did he know that they are now corrupted and decided enough to strike down her own brother and son from the other side of the same family (the country U.S.A).


If democracy truly gives a governance where the people`s right are near-fully or fully protected, then democracy should be massively encouraged and defended. The key democratic nations who, by their positions and power, are been looked upon should persistently remain bent leading every exemplary course of the struggle. In this case the U.S failed the world. So in this time  and season when democracy is noticeably being faced with the toughest of challenges, all peoples and nations on the mother side of democracy should rise, in earnest, and secure a safe playground for “little Democracy”. For when Little Democracy gets the true support needed, he will grow into that perfect democracy and wiil be the umbrella to shield all and Sundry.


Points to clear

  1. Little Democracy: In this short fiction, Little Democracy is a name given to a little boy. It is a character coined out in the fiction to represent a fledgling democracy.
  2. Ebee k'?laa si ?: This is an expression made in Igbo language(the local language of the author). It directly translates into English to mean, from where comes this slap? Or who slapped me? In this fiction, it is question and at the same time an exclamation.
  3. ?: This is a punctuation mark called Interrobang. Some write it by using separate exclamation point and question mark (!?) to represent it. It is designed for use especially at the end of an exclamatory rhetorical question.





Okoye, David Ikechukwu

Written: December,2020

Published: May, 2021

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Okoye David Ikechukwu. All rights reserved.

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