Chapter 5: An Unfavorable Situation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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An Unfavorable Situation



When morning came, O'naisac ordered room service and three large trays of eggs, hash browns and sausages were brought up. Once O'naisac cleared the trolly, he brought it in the room and he, Iwami and Zurrin, sat down to eat. Iwami and Zurrin, did not care for the eggs. They thought the eggs were rather tasteless and O'naisac could understand. He had tried an egg of one of their birds called, a Xez, and it had a hell of a kick. Next to that, chicken eggs were kinda bland. They did however seem to enjoy the hash browns and the sausage. Once they were done, Iwami and Zurrin got dressed. Zurrin wore his Vezdu attire and Iwami wore something more casual. Though, the term casual, for a royal, is still a bit more excentric. She wore a deep purple, midevil style dress and her silver crown. Before they set out for their meeting with the Prime Minister, O'naisac had A.C.E. secure the whole buidling. In less than two second A.C.E. detected no threat in or around the building. He also informed O'naisac, that the Prime Minister, was in the Rose Club, with two members of his staff.

“What is that you're talking to” asked Zurrin, looking at O'naisac's wrist.

O'naisac held up his wrist and said, “This is a communicator, Guardians use these to be more efficiant. It helps us find Demons, provide information and stay in communication no matter what world we're on.”

“That's very fascinating, but who are you talking to?” asked Zurrin. “A.C.E.'” O'naisac answered. “I do not recall Karn, ever mentioning a Guardian by that name.” said Zurrin.

“A.C.E. isn't a Guardian.” said O'naisac. “He's a kind of being that lives in the communicator.” “Like a spirit?” “I am not a spirit.” A.C.E. stated.

While O'naisac, Iwami and Zurrin headed down to the Dinning Hall, Robin, Jay and Card, went off somewhere to do Fairy things. When they reached their floor, they got off the elevator and headed towards the Club. When they reached the club they looked around the room. In it's hay day, the Rose Club might've been prestine, but now it's was rather decrepit. It needed a thorough cleaning, better lighting, and furniture.

There were no guards or servers at the Rose Club. There were only three people, the Prime Minister, and two of his staff. They were sitting at a large table with only cups of coffee in front of them. They seemed to be discussing something. As they approached the Prime Minister turned to face them and stood up.

“Your majesty.” he said, politely.

He gave a polite bow and Iwami politely bowed back. The Prime Minister's staff did nothing, but stare at them. They all sat down.

“Would you like some coffee?” asked the Prime Minister. “Yes, thank you.” said Iwami, who never had coffee. Not all things are universal.

The Prime Minister poured two cups. On the third O'naisac said, “I don't drink coffee.”

That surprised the Canadians. Iwami and Zurrin looked at the black liquid, then picked up their cups and downed the coffee in one gulp. Everyone stared at them, amazed by the fact that the heat of a fresh pot was not bothering them. When they finished Iwami said, “This is good.” Zurrin nodded in agreement.

“Now that we're all here.” said the Prime Minister. “We can finally talk.” “I'm glad we're finally speaking.” said Iwami. “I apologize for the delay. With the arrival of your race, I have had to deal with other sovereign leaders, who are wondering, what is to happen.”

“If our arrival inconvenience you, I apologize as well.” said Iwami. “It was not my intent to upset anyone.”

“Pay no heed. We are here now.” said the Prime Minister.

“So.” O'naisac intergected. “What aid can the Canadian Government, provide?”

“Why should we provide anything?” said one of the staff members. A white man with brown hair and a goatee. They looked at him. “Whether intentional or not, you and your people, have tresspassed onto our sovereign land. You are illegally here.”

“You have no idea.” thought O'naisac.

“And if your people try to set roots, you will only make your situation worse.”

“It is not our intent to do anything, without the approval of your leader.” said Iwami. “We have set up a temporary camp, but that is all. We hope to coopperate with your government to make peace.”

“That may be.” said the other staff member. A black man with a shaven head. “But we don't have the resources, or the man power to help you. And we simply don't have the time or space.”

“Bull shit.' said O'naisac, bluntly. Everyone looked at him now. “With a global populace of barely forty million, there is much more space and resources than there were the last time I was on this planet. And even if a century were to pass, the Canadian populace, would not be able to occupy the area the Dark Elves are currently sitting on.”

By their looks, it was clear the staff members did not like O'naisac.

“Please.” said the Prime minister, trying to calm the rising tension. “They are not wrong O'naisac, and niether are you, but you have to understand, it may have been thirty years ago, but we are still healing from the epidemic and we are barely standing.”

O'naisac stared at the Prime Minister. He could tell the man was hiding something. “Is that all?”

The Prime Minister looked between his staff. “Leave.” he ordered. The two staff members looked surprised. “Now.” The two got up and walked twenty feet away.

The Prime Minister leaned forward and so did O'naisac. Iwami and Zurrin didn't, they could hear just fine.

“The truth is, no one is happy with your arrival.” said the Prime Minister, in a low tone. That didnt' surprise O'naisac, but Iwami was upset. “And I don't just mean people in my government. I have been berated by world leaders to...perform various inhospitable acts. Even members of my staff are not happy that we are talking right now. They would prefer that I just disregard you entirely.”

“And what about you?” said O'naisac.

The Prime Minister seemed unsure how to answer. “I'm in a tight spot.” he said, finally. “What I said about, still healing, is true. We just don't have the means to help you.” “What about the Red Cross?” asked O'naisac. “Organizations such as the Red Cross, are dead.” said the Prime Minister, sadly. “All governments right now, are being self relient. No one is getting help from anyone.”

“We're not asking for food or protection.” said Iwami. “We're only asking that you accept that we are here and that you allow us to stay.”

The Prime Minister sat back in his chair. “I believe you want to simply rebuild, but this just isn't a good time. Most governments just don't want you here.”

“So, you're succuming to peer pressure.” said O'naisac. The Prime Minister wanted to object, but O'naisac held up a hand. He didn't want to hear it. “I want a yeas or a no. Are you going to help us?”

The Prime Minister looked conflicted. “That is enough.” said one of the staff, who were coming back. O'naisac looked at the staff members, who were displeased.

“Yes, it is.” O'naisac, stood up. “Thank you, for your time.” Confused and disheartened, Iwami and Zurrin followed him.

Once they were back in the room O'naisac sat down in a silent rage.

“That accomplished nothing.” said Zurrin. If he won't help us, what do we do?”

O'naisac was in deep thought, trying to think of a way to recover from this.

Iwami sat next to him, a look of concern on her face. “What now?” she asked. “I don't know.” said O'naisac. “After that, I just don't see how talking is going to help. The Prime Minister is surrounded by too much prejudice. The only thing I can think of is to scare them. Make everyone believe that Dark Elves are protected by some myth.”

Iwami stared at O'naisac for a long moment. Then she put her hand on his lap and said, “O'naisac, teach me the history of your world.”

O'naisac looked at her. “What?” he said, a litte surprised.

“I need you to teach me about all your governments histories.” said Iwami, in a serious tone.

O'naisac stared at her. “Iwami, there is no time to give a full history.” “I don't need to know everything. Just enough.” said Iwami. “How they were created. The major events that lead to their conception. What they stand for.”

“Why? Why do you want to know?” said O'naisac.

“So, I can find similarities.” Iwami answered. “If I can understand their history, their beliefs, their spirit, than I might be able to make them understand us.” “But why?” “Because I refuse to build a foundation for my people with blood.” O'naisac was taken aback. “If what you have been telling me is true, my people could never survive against your people. That is why, I have to do everything I can to ensure a road to peace. I don't want my race to constantly live in fear. So, I must find a way without conflict. So, please, tell me, so I can tell them we are not different. In heart and spirit.”

O'naisac had truly never met anyone like Iwami, before. She truly believed that she could convince another race to aid her people. O'naisac couldn't bring himself to object.

“There is no guarantee that this will work, but I'll tell you what I can.” Iwami smiled and said, “Thank you.”

To say that Iwami wasn't traumatized by the bloody history of humanity would be untrue. Still, she persevered. Although, it probably didn't help that O'naisac had A.C.E., show visuals of certain events. They went long into the night as they prepared for tomarrow. At one point Robin, Jay and Card, had returned. When Card saw A.C.E. making images, she thought they were watching a movie and joined in. She then passed out and hit the floor when she saw a horrifying scene.

“Ooh, that looked like it hurt.” said Robin, watching the scene. “What are you watching?” “World history.” said O'naisac, in a bored tone.

Robin watched for a few minutes then said, “I can't believe your race made it this far.” “That makes two of us.” said O'naisac. Silently, Iwami agreed.

It was almost two in the morning when O'naisac decided they had done enough. Iwami was staring into the distance as she tried to process all this information with a mild horrified expression.

“And that is the more recent history of my race.” O'naisac concluded. Iwami took a deep breath and exhaled. “And I thought my race had a bloody history.” “Yeah.” said O'naisac. “I advise not bringing up any wars when you talk to these people. Just mention the political stuff and the spirit behind it.”

Iwami yawned. The only sound in the room now was Card snoring. She and her sisters, were on a pillow, on a table. Each faintly glowing.

“I'm going to bed.” said Iwami. She got up and tiredly walked to the bedroom. O'naisac, just fell asleep in the chair.

Zap! O'naisac shot up, fully awaken by the electric jolt that suddenly surged through his right arm. He was on his feet, yelling as he gripped his arm. When the shock disapated and his arm was numb, O'naisac looked around to see Robin was floating there next to him.

“What the hell was that for?!” “You wouldn't wake up.” she said, simply. “Did it ever occur to you that I was comfortable?” said O'naisac. “Like that?” said Robin. “Why did you wake me?” asked O'naisac, a little calmer. “It's almost time to go.” said Robin, in a more serious tone.

Iwami and Zurrin, walked into the room. Iwami was back in her royal toga and sash. She and O'naisac looked at each other for a moment.

“O'naisac.” said Iwami. “I think it would be best if you didn't come.” O'naisac didn't react. “I just think it would be less stressful and I might be able to give my message, if you weren't there. The fact is O'naisac, you are too distrustful of your race and they see you as a threat and that makes the situation very hostile. So, I'm asking you to step aside and let me represent my people.”

O'naisac looked away and took a deep breath. Everyone stared at him, waiting to see how he would react.

“You're right.” he would react. “All I've done is been paranoid, and that's just making things more difficult.” He looked back at Iwami. “You are the leader of your people, and you need to lead them in your way. If that means standing back, I won't object.” Iwami smiled. “May the Phoenix, be with you.” said O'naisac.

O'naisac stood at the top of the building across from the U.N. He was armed with his sword and he had his gauntlets in his pockets. He watched as Iwami's limo pulled up to the gate. O'naisac wouldn't enter the assembly, but he was still gonna provide paranoid level security for the elven queen. Robin, Jay and Card, were at street level, making sure no one in the crowde would be threatening. O'naisac had A.C.E. monitoring every camera in the sourrounding buildings, phones, and he was even listening in on communications through ear pieces. As an extreme measure, A.C.E. was also using inferred on the surrounding area, via satelight.

“A.C.E., anything?” said O'naisac, into his communicator. “All the buildings are clear and there is no hint of hostility from any device.” said A.C.E. “Good.”

O'naisac pulled up a feature on his communicator, that showed a screen wich allowed him to zoom in. He watched as Iwami and Zurrin, got out of the limo and enter the U.N. O'naisac lowered his arm and sighed. He really hoped Iwami could do it. There was nothing he could do except wait with worry. Then A.C.E. said, “O'naisac, you have company!”

Behind him came a muffled boom.

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 OnaiSaga9. All rights reserved.


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