A Twice-Given Gift

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Caption: A mother listens to the heart of her deceased donor daughter, transplanted into a recipient patient. Photo (limited rights purchased) and story seen years ago, and was thought worth keeping alive within the human experience. Some things should not be forgotten, and though words cannot always adequately express a situation, but this one begged a beautiful try. I hope that my poetic treatment did the photo and subject some measure of justice...

A Twice-Given Gift  
Thusly spake the image unto my eyes, conceive/believe
while perusing a Friday newspaper, within an unremarkable week, conceive/believe
relating commonplace gains and losses of goods, power and virtue. conceive/believe
One corner picture, with caption.  No more. conceive/believe
No columnar elaboration. conceive/believe
No editorial interpretation. conceive/believe
No scandal or corruption, or attempt at manipulation of read or reader. conceive/believe
No ominous context of pandemics, roadside bombs, machines or holy writ. conceive/believe
Just three ordinary human lives living a duet of tragic and beautiful empathy. conceive/believe
Pathos personified, at a single crossroad of pure human-ness. conceive/believe
Unfiltered.  Raw.  Full-strength. conceive/believe
Sacrifice. conceive/believe
Love. conceive/believe
Oh, little mother of the bountiful Earth, thy name is anguish! conceive/believe
Doctors have served up cutting-edge miracles to help you bleed ever-anew. conceive/believe
In your arms is one who cries your pain with unrestrained abandon: conceive/believe
Ultimate gratitude, lying in perfect and infinitely personal understanding. conceive/believe
No riddles.  No perplexity. conceive/believe
One photo. conceive/believe
Two middle-aged women hug. conceive/believe
Two women, hugging and crying. conceive/believe
One woman with the head to the breastbone of the other, conceive/believe
listening and listening. conceive/believe
Listening between the intrusive rattles of her own teary sobs. conceive/believe
Listening, as the other’s chest heaves with emotion. conceive/believe
Listening… listening… listening to the beat of her daughter’s heart. conceive/believe
Her dead daughter’s heart, stitched into the chest of another. conceive/believe
A mother’s crushed seed and dream. conceive/believe
Her little girl of fourteen. conceive/believe
Her babe and her joy. conceive/believe
Snuffed from life, and cut. conceive/believe
She listens to a familiar heart, now sustaining transplanted life in another: conceive/believe
And no greater love could sustain that bold tattoo, beat upon synchronous beat. conceive/believe
Herein lies a sublime (and perhaps terrible) challenge to be worthy. conceive/believe
Within this recipient, once a dying stranger, is a living memoriam: conceive/believe
A gift without equal.  A second measure of blessing. conceive/believe
A pulsing testament in scarlet strokes. conceive/believe
Take note, you scufflers and shufflers of too-long rutted paths, conceive/believe
that nobility yet exists among you. conceive/believe
Let us part this life giving what we have to give. conceive/believe
In an ending of all things, let there be meaning. conceive/believe
For in a contemporary wasteland of hard and lonely choice, conceive/believe
a mother gave her precious child’s heart to the world. conceive/believe
by Steven P. Pody  
Excerpted from 'The Panoptikon'  

Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Steven P. Pody. All rights reserved.

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Harry Little

So beautiful!
The world is always hungry for money. But it needs one more nutrient: HUMANITY!

Sun, May 16th, 2021 6:17pm


As hard as life can be, some aspects of the human soul and spirit will always triumph and shine. Thanks for the kind comment! Steve

Sun, May 16th, 2021 11:57am

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