Twins Used in Mind Control Experiments?

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I still get no answers regarding the articles I found in my apartment when I first moved in here.. The Forensics Service report states by the DNA evidence that they are MINE. That is impossible. I had never BEEN HERE before 2017 and oodles of people can attest to that!

Twins Used in USA Mind Control Experiments

By Alexander G.. Kern


Dear Friends, Readers, Enemies, et al,

It has come to my awareness via Un-named Sources that I, as I presumed, was used in various MK Ultra Mind Control studies, along with thousands, if not millions of Americans 194s2 to 1980s.  These experiments did NOT end in 1974. Nor were these experiments necessary for reasons of “National Security.”

Google can provide Doubters with plenty of data.  I found the article about Former President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments to be interesting and suggestive.  Wiki has all sorts of info.

“Though justice for many victims of the radiation experiments was never received, in 1994 President Clinton formed the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) which released 1.6 million pages of classified records documenting details of the tests conducted.  In October of 1995, a thousand-page final report was outlined in a White House presentation of the experiments.”

He did designate someone to locate all of those who testified so that they could be given financial recompense.  The article states despite those attempts, those who testified could not be found.

Now, really, people. Either they were paid off or scared off.  Look what agencies were involved in those hideous experiments, which are always non-consenting; they are Crimes Against Humanity, Illegal and Immoral, Violations of our Constitutional Rights.  I hate to say this but it is often AlphaBet Agencies and their “other vested Interests.”

Other reports online state the victims' experiments were horrific. I can assure you, that is more than true. There is NO mercy shown and the hope is that you will die of your injuries, mental, physical and emotional.

Stranger still - the evidence I located in the very apartment, dried, old, fuzzy with dust - yet seemed familiar to me - although many will attest, I have NEVER been here and never in this part of California. Long ago my ex-husband took me to Anaheim.  He worked for NIH NCI in Ft. Meade and had to attend some sort of convention.  I spent my time sleeping and visiting a comic store down the road from the Hotel.

That piece of evidence was compared to MY spit and declared to me MINE, against all possible chance - to the trillionth.  Literally, their report stated that.

That’s pretty amusing. Why didn’t they ask me if I had a TWIN? They did not even ask.  They told me they had another client in a wheelchair who had the same substance tested and it was his dental glue that his CAT had been batting around his house.  That is utterly ludicrous. Not the tube of dental glue - globs of it. His cat got ahold of it - how? And it did not stick to his or her paws?


Well, it has to be either A) they were lying to me outright or B) I have a Twin I did not know I had. My Mother and Father were not aware of that, either. My Birth Certificate states she gave birth to ONE baby - me.

I find this significant, since all of my adult years I have seen visually constant overlay images which ultimately played out in my life, or were simply “stuff” of some woman doing something or events taking place. I’d seen those transparent images for years and No, I’m not schizophrenic. They are transparencies.  Since they did not make sense to me, I learned to bat them away automatically and eventually ignored them, like I do those annoying floaters.  Some say they are "bleed through" from someone else!

I suspect, alas, this is some Nazi/Mengele “Twin Experiment.”  If I could only find aforementioned Twin!  I have plenty of her evidence.  We are going to try again with one of my teeth from 1976.

Numerous and horrible experiments were performed on twins by Joseph Mengele, “The Angel of Death.”  Such ghastly reading I fear I must advise against them for reading material.

I read they call one of my Tormentors “Dr. Death.”

How about that?

There are endless strange “against all chance” experiences in my life, experiments I feel I should include in this upload.

Three of these bizarre encounters involved attorneys: two of them concerned my attempt to gain a divorce, which decree which would hopefully result in me receiving my share of a large house we both owned.

Instead, BOTH lawyers issued VERY strange comments, were nasty, included the number 17 repeatedly and suggested I had to pay $1700 up front or 17,000 up front, both of which were patently outrageous sums. I had been abused, the police had been notified and I still have the police reports on those incidences.  Besides, no matter what, divorce attorneys or the Judge would have decided that my ex must pay all the attorney’s fees. I was disabled, bedridden and on SSDI. I had no money and in my weakened state could never have defended myself against a hardcore athlete.

I consulted the other attorney in 1980 about getting child support for my daughters from their absent father. He started right out with stunning, obnoxious commentary regarding my request and I still had to pay him. I had to take off work and use sick leave, which I could ill afford to do. I was truly struggling to survive on my paycheck alone with two children, a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old.  Back then one apartment took the wages of two or more people to afford.

I explained that I wanted their father to pay child support and more important to me, rather than the money, was my desire that he not be allowed to see the children because he was living with a drug addict Stripper from the Baltimore Block.

His immediate response: “Some of my best friends are strippers.”

What LAWYER says that? My brother was still in Law School and was shocked.

I just stared at him, unsure of what to say or what that statement meant.

That lawyer also said, “Don’t your parents have money?  My partner and I are looking for other investors interested in buying some swamp property down in Florida.”

My dears, I was YOUNG, had no idea how to reply; no one had ever confronted me so rudely, and certainly not professionals.  I did not know what to say. I left.

In every case, I was nicely dressed, hair curled, cosmetics on, not slovenly or disheveled!

I want to get this epistle up online and go to bed early, so suffice to say when I write out the entire conversations it will become evident to all that I was being jacked around and impolitely, too.  

ALL three of these lawyers’ offices were in empty buildings, with NO receptionist or others waiting or leaving - no people around at all.  Isn’t that a bit suspicious?  ALL of them?

Remember I am very naive and not only wanted to believe the best in people, I left their offices without any legal assistance whatsoever and quite disturbed by what they said to me.  My parents did not raise me to expect such disrespectful conduct from professional people.

It would have been inconceivable to me and my parents that our own government had select agencies who would work against American citizens.  I never dreamed this would be considered.

The other two strange episodes involved Social Workers, however those conversations also must be briefly touched upon tomorrow or whenever Logan my Cat allows me near my computer.

I can end this by saying one of those social workers was associated with a group like the Salvation Army (but not them, can’t remember).

I was heartbroken and tried to explain to this therapist how devastated I was by my husband’s affair with his secretary. I was a stay-at-home Mom and feared losing my marriage and my baby and the woman was calling me and harassing me and sending me cocky letters.

Finally this fat Loser looked at his watch and said, “Young Lady, do you realize you’ve been talking for an hour? She’s giving him good strokes. What’s the problem?”

I made it CLEAR to him what sort of “good strokes” she was giving him by showing him those letters and he had the uncaring, unsympathetic gall to say that? He calls himself a therapists?  He gave me ZERO advice and I left, demoralized and broken.

What family I had lived 1,100 miles away. I had NO support system, I lived in a trailer miles away from anyone who cared about me and the children.

It seems in every situation in which I would have gotten justice/recompense out of the court case, the lawyers made haste to get rid of me.

The last lawyer I saw was, as usual, in a long stretch of empty business offices. I had been told by the head of a Battered Women’s Shelter to contact her because she had been a great help to battered women and sometimes even worked pro bono so we could safely escape our abusers and also receive the legal help we needed for ourselves and our children.

That lawyer was blonde, wearing a bright red dress. She was immediately cruel, snapping “that’s a nice ring you’re wearing.”

I have heard that comment multiple times in my life, from social workers to therapists to attorneys. They were different rings and not “nice” at all.) Odd.  That particular ring cost $27 on eBay.

It’s either a Hello and then “That’s a nice ring you’re wearing,” or “You’re stupid.”

Both of which she said.

Not making this up.

She then told me it would take $1700 dollars to open the divorce discussion, because she needed expert witnesses and they were expensive. i told her I was on SSDi and did not have that kind of money.  She yelled at me and said she could not do anything for me. I informed her she had been recommended by the head of the Battered Women’s Shelter in Catonsville, MD.

She shouted at me: “What is her name? You CALL her and tell her I WORK FOR MONEY and to take me off her LIST!”

I was exhausted from repeated stays in the hospital and stunned at her abrupt and rude, excited state. I left in a hurry.

My ex was more than comfortable financially and it is bull to suggest she just did not want to take the case. She had been highly recommended. There was NO need for expert witnesses except for one. Because of the seriousness of the situation I was in, I am sure a judge would have required my ex to pay for the attorney fees.

For some reason, she just had to get rid of me.

My ex was beyond cruel. I am fortunate I got out of HIS house alive. I was entitled to my share of his estate, but no one wanted to help me!


I suspect this is one of those awful Deliberately Separated Twins scenarios and then the innocent children are used for experimentation in how twins communicate with one another and the answers to the “Is it Nature or Nurture” which inform how we develop our personalities and habits and so on.

(Check out the articles on the twins and triplets separated at Wise Adoption Agency and used for exactly that purpose).

I must go to sleep. Have been feeling especially tired lately. My cats await.

God bless.  May God give me dreams of truth.





Submitted: May 05, 2021

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