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It would seem after all is said. When it seemed a cycle was over, so I thought. I actually found a higher truth in the favorable view of love because of you.

As the days passed through us, I noticed that which I thought was broken actually was strengthened after an amazing experience with you apart of my life. Though we've sought out to expand the universe inside of us separately. There is common and clear proof that no matter the distance we travel towards our personal goals trying desperately to forget the past which helped shape us into the amazing leaders we are today. That resistance only brought about a deeper perspective of the lessons we were meant to come into terms with today. Star gazing brings about the vivid pictures of us in our most beautiful moments and our most gruesome moments, all which meant the most to me because I wouldn't want to experience these parts of life with anyone else. You've brought me to levels that I'd only see on animated children's movies when it came to love. Here we stand without each other to hold, yet I feel your gaze and touch through the astrological signs the universe has put in place for me to know you're still here in this world with me. The challenges faced when inviting others to fill a void that only you could fill was my biggest mistake as you truly are the one who was created of the same soul as my own.

The dreams i had of being in a high position of knowledge and power has been changed a little as the universe has altered my perspective of what truly will be a happily ever after for me. In the beginning I worked so hard just as you to see our common goals become reality, however, there were many valuable lessons that needed to be learned before any of that could come into play. The picture is much bigger than we could've ever imagined before the beginning or the end of the cycle with you. I've met so many beautiful souls after you, but they only were seeking to be fixed. Eventually my eyes were opened, and I put away my toolbox supplied by the great divine beings that watch over us both only to pull it out for you and I. I cheered you on silently when I was alone because I knew just what I saw about 10 years ago before we even knew we'd become the closest of any friends known to the universe. I saw the reflection of an angel when I looked in your eyes. The beautiful things people could tell us both about our physical could never amount to the beauty I witness in your metaphysical form. I've been up many late nights applauding the accomplishments I bring into reality daily, and I hope that you are doing the same because regardless of the rumors or whatever else outside forces try to influence, there's no doubt that I'd pilot a jet myself no matter where I am in the world in order to make sure you're on the up and up. The way we held each other throughout the day only continuously brings about the lavish euphoria of being blessed with your prescence forevermore after I've reached the goals set in place to make me stand invincible to the factors that brought me to my knees before. I thought I understood love completely before, but I was completely wrong. As it turns out I discovered the true feeling and meaning of it once I loved myself properly. The amount of abundance that was in store for me upon doing so only solidified the promises made before the start of this lifetime of a peaceful and prosperous life aside from the lessons that needed to be learned in order to gain clarity of myself and the world around me.

Two birds singer better than one in the sense that life is already lovely, and even more enjoyable when I'm with you. When thinking about how deep and unique our love was it correlated with the tremendous amount of people trying to interfere in a connection that felt they couldn't obtain themselves with anyone else. The Sun was always shining on our side as we've seen miracles that only chosen ones could possess. The rainbows that shined overhead when we got together. The white butterflies that glided by each day we woke to another beautiful rising. The unexpected income that brought about blessings in times of the darkness that probably would've caused so many others to give up hope. Crying is a cleanser and love sets in to add light to that part that was once dark. Mckoya, your love has brought me through various levels of understanding the universe inside of us both. The feelings and emotions attached to this connection runs endlessly much like the Nile. After all is said and done, the finance and other materials obtained will never amount to the love I have for you. Much too many people and factors had a hand in our garden of Eden which we allowed. However, the high position I've assumed after graduating from the lessons learned of myself and purpose, I can only show you just how amazing I am through you. You see who I truly am. Your left eye has told me a million stories of past lives we experienced. Deserving of everything beautiful in the universe, we very much are deserving. This is our reality, babe.

Submitted: May 06, 2021

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