Chapter 4: Hope

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"By the way, sorry I should have mentioned earlier, my name is Rick. Rick Parker."

She looked up at the stranger who in that meantime introduced himself and was looking at her hopefully probably to know her name.

"Sorry but....." she stopped to steady herself from the tears that threatened to fall.

"I...I don't even remember my name. I forgot everything. All that time I was alone here I......I... tried to remember my name, my age, my home, my close people but couldn't find anything. Everything just feels so dark and faded."

" Look, I'm sorry I didn't understand that." His eyes intently watch the poor girl, she just looks so fragile, yet so innocent, helpless, without thinking, his words come out, "Come with me. Don't worry we'll get you home."

Her head snapped up at his words, did he just said that? He didn't even know her.

She couldn't decide whether to believe Rick or not. But what other choices she had?

She sighed and started to follow Rick who was making a way in the big long grasses. What were they called she wondered?

After a while, Rick stopped causing the poor girl to stop on her step. There was a group of people. An old man who looked like in his late 60's was leading their work. There were 4 middle-aged people, 6 or 7 people in their early 20s, and 5 strong and young people. All of them were working. Some of them were collecting woods, some of them were measuring.

They all stopped working when they spotted Rick and his companion.

The old man who had white hair-bearing signs of his old age and green eyes asked him," So, what have you got today officer? A lady from the woods?"

The others laughed and Rick sent them a glare. He then told the old man," Look Gally You know that you are working in my department so please don't make choose anything bad for you which I'll regret."

"Whatever," Gally seemed unaffected by his words.

"Anyways,.." Rick began," Today we have a new guest here. I don't want any of you to create any problems for her. She has amnesia. So, don't bother asking her any questions. She was here all alone for several days so clearly, she is scared. We'll take her to the official camp and the by the help of authority we'll get her home. By this time she'll be here with us and I'm repeating again I don't want any of you making problems and obviously, I also don't want any of you to lose your jobs. Am I clear?"

They all nodded.


Then Rick began to introduce all. "That's Gally our lead workman," he pointed at the old man. "That's Tyler and Cooper," he said pointing to the dark-haired and olive-skinned twins. They both had black eyes. Tyler had straight dark hair and Cooper had curly black hair. She didn't notice earlier that they were twins. 

Then the youngest who had brown eyes and black hair, "Ethan", The 4 middle-aged men told their name simultaneously, "David, Shaw, Berny, Lou." David had grey hair and green eyes. Shaw had Golden hair and light blue eyes. Berny had blonde hair and black eyes, Lou had straight black hair and black eyes.

 Then the young boys- Percy, Hamilton, Bob, Beckham, Bernard. They all had dark hair except Percy who had blonde hair and Bernard had grey hair. Percy had electric blue eyes, Bernard had grey eyes, Bob had green eyes, Beckham had brown eyes, Hamilton had green emerald eyes.

 And lastly the early 20s aged boys- Landon, Kristoff, Harry, Alex, Blake, Shawn, Murphy, and Ethan. Landon had curly brown hair and black eyes, Harry had blonde hair and black eyes, Alex had blonde hair and grey eyes, Blake had electric black hair and black eyes, Kristoff had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, Murphy had dark curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Everyone seemed good just other than some of them clearly didn't want her there. But she didn't come here by her own will. Was she annoying them?

"Hey, you alright? You just zoned out." She looked at Shawn smiling at her. "Yes, I'm fine."

"Well, you just lied by telling me you are fine. It's one of the most used lies."

She widened her eyes as she really that easy that anyone could read her. "Anyways stick together as you are one of us now. Let's go to your tent. They prepared your tent that's where you are going to sleep now. And also the next tent is Ethan's and the next is mine. I told him to move because he is too young to take care of others but he won't budge. Idiot."

This brought a smile to her face. She didn't smile as long as she remembered. Probably it was a good idea probably these people will treat her well. Probably they would be her friends and maybe she would experience the feeling of family. Family again.

This hope melts her heart and immediately brought a smile to her face.

Submitted: June 16, 2021

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