Chapter 6: Argument

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It was almost afternoon when they finally reached the camp. She ran to Shawn and Ethan. They were busy doing their own work, but when they saw the light brown-haired girl running towards them they immediately stood up and greeted her warmly.

Rose stood there panting for her running and although she was so excited to tell them about her new discovery she suddenly saw their colorless face and scary eyes fixed on something behind her or more like someone.

"Where were you?" a deep voice asked the same voice she had been wanting to listen to since last night. She gulped and turned around only to meet with the familiar piercing blue eyes.

"I wanted to help.... so I went to food hunting," his now intimidating dark blue eyes started to scare her," not alone, with Harry and Landon."

Probably he could sense her fear, his eyes softened a little and he sighed. "Listen, please don't go anywhere without telling me, the woods are not safe for you, I won't forgive myself or anyone here if something happens to you because you are now our responsibility. Understood?"

She nodded and mumbled, "Okay but I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" he asked curiously.

"I...I remember my name." She looked up meeting his eyes. he smiled and nodded. She continued, "Rose. My name is Rose."

He grinned and shook her hands. "Nice to meet you, Rose."

Then he turned to everyone and said, "Everyone, This is Rose. Always take care of her. She is a part of us as I told you."

They nodded. then Ethan and Shawn came running to her and shook her hands. Most of them were happy for her. She was a mystery to them but they respected her, cared about her although it was very little time they had known her. It was strange how sometimes it doesn't matter how much time anyone had known the person but only matters the humanity and pure heart.

Most of them were happy and had big grins on their faces. Except for those who didn't want Rose there, Gally stormed out of there and some of them just rolled their eyes.

Then Ethan told her," We're going to have a grand feast. You are our guest of honor today, now come on."

After dinner, everyone went to their tent and called it a night.

The next day when Rose woke up and went out. Everything was surprisingly calm. She tried to find someone. After a while, she found Blake chopping the woods. She coughed and called the electric black-haired boy.

"Yes, Rose." Blake looked at her.

"Where is everyone?" She asked.

"They are having a meeting", he answered

"Without you?" Rose asked being intrigued.

"No, Only the elders are having a meeting. Shawn and Alex are measuring those newfound trunks. And Ethan probably went with Harry and Landon. Others are doing their own work."

She nodded and opened her mouth to ask about Rick but an unfamiliar voice suddenly called Blake and her eyes came to view a tall Black haired boy.

"Oh, it's the girl. What are you doing here little girl? Lost your way to your tent just like you lost your memory?", he laughed at her. She felt her face redden, no one insulted her like this before.

"Shut up, Ham. No one talks to her like this.", Blake tried to sound angry but only a whisper came out, clearly, he was afraid of this person.

"Oh, what will you do, little boy, huh?" He smirked.

 "He may not do anything but I  can."

 Rose was surprised to see Rick and the elders out of the tent. "I have warned every single person here to be gentle to her and so they have. but you," he pointed at the tall boy, "Hamilton, are clearly not following my orders. Care to explain why and what has turned you to be this rude to her?"

At this time the others are also there. Rose felt Shawn standing next to her. He shot a weak smile to her and mouthed, "Don't worry he got everything under control."

"Tell me why? Hamilton, what she has done?"

"What she has done? She invaded our space and she does not work here rather everyone treats her like precious wealth. We all work hard so we won't let her wrap everyone here around her fingers."

"Hamilton, mind your language. No one speaks to our officer like this," the straight black-haired middle-aged man, Lou said. "No, don't cut him off, Lou, when he is right. She does nothing here yet every single person gave her that place here to earn which we worked for years ", Gally said, " He is right," Now Berny, the blonde-haired middle-aged man stepped in front.

"We all know our officer is blind when it comes to her. She came here two days ago and went into the woods without asking him but he didn't even bother to punish her and she got the guest of honor. But when we do wrong that night we have to starve." Berny said.

"No, Berny," Alex began," We all know Rose didn't invade our space, we all invited her, we wanted to help her, come on, we don't want her to be in the woods alone. we.." "But she was alone out there all by herself for days then nothing happened so why now," Beckham said cutting  Alex's words off. "Yes, but then we didn't even know her, but now we know her, we found her, so if anything wrong happens to her that...that is upon us." Beckham snorted and said, " Stop being all this emotional and by the way, we didn't invite her rather officer did without asking any of us."

"But he is in charge here, he works hard for us, so he has right to make his mind on who is gonna stay here and who is not," Lou said to the crowd.

Now that time Rick felt disappointed, he always tried hard to keep unity among them.

"But that doesn't mean he will do whatever he wants. We have Gally here who is more experienced and elder than him." Beckham said.

"Yes, Beck, but the most important thing is the leadership, to work hard for them which Gally lacks," Murphy, the curly brown-haired boy said defending Rick.


"Well that's enough," Rick said clapping his hands to draw attention to him." Okay. I didn't think much to happen which was clearly my fault I apologize for that. " He quickly glanced at Rose who by the time was sobbing quietly and Shawn was there consoling her.

"I want to know who is in support of the idea of Rose staying here and who is not. By the majority of number, we are gonna decide what to do next."

"So," he began, "Who wants Rose to stay here with us and wants to take her responsibility as well?" He asked the crowd. "Come to the right side here."

Shawn, Ethan, Murphy, Harry, Alex, Landon, Lou, Tyler, Cooper went to the right side of Rick. "And who doesn't want that stay on the left."

There on his left was Gally, Berny, Beckham, Hamilton, Bob, Shaw, And in the middle, there was standing Bernard, Percy, Kristoff, and David.

"Couldn't decide the sides?" Rick asked them raising his eyebrows. David said, "We are not picking any side but whatever is good we are sure you will pick the good,'' Then Percy said, "yeah we trust you." Kristoff and Bernard nodded.

"As on my right side the number is more so, Rose, don't worry and don't listen to whatever they say. You are staying with us," Rose gave a small nod and walked to her tent. 

"Now I don't want to hear anything else, you chose your desired side. So, don't complain again. now everyone go to your work spot. We have a big day ahead." 



Submitted: June 18, 2021

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