Guilty Or Innocent

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic







Raman a police officer and a great  investigator who solved no of cases which cannot solved by any other police officer in his city. After solving so many cases he decided to take break and go Maldives on a vacation with his family . While exploring her daughter ask him to do scuba diving. He love her daughter so much because he was a single parent . He can't say no to her so he agreed to go while scuba diving is not aloud for children under 18 but he manages to take her daughter because he has a friend who has business of these type of activities. Her daughter was so excited. He told her to never leave his hand under water. They jumped into the water first five minutes they enjoyed a lot but soon the waves became dangerous and in a huge wave came and her daughter leave his hand. He immediately started founding her but the wave for so huge that it is so hard for him to find her suddenly he saw her daughter but suddenly a piece of stone come at that much speed that the oxygen cylinder broke down and she can't breathe he tried to save her but they were so deep that till he go up her daughter will die so he put his oxygen cylinder to her but it was too late her daughter died in his arms and he can't do anything. 5 years later Raman became an alcoholic there was no one in his life and still he found himself guilty about her daughter death but still he is a police officer and solve cases but now he is so much rude and a short tempered person 



 Raman got a new case to handle. The case was that there was a girl Mira who lost his parents in a car accident and she live with her aunt and uncle who have a son. Her uncle is a big politician. One night she killed her aunt and her son with knife and her uncle was also got injured. The case was so simple but Raman still thought that there is something which is not common in this case that Mira confess herself that she was guilty and in all case that Raman handle never happen that a criminal confess himself that he was guilty. Next day he go to her neighbors to investigate about case. He got to know that Mira was not a normal girl she is strange at night she always talk to someone but there was no one she always look to the dog for many hours even sometime from morning to night she use to look at dogs. He decided to talk to Mira he went to the central jail and meet her she was sitting in a corner and look him with a fear eyes he told her not to worry he will do nothing to him he know that a person who has lost someone in his life can never kill someone he asked her to tell him truth but Mira just said with a confidence that this is true she killed her aunt and her son and also her uncle but unfortunately he was just injured he ask her that why she killed them but she didn't reply. He knew that he will didn't get any clue from here he went to the hospital where Mira uncle was admitted he met him and ask him about Mira that what he think why would she kill his family. The man said with anger that Mira was a psycho we care her like his parents but she never like us. I wish that court will give me and my family justice. While talking to Mira uncle Raman found that the cut which was on his head doesn’t look like that someone has done this it look like that he has done this by himself and from that moment he started understanding the case



 After meeting Mira uncle Raman went to his house to sleep because tomorrow is a big day. Today the court is going to decide that what should they do with Mira everyone were confident that she is going behind the bars for many years but Raman still things that Mira is innocent. Raman has been given the duty to bring Mira to the court from the central jail they were going in a high security because Mira was not a normal criminal she killed wife and son of a big politician. Suddenly Raman notice from side mirror that some car with full of man is coming behind them he is just going to tell the driver to drive fast but the car started firing there driver was died and there one tier is puncture there van crash Mira was injured the man in the car think that they both died but suddenly Raman shot all the man with his gun but he was so injured but he still have to bring Mira to the court so he opened the door to check weather Mira is fine or not but guess she was not inside the van she has been escaped and Raman can’t handle this and he fell on the road. He found himself in the hospital the nurse told her that he is in the hospital from 2 days and didn’t even open his eyes after sometime his senior came the first question that Raman asked was that where is Mira his senior answer that in the attack she has escaped from the van and our officers our trying to find him. Raman was shocked after few days he has been discharge from the hospital and he found himself guilty about this think because he thought that Mira is an innocent girl but he was wrong he thought that may after proving that she is not guilty he could got his daughter back but he was completely wrong. He was thinking all this thing but bell rings he gone to see who is on the gate but think what it was Mira.



 Raman was shocked after seeing Mira. Mira said I want to tell you the truth. She told him that she never killed her aunt and her son Raman asked than who killed them. She said her uncle she started telling him the whole matter actually her uncle and her aunt don’t love each other they want divorce but due to which her uncle have to give his half property to her wife which will affect him on the incoming election so he killed her Raman asked but why he killed his son she said that if he didn’t kill his son still he have to give his half property to him so he have to kill his son. Raman asked but why you said that you have killed your aunt and her son she said because his uncle said that if he took all the blame on herself then he will not let her to go jail but he lied. Raman asked her last question that why she escaped from the van on that day and who were those guys who attacked on them that day she said that those guys were sent by her uncle to kill her but you saved me I want to tell the truth to that guy who can help me and I think you were that guy I have came so many times to tell you the truth but you are in hospital so I came today. Raman said that tomorrow she have to go with him to the court and has to tell her all the story that you told me today.



 Next day they both went to court everyone was shocked after seeing Mira her uncle was also there she was going to speak but suddenly a man with a gun entered in the court and started firing on Mira. Raman and Mira run from there and take a car and directly started founding a safe place Mira said that her uncle has sent this man also. In court a police officer shot that men with his gun after they all see that Mira and Raman were not there they thought that Raman is a corrupted officer and he took Mira with him. The whole news has been spread that who ever found Raman or Mira have to inform police 1 week later Raman and Mira are still trying to escaping from police because they are innocent but still this all thing is happening with them they now have only one way to get out of this which is to kill Mira’s uncle Raman says that Mira will not come with him Raman took his gun and went to kill her uncle he just opened the door and asked her uncle that why he does this and shot him straight in his head he was going from his house but he found a street camera which is there to watch street but it also capture some part of Mira’s uncle house bedroom he decided to check the camera quietly he enters in the room where is monitor of all cctv cameras he found the footage of that day on which the incident happen but what he see was really shocking because Mira was killing her aunt brutally with a knife.



 He went to Mira and showed that he doesn’t know anything Mira asked him that did he kill his uncle Raman give no reply Mira understand that he came to know everything about her she said I know that why you are trying to save me because 5 years later when your daughter died you live in guilt but by saving me you think that you will remain happy and think that if you lose your one daughter but save the other daughter but I am sorry I am not a good person to be your daughter I have killed them and the whole story which I have told you was a lie I don’t like my uncle and aunty that’s why I killed them when I got caught I think that now I can’t do anything but when you came in the jail on that day I have some hope I have decided to make a plan in which you will prove me innocent and I have paid some men to act like they are trying to kill me so no one will doubt on me and then I will live with you like a daughter my plan was going very good but at the end you caught me I am sorry After saying this Mira shot herself by Raman’s gun after hearing the gun sound Raman move towards Mira and hold her in his arm but she died in her arm as her daughter died Raman was in shock as he lose her other daughter and just looking to Mira’s body after sometime police came and they thought that Raman killed Mira and put him in the jail for whole life


THANK YOU Written by – Dhanish chaudhary

Submitted: May 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dhanish chaudhary. All rights reserved.

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