The Unwanted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

unwanted feelings, 
on the peek of golden sowetan hills.
our connection is like an addictive drug, 
but you're an expired prescription pill. 

I don't understand how to feel. 
the intimacy between us could paint the sky red with bloody clouds that never rain. 
thunderstorms of salty tears -
she's crying oceans and the evaporation under her eyelids is what I truly fear. 

truth or dare? 
the truth is, I don't even care. 
just free me from the imprisonment of her energy sphere -
I feel rays of utter confusion, 
as the sun slowly stares. 
her aggression is similar to the passion of a grizzy bear, underneath the sowetan hills -
baby, we could just hibernate right here. 

are you scared? 
Is it the emotional dispear?
the idea of losing you is confusingly unfair.
it's beautifully rare. 
your ancestral roots leave my soul impaired -
growing trees inside my solar plexus - 
I'm glad you felt this.
I'm glad you now understand when I said our love is "unwanted" - I really meant it. 
I want to kiss your deepest scars, 
without the feeling the regretting.
carress the fragile elements of your heart,
without the damaging...
I want to live inside the very essence of your celestial presence - 
allowing your aura to leave me breathless. 
and the fact that the universe would prefer to have us separate - is just madness. 
it's beautifully tragic.
A lover's maverick. 

Submitted: May 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kutlwano Christian-Tripp Moloi. All rights reserved.

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