One day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story is not fully completed, still in progress. Do read and enjoy this little piece of writing.




One day, a woman is on the way to working — she sees many things on the way to her office, and her perception of everything changes. Finally, she reaches the office she may forget all these things she saw over some time, but the perception and her perspective towards everything and the lessons she learned, never change. Four contrast situations she is witnessing.

She is inside the car with the driver and windows are kept open, as it was a rainy day. But it is not rainy, though It was raining a whole night

They took a different route today and that route is filled with many houses.

School children are going to the school

Situation 1: She suddenly remembered her cousin at home praying that the rain should come so that they would announce a holiday. What if she asks her parents to grant permission to take leave. They won’t allow her to stay at home; they are strict.

Situation 2: In some other houses Parents ask them to take leave because of the weather and that would affect the health of the children because the health of the children is already weak and the children are also very happy that they neither want to pray that rain should come nor ask permission from the parents.

Situation 3: In another house, the child is having an urge to go to school because of some competition, but parents are not allowing it, and they are proud of the fact that their child thirst to take part in the competition.

Situation 4: In other houses, both the parent and children want to go to school because of the competition, even though it is raining heavily

With the four incidents she is witnessing, she is learning the dimensions and perception of life

Parents, children and that are from the same school and same place. There was an important competition in the school and It was heavily raining that morning

She doesn’t care who goes to school or who’s not going through all these things, but she is relating all these with her life

She is seeing the rain as the problems of life and the parents as our inner voice and the student as her

Now coming to the first situation…….

(to be continued)




Submitted: May 07, 2021

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