----> "BEWARE of GANON'S T.V. ZONE ! " ----- Secret Underground Entrance: 'Frosty Factory' ! ---- ''ESCAPE from The UNDERGROUND SLUMS !'' -- (Video game: Site 16 !)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

---------- ''BEWARE of GANON'S UNDERGROUND T.V. ZONE ! '' -------- Find the Secret 'Frosty Factory' ! ---- ''ESCAPE from The UNDERGROUND SLUMS !'' -------- (Video game ! ------------ Act I: Find A Way Out !) ----++--- ''GANONDORF'S UNDERGROUND ENTRANCE to Site 16 ! '' -------

---- N I G H T  Z O N E ---








~N I G H T Z O N E~ 




The Underground Pipeway Snowy Realm - Jailhouse Station. Act I.





Where all your darkest desires become realities and your realities become your darkest nightmares.  A lustful pursuit of time against death.  An unknown world full of terror and beauty, passion and intrigue, mystery and mayhem.  Malice and retribution.


Are you ready to play? 


Join us.  If you dare...






You awaken in a dark room, resembling a surreal attic, known only as the Room of Disillusionment. Your journey begins here.





Part I: D I S * I L L U S I O N:  THE AWAKENING: Room of DisIllusion - Night-Zone





Darkness.  You awaken in an unknown, small room, resembling a bizarre attic, on a glowing, metallic floor of bioluminescent green, in a surreal setting.



The walls appear completely black with a sparkling substance covering their grotesque, crooked, geometrically absurd angles.  An endless roaring sound of white noise fills the air, trembling in the distance like a wailing siren.

Red smoke wafts throughout the roaring blackness of the sparkling area. - A bizarre chandelier hangs from the glittery darkness of the crooked ceiling, above your sweaty, straight hair.




 A glow-in-the-dark strobe light is flashing on and off constantly from within this unknown space, alighting the smoky depths, transforming the walls into an otherworldly lightshow of phantasmic silhouettes. 




No door is apparent, the walls covering each side in perpetual darkness.  Only a lone red pipe, glowing in nightmarish splendour, rests on the lower corner of the far wall. 


A glittering skeleton, sparkling in a phantasmica of nightmare-lust, rests beneath in dark solidarity, as if it were an ancient, foreboding relic, that had been there forever, tempting the endless prisoners that dwell within. 




Everything appears surreal and distorted, resembling a feverish, madman's dream.  A crude, triangular window is visible on the far side of the room, showing only a darkened void of blackness beyond.




Attempting to raise yourself from the ground to observe it more accurately, your body feels paralyzed and lethargic, your legs slightly numb, aching with a low throbbing intensity of pain. 

Red and blue smoke, originating from an unknown source below you, seems to waft upwards from the darkness, evaporating into a dark void of glimmering mysteries above.




  Attempting to cry out in pain, you find your voice only uttering forth groaning gasps of misery.  Reaching into your mouth with one hand, an unexplainable disbelief of unrelenting horror sinks into you, as you find that your tongue is gone. 

What vile desecration of humanity is this?  Why would someone do this vile act of malevolence toward you?  You panic, writhing in terror and fright, struggling internally with your disabled exterior, the numbing pain searing through your limbs.





Placing your head in your hands, you come to the realization that you have no recollection of who you are or any past memories.  It is as though your memories have been eradicated; vanished from your very existence.





 You are a forgotten anomaly, resurrected in a state of misbegotten, perpetual darkness, somewhere within a secret underground room of 'Ganondorf's Night-Zone'. 


 Looking down at your body, you find yourself garbed in a bewildering type of otherwordly ensemble, with a tight suit beneath a biomechanical, metallic blue vest. 


Green Armor, that resembles an industrial suit , covers your legs, as oversized, shining boots adorn your feet, strapped tightly.  Bewildered, you run your hands along the mechanical vest, flashing forth in the darkness, utterly in disbelief and confusion at your predicament. 





 Raising your hands slightly, you feel a strange mechanical device, resembling an electronic wristwatch or timer, resting securely around your neck.  It seems to be humming in a low vibration and ticking is faintly audible. 


This startles you and you begin trying to remove the device, yet it is locked firmly, and after much struggling, you withdraw your fingers in defeat.




Many hours go by as you desperately attempt to raise yourself from your position, only to struggle in vain, slumping back down in agony at your numb legs and hands.  You cannot even fathom how you came to be in this strange room.




Are you male or female?



Perhaps it was worse to remember than to forget.  The thought eludes you, as you gaze around in a mix of confusion and terror.  Over time, you seem to slip in and out of consciousness, the recurring dreams endlessly haunting you.




After some time of being asleep, you suddenly awaken, a frightened, yet curious feeling overtaking you.  Something is very wrong.  A terrible feeling of unrelenting fear overcomes your mind, your senses devoid of any other thoughts other than the misbegotten terror.




Have the walls changed or are you slowly slipping into unrelenting insanity?  The dim glow of the neon colours seem to have altered altogether, the entire ensemble of the room changed, distorted into a bizarre disarray.




The triangular window itself is now resting on the far left, next to an indiscernible blue shadow that seems to rest faintly, shimmering in bioluminescence, upon the black wall.  Gasping in fright, you retreat backwards on your elbows, slithering awkwardly into a dark corner, gazing intently forth at the unknown shadow before you.



The blue shadow remains motionless for a long period of time, before it begins altering its form, flitting slightly above in the darkness, like a luminescent, demonic interdimensional being.


  Varying shades of opaque light glow from one corner of the cranial region of the shadow.  The colors seem to alter after a lapse of time, forming into nebulous masses of altering hues, glaring forth in the dark.




A red smoke begins rising slowly from the luminescent shadow in a hideous manner, as the colors begin turning into a darkened sphere.  Near the smoke, two dark visages, resembling elderly shadow beings, suddenly appear in the darkness of the corner opposite you.

  They appear to have vile pointy ears with flashing tiaras of necromancy tightly fitted around their brows.




One being's shadow seems to be pointing into the dark void above, where the smoking red shadow rests, as the other seems to be crouching, pointing straight towards your corner of concealment.




A horrifying sense of fright and dread overcomes you and you cover your eyes with your glittering hands, the red smoke wafting over your form.

  Dark, smoky beauty rests upon the ether, as sparkling, ephemeral lights glisten on your brow.  You feel a cold sensation on your temple.

An unknown, invisible device is placed upon the side of your head. 




 A presence is near you, yet its form is not visible.  A curious, bewildering sensitivity of your body begins enveloping you, overtaking your sensations.  Green, glittering smoke falls forth around your glistening RAINBOW hair in otherworldly, vicious beauty.



A vicious hissing noise resounds within the distant roar of the unknown darkness, like a forthcoming onslaught of death, and a rumbling tremble of the ground beneath causes you to scream out in silence. 



A futile effort of resistance overcomes your mind.


You open your eyes, gazing around, desperately clawing at the dark walls, attempting to raise yourself to your feet.


Red smoke hangs sullenly upon the darkness.


You notice the shadows have vanished, leaving you alone once more in your plight.  With their disappearance you become aware that the invisible presence has retreated as well.  Within this room, you are an eternal prisoner, unless you discover a way to escape.


An uncanny, luxuriously sexy, yet grotesque, voice suddenly resounds within your mind, resembling a telepathic message. 



"Welcome.  You've awakened from your dark slumber."




Gazing around in startling surprise and fright, you slam your fists against the wall, sobbing uncontrollably, the glistening lustre reflecting from your teardrops.



The voice sounds foreign and indistinct, otherworldly even.  It resembles neither male nor female in tone, yet contains a duality of the two. 

As if it were a sexless entity or perhaps a hermaphrodite; perhaps a dark member of the 
''Secret Police of The Matrix" of the unknown underground. 


The voice terrified you, making you claw with more strength upon the walls, pounding in panic.




"No tears, please.  Such a solemn waste of suffering and regret.  My desires are your desires.  Perhaps you are curious of your location?  Of where you are?  I shall not divulge such hidden secrets to you quite yet.  First, I must tell you that in order to restore durability and use of your limbs, you must procure a potion of restoration.  Turn to your right."


Following the voice's direction, you gaze to your right, into the darkened corner of dim red light. 




"Across from you, in the opposite corner, next to the glowing red pipe extending from the wall, rests a locked door.  Open the door and retrieve the glass bottle within.  Resting on the bottle is an inscription, inscribed in an unknown tongue.  Remove it and then drink the contents of the bottle.  Do not hesitate in your actions or you may end up like your companion there in the corner." 

You gaze in terror at the glittering phantasm of the frosty pink skeleton resting near the crooked black window. 



"You may find that you will perish sooner than later if my guidance is left unheeded.  Time is short."



The voice grew silent.  The room seems to grow ever darker, as you gasp, clawing your way across the floor to where the crooked little door lay in the darkness.  The red pipe looms near you luminously, the odd appearance of it perplexing you. 



 Shifting your gaze to the bizarre door, you reach forward and open it, revealing a glimmering large bottle, resembling a djinn's abode, resting in a small, glowing space.  Retrieving it, you gaze upon its form, before tearing off the glow-in-the-dark paper around the neck of the bottle.


  Uncorking it, a vaporous blue mist rises from the opening, startling you, and you sniff it suspiciously, catching a whiff of an unknown scent.  Whether it shall be your demise remains to be seen.

Closing your eyes, you quickly swallow the contents, the thick, syrupy liquid sliding down your throat. 




 Its taste resembled a fruity, sweet syrup that was not displeasant at first, however, after some time, the aftertaste was vile, as if you had become drunk on the glittering, bloody lifepower of innocence.  Again, the silence is interrupted by the voice emerging from the dark.




"Very well done.  Heed my warning, though.  Such black mantra does not come without its dire consequences, however. The potion will slowly drain your lifepower away.  Second by second. 


Unless... you find your way out of here alive in time.  Where is here you may ask?  You're in ''The Butcher's Jail'', a secret area within NIGHT-ZONE. You must find out for yourself anything further.


I believe you'll find the first clue to begin your escape through the triangular window. 

By the way, the device round your neck is a timer with a lifegauge built into its mechanism.  Your first objective would be to locate the neon blue band of disillusionment.  It rests near the skeleton.  It should become visible shortly.  You may find that it shall come in handy in time.  Until we meet again."


A gruesome, vicious mirth of laughter echoes slowly away upon the darklit air of the room, until finally all grows completely silent. 

The numb, throbbing pain in your limbs begins subsiding slowly and, after some time, you find that you can move your fingers and toes.  Finally, you're able to lift yourself up on your feet, as you awkwardly stand holding onto the wall, unbalanced and unsupportive.




You try taking a step and almost stumble to the ground, catching yourself on the side of the glowing pipe.  Your head spins as you place a palm to your brow, a dizzy, unsteady feeling keeping you staggered against the pipe.



After some minutes slip away, you feel the balance of your equilibrium restored, and you begin to saunter over to the window slowly, keeping your gaze fixated on the glittering skeleton of necromancy directly beneath. 



 A sparkling essence of red smoke hangs sullenly upon the air above the phantasmic desecration of mystery below.  A wicked, ominous feeling of dread seems to overcome you, as you near the window, the very walls seeming to close in upon your mind.




The window looms before you in a cruel, morose fashion, the edges dripping with a glittering radiance of glow-in-the-dark syrup, drizzling lusciously into small pools below.




Reaching forward, you run a finger through the unknown substance and find that it resembles frosty, shimmering syrup of mechanical origin. - Little specks of neon glitter float on top of the substance tantalizingly.


You grimace in disgust, wiping the sparkling substance off on your vest, before taking notice of a glistening, neon blue headband that is resting on the sill of the window, above the flashing and smoking skeleton. 




 Remembering the stranger's instruction, you reach out and retrieve it, gazing at it in fascination.

A mechanical eye, very realistic in its construction, with eyelashes and minute detail etched to perfection, rested in the middle of the frontend of the band.  The lid remained closed and a pulsating energy seemed to radiate from the dark lustre of it. 




 However, the vicious eye, resting in such a detailed fashion, was very disturbing to your mind.  The band was wrought of a foreign material, glowing in hellish intent. 



Perhaps the whole mechanism was a band of invisibility or some unknown, powerful relic?  Its powerful properties seem to pulse and radiate in a strange delight.


You ponder on this thought for a short while longer before you decide to place it upon your brow.  Slowly raising it to your head, you gently place it down over your crown and push it tightly around your forehead. 





A phantasmal energy of unknown power begins to flow throughout your body and mind.  A dark force flows through your veins, as you close your eyes.  In startling surprise, you notice the hue of your skin slowly morphs into a negative, darklit blue, that seems to radiate forth with an unknown glare of light.




Your attire also alters in color and form, as you now notice your vest is a shimmering hue of opaque, powerful red light that glares forth slightly. 

Upon your feet, the former boots were gone and had morphed into a radiant, more dominant powerful item, the ''Pointy Neon Boots of Prismatic Zeal''.  Even your tantalizing hair had transformed into a glow-in-the-dark rainbow of many unknown colours.




Gazing down upon the skeleton below, you find the shimmering glitter of the sparkling bones flashing forth in necromantic radiance upon the dim red and pink glow that emanated from it. 


 The dead language of its former occupant seemed to lament forth from the unknown depths.  Dark whispers of mystery and forbidden mantra are echoing from the very walls in wicked recompense.



Approaching the opening of the window, you silently gaze forth through the darkness, into the void beyond.  Nothing appears visible, and you squint your eyes to try to discern what lies beyond this portal.  Placing your hands before you, one step upon each stair, you step up to the opening. 




 A mystifying, remarkable fragrance lies distinct upon the air, tainting the very essence of the aperture with unknown delight. 


Perhaps you're stepping forth into another dark dimension or a parallel universe of unknown origin?  Your mind races with endless questions and unrelenting fear.


When you reach the opening of the triangular aperture, you find that an invisible obstacle, like glass, yet undefined and abstract, halts your progress.  A sparkling substance begins glowing faintly, as you view your reflection in the invisible substance before you. 


In solemn dejection, you stare forth into the depths of your reflection. 



An alluring young woman, filled with unrelenting love and despair, stares back at you, eyes flashing forth a hellish glare in the dark.  Beautiful and terrible you appear, all at once, with lips that dripped with sexual allure; tantalizing, alluring eroticism that flashed forth from your glittering eyes of bloodlust.


"My name is... Xarella", you think to yourself in unrelenting vivaciousness, a cruel flash of glitter sparkling from your brow in zealous phantasm.


You gasp subtly, as your hand moves along your cheek softly, your gaunt, neon-lit hair falling forth around your head in disarray.  A distant memory seemed to be transferred to your mind from an unknown, telepathic source, and you stare forth in elusive contemplation upon your countenance. 



It was such loveliness to behold, yet so terrible.  Very alluring, yet hideous. So passive, yet morose.  A vile affair.



Admiring your reflection, you found that the time had alluded you, and the woman's reflection before you starts to alter.  The whole visage slowly morphs into a vile, grotesque deformity of fiendish hell. 




The macabric emissary before you glows forth in vicious, unrelenting terror, taunting your incredulous nature in dark disillusion.  Horrifying, flashing smoke, glowing in a red, necromantic luminescence, fills the window, as the infidel's eyes flash forth a wicked, hypnotic light of unknown hues. 




The eternal darkness of all the forbidden forces of a wicked nightmare shined forth from the window, as you raise your hands to your eyes in morose horror.





You wail forth a lamenting cry of terror in the darkness, the trepidation roaring forth in the hideous smoke of the visage flashing before you.


  Suddenly, the vicious Eye of Disillusion opens forth from the band around your head, shining forth an almighty, powerful intensity of flashing light upon the invisible barrier surrounding the window.  Your mind loses consciousness slightly, as your body grows dark, almost black-lit in radiance, resembling a photographic negative in hue.




The flashing, prismatic band lights up in mighty translucence on your brow, the power increasing, as it flashes in a rainbow of powerful essences of almighty splendour.  The almighty power of the Eye emanates brilliantly within the darkness, vanquishing the dark entity in the window.



A grand flash of multicoloured power resounds throughout the space, as the seal of the barrier breaks, the sound of the invisible glass of disillusionment shattering before you, creating a cacophony of phantasmic mesmerism.



Flashing, glow-in-the-dark smoke and a powerful psychoforce of blacklight forces you to the ground, as eternity's roaring hush resounds in your ears, deafening you.



  The Eye of Disillusionment closes with a mighty flash of necromantic light and you regain consciousness once more, holding your brow in pain. 



"You have defeated Wizard of Disillusionment," comes forth a robotic voice from the mechanism around your neck, as the light in the middle flashes on and off faintly for a number of moments. 


''NEXT AREA, ''GANONDORF'S BRIDGE'', RIGHT AHEAD! :: FOLLOW THE UNDERGROUND PIPE!'' the robotic voice resounds, while a warm tranquility slowly begins flowing through your veins, restoring your lifepower and vitality.



Red and green smoke wafts through the ethereal air of the space, concealing the room in dark mystery.  Peering around slowly, you find the former room has vanished.

  Only a black-lit wall remains, with a glow-in-the-dark pipe resting above in an alcove. - A pack of glow-in-the-dark ''Ganondorf's CIGARETTES'' sit in a mound of fragrant glitter and snow.  You reach down and retrieve the item.




Confusion settles in and you turn your gaze to the window, rising slightly, still holding your head in pain.  Rising to your knees, you crawl to the window's opening and gaze forth. 



 Dark glittering smoke fills the aperture momentarily, as you wave forth a hand, trying to clear the air. - Frosty pink icicles hang from the top of the bizarre triangular window.


A hypnotic dread fills your soul, and you gasp, placing one hand to your glow in the dark lips, glaring upon the entrance to the next ''Underground AREA'' before you.



"Welcome to NIGHT-ZONE!  My title name is Xari.  I am your Paradigm Guide.  Room of Disillusion complete!  To access your map, please mentally select menu and a list of available options will appear on a telemography screen before you.

Lifepower and levels lie in the stats menu.  Leaving Room of Disillusionment.  Now entering Phantasmica: DARK PIPES of SITE 16.  The Vortex of Paramnesia lies beyond, encircling the Factory Slums of Ganondorf's Bridge." 








Submitted: May 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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