How we fight Covid-19

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This is a moment so thanksgiving for the efforts of a single invaluable help we request from all. Suppose one of us ever forget what is so stated for your best attention. In that case, it can be the failure of shared responsibility that matters urgent attention. Every moment I raise this effort to receive the best, being constantly critical of our own action, so imperative that I must check what I can do responsibly, not complaining but attended for the best general awareness that minor negligence is a social failure in action. We are our own help reaching a billion homes for being safe, secure, and sustainable. And the history of a man who witnesses this can reveal where we are. This fight is not only once, and the time must be overstated that it is now. Let us purge this importance in everyone here.

We have a generation who lived every single promise of a human commitment to save our common home. Our help once reached this heavenly vision beyond its complete inequalities to believe in an unusual determination so high that we sell happiness merging finitude in infinity as a pure eternal awareness of the entire humanity. I must say this story sits in everyone by moving forward together to create and maintian trust what matters. How hard this solves our negative realities there is a new meaning that shines of oneness and its courage. Let me put this dream in a leadership that the most counts what our people will do for their best.

Every small readiness we can make our home on this road for safety,

Will unite our human effort wanted for a time we have realized and truly respect everyone’s contribution?

Social help must start from our community and local efforts how to take charge of this situation,

People around us must not lose their lives so devastating unattended,

Together India fights how to raise this urgently required healthcare infrastructure,

Difficulties when people have lost jobs and no money,

Reality is shocking, and our Government is on the right track,

I am concerned we have lost lives in the delay on its suitable implementations,

We must avoid blame-game for the lives we couldn’t save,

Lockdown is not our future, and it is a small preemptive measure,

People must aware that we can win this battle,

Living with Covid-19 over it natural spreading can be tackled when we help ourselves,

If social distancing and staying home for being safe matters, do now,

If it is not a time to be panic listening to the news but being hopeful and optimistic,

If you must wash your hands with sanitizer, stay healthy,

Outside your home, don’t forget to wear a dual mask,

We are together not scared, but I appeal the urgent Save Our Soul action plan,

India’s mass vaccination surge will soon meet the current demand,

The debate is where are we amid this virus surge,

Against COVID-19, the whole world must unite together,

Wherever we can support, let us give and ensure that,

Oxygen supply must be available abundantly without failure,

How long it may take, we must make ICU beds without shortage,

Medicines are our critical promise positively available with less cost,

Unemployed poor people must receive this help free and

It is an awakening necessity that everyone in charge of this reality,

Our planning must not wait till the situation worsens,

Today let us reach this exclusive complaint, not into politics and its debate,

Now daily heroes are our healthcare civil workers and police force,

But everyone who listens is true legends in action to save every life,

How hard maybe the economic ailment our global family face this humanitarian crisis,

It is time we reach this help for every home,

Our logistics and supply chain must not hoard its value for mass aid,

Delay on standard operation procedure must not intervene this immediate beneficiary benefits,

If we can have a close real-time involvement how the first call questions,

Our appeal reassures let us trust that the first gift of life starts where we are now,

We will soon overcome our nations entire civil health emergency with constructive efforts,

Let us hail the best solutions for the team India in faith for every time gone so viral.

Submitted: May 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Sumit Kumar Arora

Good thoughts.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 6:30pm

LE. Berry

Best wishes to all...we are family.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 9:43pm

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