"Am a salvage"!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

All about jenny a firefighter, he gets harrassments from his co-worker and his co-worker succeeded in making the boss sag jenny let's see if jenny will gets his job back.

Table of Contents


  The book is about the challenges we humans face in the society,i decided to make it a story tho the chapters are s... Read Chapter

Sag Letter

Jenny and his colleagues saved the building and the pupils lives,but he gets much blames from his colleague name;joe. then,while trying to settle the matter by his boss he recieves a sag letter.
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About jenny returning home after being sagged, jean comes to check on him,after work.
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Jenny tidy his libary and try completing his undone artworks,he aiso invited jean to join him for dinner after work.
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Jean left for home early,to prepare hersef at home for dinner at jenny's house.they also gisted at the sitting room,after dinner.
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salvage time

The firefighter had an emergency,tho things got out of hands but a salvage saves the...
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(Contd) salvage time

Jenny saved the family,while joe comes after him as he ended up being sagged and things went normal again..
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The manager appointed jenny to gave a speech an the hall,then after they jolly n merry...
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