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Jenny try Avoiding joe, to pack his stuffs in the office still wondering what just hppn. few minutes passes jenny was done packing he left for home. At home,he got upset scattering things from east to south,ignoring his phone that was dancing round the table room.he punches his hands 5x on the wall,tears rushing down his puff cheeks he couldn't control it.he left to shower,his hands wounded by the punches he gave to the wall, he swings his head side to side. Jean his colleague came to visit him,he let her in after she pleaded not take much of his time she told him about the news andtold him not to worry much,well am trying not to,jenny said.jean told him that he's getting hes job back.jenny gave a weak smile,of what use?joe hates me,and he poisoned the boss mind am getting a job whereelse not there.jean adjusted her one handbag to the front side,ok but try not to worry. she was about leaving when jenny called her&thanked her for stopping by to check on him.

Submitted: July 08, 2021

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