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Jean left work early for home to prepare herself for dinner at jenny's house.jenny started preparing meal in the kitchen.Finally jean left home,wearing black gown with flat shoes,she flyed her virgin hair holding a red purse and then entered a bus now to jenny's house

While jenny on the other hand was preparing dinner;jollof rice with egg sauce.he was dancing and smiling as the music was playing,he quickly clean and arrange some places as the food was still on fire,he went to shower when they food was ready jean arrived at jenny's apartment.

The bell ranged as Jenny went to get it,Wow! you look so take away, while jean blushed by the compliment.they went in as the door shut.after the meal,they discussed a bit while jean told him about the nxtday emergency he told him to come but he refused so later jean thanked him for the dinner both hugged jenny waved and shut the door.he went to bed later

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