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Jean as well as the workers had an emergency somewhere,but as things got out of hands they had no hope of saving the family live's,jenny watched the news through the television in his bedroom he laughed just then jean called she pleaded with him to come over but he refused.As the fire started finding its square root into the main house he madeup his mind to go,jean had angrily ended the call.he said;ITS SALVAGE TIME He took his salvage clothes and dressed up,he left home entering his car and zoomed off,he reached the street 148 as seen on tv when he watched the news.he rushed out as he saw the burning building the workers were still spreading the fire extinguisher as he took the hose and positioned it on the door entrance,he released the water, after the fire had chilled,he risked his life to enter the main house to help the people come out savely.the fire finally damaged the entire building.CHECK CHAPTER SEVEN FOR(Contd)

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