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The colleagues clapped for him,as they were excited as the lives were saved.joe yielded;stop! and what are you doing here loser,i taught you were sagged.jenny laughed and told him;So,you ran away just like that common sense to think,here you are pumping up and down. Joe was speechless,as the boss came and handed him over a sag letter he was to leave with immediate effect.the boss apologised to jenny for letting joe manipulate him and also for sagging him,he was promoted and became the chief commander for training as jean was the assistant they workers hailed him and the went back to the office for jenny thanked jean and confessed his love for her, Jean also confessed her love for him too as they hugged eachother and both walked to the car,entered and zoomed the office they jolly as the manager placed the next day for celebration.matthew one of his colleague, thanked jenny for his effort as they all lost hope,jenny said you are welcome as they left for home.

Submitted: July 11, 2021

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