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The book is about the challenges we humans face in the society,i decided to make it a story tho the chapters are short,it's about jenny a firefighter he saves lifes tho his colleague, joe finds way of humiliating him always just like we humans who usually gets intimidated and troubles in the society.jean is jenny's close colleague she makes sure he's always ok,

Unfortunately he got sacked from work through joe,joe is also a firefighter tho he's jealous of jenny like what we humans do to another but as it's says;"what was meant to be yours will always be yours". through jean things went well For Jenny,he got everything plus more back and his colleague joe ends up being sacked.just like those that envy us when we make it they fall.

The chapter1,sorry i created it seperately it's not in the content.check my profile scroll through you will find 'AM A SALVAGE CHAPTER 1 . please criticize is allow thanks.

Submitted: July 14, 2021

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