Devil's Life in Earth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Devil from 2022

Table of Contents

Hell Lord Went to School

Chapter 3- Hell Lord Went To School After Complete recovery of Ji feng memory, he Decided to explore his current place (Earth) . Ji F... Read Chapter

Nano Bot

Chapter 4-Nano bot 10000 Kilo meters away from Ji feng. There was a deep Underground Hidden Chamber. In which Government Scientist ... Read Chapter

Devil Loves Nanobot

Chapter 6- Devil Loves Nanobot On the first day of meeting the Nanobot. Ji feng found that the life auro of the nanobot lady “Chen... Read Chapter

Ability of Nemisis

Chapter 7 _ Ability of Nemisis
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Accepting the Mission

 Chapter 8- Accepting the mission When Ji feng tried to punch the Scientist Head , The Nanobot’s automatic protection protocal... Read Chapter

Wind Slice Technique

Chapter 9- Wind Slice Technique Ji feng asked this one year time to increase his mana quantity for a certain magic in wind affinity.W... Read Chapter

Merging of Ji feng's Love

Chapter 10- Merging of Ji feng’s love Ji feng told Chen to change into High school girl form and They Returned to their Native Plac... Read Chapter

Dimensional Crack

Chapter 11- Dimensional Crack While Using this merging technique, The Surrounding Environment itselft shows the sign for merging. The... Read Chapter

Soil Octopus

Chapter 15 – Soil Octopus Ji feng had found 5 gadgets from predators, but they have been set up in non usable condition after the ... Read Chapter

First Subordinate in Earth

Chapter 16- First Subordinate in Earth After the first one dead, Others just simply stood where they were and soon the earth begin to... Read Chapter

Sand Body Technique

Chapter 17 – Sand body Technique When Ji feng found that the octopus don’t wish to move from were it stood, He went undergro... Read Chapter

Chen Vs Chu Wu

Chapter 18- Chen Vs Chu Wu Ji feng Choose a isolated place were no one can get near sea shore and began his cultivation. As expected,... Read Chapter

Great Pyramid of Giza

Chapter 19 – Great Pyramid of Giza To find ancient materials with mana, Ji feng chose to join archaeologist department and so he ch... Read Chapter

Mana Jade

Chapter 20- Mana Jade Ji feng observed his surroundings and found nothing except for the Skeleton Placed inside green jade. He conclu... Read Chapter

Soil Puppet

Chapter 21 –Soil Puppet After knowing that the  Mana jade contains slight amount of mana, how could ji feng have the heart to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23- Grandfather Lua Xi

Ji feng continued his cultivation by absorbing the mana in atmosphere as it only required another one year for him to reach the threshold of this environment. He can’t continue Diamond heart
technique as it requires Physical Hardening by external factors as its fourth stage. He just continued his cultivation while also researching about the soul teleportation that is required for him
to return to hell mansion.
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Chapter 24 - Lua Xi's Entry

Lua xi became proud seeing the other 3 persons envy gazes. Lua xi suddenly remembered something as one person said that those dimensional cracks are created by someone in Kwanchi City’s Direction.
That’s none other than the Goku, While Goku tried to find the invaders through Dimensional crack, He searched for person’s with ki’s abnormal than normal human’s and soon found that this world also
contains person’s with powers, as he tried to search he always feel a similar auro in these peoples as their cultivation seemed to contain certain auro emitting from them. He got fully explained by
Lua xi when goku tried to convice Lua xi to move to their respected dimension as lua xi was the first one he sensed the ki
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Chapter 25 – Lua Xi and Ji feng’s first meeting

Lua xi spent few hours chatting with her daughter and suddenly a screeching sound heard and an eagle entered this room with another door pushed away by it. Xia wen said with a frown “ Xu , Haven’t
i told you to wait for todays meal”, What she meant by xu is none other than the Eagle king named by her. They treated it as their home pet and lived quite happily with it. When Lua Xi looked at
this 1 meter high Eagle, his eyes bulged as he had sensed something abnormal from the auro of the eagle. He even had the feeling that it looks with him in the same thought as he had. Lua xi thought
himself “Is it have it’s own consciousness”.
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Chapter 26- Joining the Sect

Ji feng can’t understand the situation for a while and said Chen to allow that person inside, Chen doesn’t noticed ji feng’s emotions and simply went out and allowed Lua Xi. When Lua Xi entered the
room, he said with a smile “My grandson has already reached the intermediate level of Chaotic Energy Realm, I am really happy for You”, Even before he entered the room, Lua Xi observed Ji feng’s
energy and found his level. Ji feng thought for a while and asked “What do you mean by Grandson!!,I haven’t seen you since my birth. And i don’t know about the Chaotic Energy Realm that you are
saying”. Lua Xi looked Ji feng like a weird person
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Chapter 27 – Pure Ancient Beast blood

Ji feng nodded for Lua Xi’s Reply and asked with excitement “What’s your current realm grandpa”, as he sensed 30% of his original power from his grandfather. Lua Xi replied with a sly smile “You
should get to know when we reach the academy, Let’s go to the Head Quarters to register a new member and for blood transfusion”. Ji feng nodded and prepared to leave, He decided to leave Xu (The
Eagle King) with her parents as it still not matured, Contacted The soil octopus with the soul connection and informed to follow him underground.
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Chapter 28- Fire Attribute

Ji feng felt an immense power fluctuation from that small drop of dark blood in his heart, He kind of felt like, the blood had it’s own consciousness, Ji feng observed it for a while, and after
understanding that it doesn’t gave any harm to his physique, he chose to leave that problem for later. Lua Xi took them to another room to find both of their magic attributes to choose their
academy, Inside that room they had many orbs with different magic attributes, Lua Xi told them to emit their auro and walk pass these orbs, Chen made the first move and while walking pass many
orbs, a Red colour orb shined brightly and it shows that Chen had Fire affinity. Lua XI then told Ji feng to emit his auro,
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Chapter 29 –Movement Techniques

Chapter 29 –Movement Techniques

While Master Min gave guidance about few movement techniques in ji feng’s first session, Ji feng thought for a while and began to struggle between his thoughts whether to ask a question or not,, He
had been waiting for this whole time that someone will automatically explain this basic info, but since no one explained, he made a decision to ask, ji feng choose to join a sect for acquiring more
power to return to hell but what’s the real purpose of a sect,, Ji feng finally said “Master Min, Can you explain what’s the purpose for a sect”, Everyone gave ji feng a similar look, Mostly Each
one asked the similar question
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