Celestial Beings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hard science fiction, action, psychology, philosophy, cosmology, spirituality. And, for once, NEW answers - the way science fiction was meant to be.

A Black Hole has forced mankind to leave the Milky Way in the late 21st century. Science is God now. And lowly Inventory Manager 2nd degree Alix Anson has come to challenge ... all of it.

First person, present tense, realtime.

Chapter 1, about 25,000 words, works as a short story, so if you don't feel like investing yourself too deeply ...

The story is about 140,000 words long and is COMPLETE - but I have yet to adapt and upload the very last chapter!

18+ because of strong language and some brutality. And nobody with an undeveloped mind should attempt to grasp the concepts presented. They'd only waste their time.

"I hoped the panoramic sight of the Milky Way galaxy's majesty would bring me sleep. Our home ... the home that we left. The home we keep orbiting with burning drive, to produce a steady 1 g of acceleration, 60,000 light-years from the galactic center. If it were up to me, we'd be even further out. My fear is that we meet another annihilator. The hole in space that would end mankind, the sacred children of the Universe gone forever. We are ALL that is left. A rogue galaxy core, headed for Earth. We would never have dreamed. Thank God we saw it coming in time."

"We need the fusion reaction not for its high energy output, which is almost exclusively used to process raw materials into fuel. Like I said, we cook whatever ingredients we pick up with the collector ram assembly. Otherwise, or primarily, the fusion chamber environment allows us to produce and tamper with fermions. Neutron production, for example, is crucial. The reactor produces plenty of antihydrogen, part of which is fed directly to the AM drive and the electric generators. The surplus is stored - until we're at eleven point five kilograms, which is when the reactor switches to pilot light mode and the synchrotrons shut down."

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Table of Contents

The mission

Chapter 1, about 26,000 words, works as a novella, so if you don't feel like investing yourself too deeply ...
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The Smitten Kitten

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By the Numbers

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The Stranger

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Taking Charge

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Damn that was tight. Didn’t expect there to be such a struggle. So far it was all just figuring things out and, essentially, pushing bu... Read Chapter

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