May 9th 2021

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction.

Chinese Rocket

It was in the news that a rocket fired by the Chinese went out of control and it fell into the Indian ocean.

Chinese rocket stands for two idioms and they are, one, a wayward life and another, an action which produces no harm.

In my life, I wish to be a Chinese rocket.

Some actions in life are a Chinese rocket.


Dinosaur as an idiom stands for something that is outdated.

With the arrival of the cell phone, land phones have become a Dinosaur.

Cut the neck

Cut the neck as an idiom stands for something that is expensive.

Due to the lockdown, I had to buy cigarettes in black and it was cutting my neck.

Shepherd and the Sheep

Shepherd and the sheep as an idiom stand for Jesus Christ and his followers.

I am the sheep while my master Jesus is the Shepherd.


Something is used in Malayalam and it is an idiom for paying a bribe.

I had to pay something to the surveyor to ok my land documents.

Georgekutty and Chiklee

Georgekutty and Chiklee are Malayalam slang words for money.

Who in life does not want to heap a pile of Georgekutty and Chiklee?


The novice asks the Philosopher: ‘what is deconstruction?’

The Philosopher replies: ‘deconstruction outdoes the marginalization and privileges in a text.’

The novice says: ‘that is akin to destruction

The Philosopher says: ‘when you deconstruct your identity, race, color and ethnicity, you come to a nothing and that it is a philosophical construct of being deconstructed’.

The novice says: ‘I have the right to exist in the margins of the text, don’t I’?

 The Philosopher replied: ‘the margins of the text are your ego and the body of your desires, which evolve as a construct.’


Between the paper and the ink, I exist and I exist in a state of madness. Yes, as Descartes said: I think: therefore, I exist and Sartre has said: before thinking there is a pre-reflective consciousness and thinking is reflective consciousness. Yes, betweenness is a madness, a neurotic symptom of murdering and marrying a text.

The Ghost

This is an imaginary Ghost. It loves voyeurism especially watching women that are bathing. Watching them nude as they rub their bodies, especially their breasts and pubis gives him a lot of satisfaction. Watching them naked is a blossom in the garden, a flower being born. The ghost has only got the consciousness that can see and enjoy, but is inactive as he is a ghost.


Submitted: May 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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