Chapter 5: A taste of blood

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 5

1555 France


After Veronica’s transgression with the servants, it would be months before we saw our father again. When at last we were summoned to his bed chamber late one night we were a little scared at what mood we might find him in. As we entered his chamber, we found our father in a rather pleasant and giving mood. Standing before him I could see many open crates beside his bed. They contained fine silks and materials. In fact, they were not just materials but dresses. They were dresses brought back from his most recent travels and a gift to us both. We were both so excited and a strange thing happened then. At least I thought it strange, Veronica was too carried away in his generosity to see anything untoward.

‘From now on girls, you will call me Vincent. Do not call me father’.

I looked back at him quizzically and opened my mouth to say something, but he interrupted me by continuing with his address.

‘I am not your father and do not wish to be considered as such. I have been your guardian but now I am just Vincent. You will always be welcome to live here with me as long as you wish but all I ask is that now you simply call me Vincent’.

We both nodded and Veronica quickly went back to the dresses.

‘Try on these fine garments, here, now. They are yours’.

I took a black satin gown and held it up. Veronica chose a fine red silk dress. As I took my dress away to the far corner of the room for some privacy, I saw that Veronica was undressing in front of Vincent. She had no shame my sister and as I tentatively removed my own outer layers, I turned to see Vincent watching Veronica very carefully as she put herself into that fine red dress. Neither of them noticed me as I left his bed chamber that night. I went to my own room and lay awake in my new dress for what seemed like hours. I never heard any footsteps from Veronica and must have fallen asleep eventually.


Vincent had been seeing less of  Vanessa, but a lot more of Veronica. He now insisted on being called Vincent. Both girls had matured into beautiful young women and Vincent had taken Veronica as a lover. He would use her as he wished until the time was right and then offer her immortality. Her sister, the more dangerous of the two, he would think carefully about. She may need to be released.

As he sat in his chamber there was a light knock on the door.

‘Come’, he called, knowing it was her.

Veronica opened the door and slowly crept inside and stood waiting for him to beckon her closer. Vincent watched this beautiful specimen as she stood before him, waiting on his command. Her long flowing red hair hanging above her full breasts just visible as mountainous shapes underneath her sheer nightdress. There was a smile on her face, a genuine smile Vincent considered. She was young and wanted what he had to offer. He could tell she enjoyed everything he gave her by the way she screamed in delight at his touch. But would she want the ultimate prize. He believed she would and tonight he was going to give it to her whether she wanted it or not.

Veronica untied the bow at the front of her dress and let it fall to the ground revealing herself to Vincent in all her nakedness. Her breasts glistened in the candlelight. She had bathed and used a herb and flower resin to make her own perfume which she had rubbed all over her young body. She walked over to him and he reached out to her pulling her in close. His hands were cold, but Veronica didn’t mind. As far as she was concerned this man could do anything he wanted with her. She loved everything about him. His kiss, his touch, his smell, and especially his manhood. She reached down and felt his hardness.

‘Take me Vincent. Take me now’.

Vincent stood and gently kissed her. Veronica wanted more than a gentle kiss and pulled him in closer, but Vincent broke from her kiss and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He turned her around and pushed her shoulders down, so she was offering herself to him. Her buttocks were raised up inviting him into her and Vincent quickly took her, satisfying both their lustful desires.

‘Do you want more?’, Vincent asked.

‘Yes’, cried Veronica. ‘I want it all’.

‘Be mine forever Veronica’.

‘Yes, yes, yes’, she cried as Vincent’s eyes turned a blood red colour and he bit down into her fragrant neck and tasted her blood for the first time.

Veronica screamed in pain at first then screamed again in delight, the euphoric feeling somehow heightened by what Vincent was doing. Vincent removed himself from her, lifted her up and placed Veronica back onto his bed. He took her again and pounded her bleeding body as hard as he could, his eyes still red, his mouth dripping blood, her blood. Veronica, breasts heaving, panting, looked up at him but showed little sign of fear. She accepted Vincent for what he was. As he thrust into her relentlessly, she reached up and touched his bloody lips and rubbed it on her own. Vincent bent down and kissed her then before once again biting into her neck and tasting her blood.

Afterwards, Vincent lay beside Veronica gently stroking her body.

‘I feel strange Vincent. What is happening to me?’.

‘Welcome to my world Veronica. Now drink this’.

He held his arm out to her, blood trickling from a cut on his wrist. Veronica pulled it towards her and drank.

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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