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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

For My Mother




You were the light before your son rised

You are a light in the sky right

Protective at all times 

There in my hard times 

Short in height 

Strong with might 

I got whooped plenty of times 

With plenty of love 

Hurting her more than it would hurt me 

"The Law shall not hurt me"

I was Her first birth 

I came out purple

Her favorite color 

The doctor help My Life recover 

Since birth this lady prayed for my hurdles

She was a Mother 

Not a friend 

She was the nutrients I needed to recover 

She birthed my brother 

Prayed for my sister & brother 

She was there 

She has Heart

Taught me how to care 

Starting my middle school 

My angle was gone in the air 

My brother & I was looking for my Mother

Asking people "Have you seen my Mother?"

I was a little bird listening for the word

Before she left she made sure we was in church 

Her words helped me

Such a beautiful melaninated face 

When I needed a hug

She had that perfect embrace, 

to help the tears pour down my face

Word came back she in another state 

The divorce with Him had her in a bad state

Even though she wasn't here

Her essence was here

It was clear no one could control me here

When I was wrong

Teachers would hand me You on the phone

I would hear your tone 

It would hurt my soul 

The more trouble 

the time doubled 

I needed Dawn 

The light before the sunrise 

We always had home cooked meals in the morning time 

House smelling so Black, 

wiping my early eyes

Gospel playing all the time 

I missed those times 

No matter what the devil threw 

You pushed through 

You birthed two

Mother to four 

Motherly to many 

Feeding plenty 

Not just with physical bread 

Spiritual bread 

Before the sun 

She on her knees praying for her

Daughter & sons 

Granddaughters & Grandson 

Stand on what you'll die for 

I was blessed to be born by light 

The only one who can tame my fight 

She showed us right 

Representation of a good wife 


The light before the sunrise 

The light before her son rised 



Happy Mothers Day

Submitted: May 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TLK Poetry. All rights reserved.

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