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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

----------- FaXaNaDu: - ''BEWARE of FAXANDORF'S UNDERGROUND FACTORY (CHURCH) and THEME PARK ! '' ----- FAxanadu: Video Game Slums ! ------++-- ''FOLLOW the UNDERGROUND RED BRICK ROAD ! '' ------- Secret Underground Video Game Realm ! -__________- ''BEWARE of the NIGHT-WORKS: Sector 8 ! ''


(NOTE: FROM 2018. 






You've been away on a forbidden, secret quest, only to return to the 'Underground Snowy Elfin Cavern-Realm of Exalis' to find it is nearly deserted.


 The town's walls are crumbling with flashy, smoking mounds of unknown dwarf-lore and the ancient elfin fountains of mantra are forlorn and dry.  Their healing powers of intriguing dark-magic are lost.


You saunter through many icy-mounds in the glowing darkness and then slowly walk on vicious bridges that are leading over shimmering chasms of the deep. Bizarre pictures hang on the glittering black walls while Christmas trees are peeping forth from sparkling mounds of glittery snow!


  You are a young elfin mage with dark tanned skin and neon hair.  Neon-green bushy eyebrows, glimmering in luminescence, are visible on your face.  Your eyes of blue brilliancy flash forth a hellish fury in the cavern's mysteries.  Pointy ears stick forth from your glistening headband that lies upon your icy-rich brow.

Your attire consists of a glowing Headband of Protection, a glow-in-the-dark tunic woven of an unknown material, enchanted from the black mantra spells of incantation by the necromantic Inquisitor's guild, and a long pair of warrior's striped stockings that reach up to your alluring buttocks. 

Enchanted snow-boots, acquired from the Neibeldorfin industrial ice-caverns, adorn your feet. 



 In a hypnotic stupor of disbelief and solemn dejection, you saunter up to the almighty archway of the gateway, through the dark smoking chasm of Faxanadu, passing under the roar of a mystical waterfall, to find the hidden doorway that leads to the Elfin Town of Exalis.



 Glowing pink graffiti covers the walls in this region while blue symbols are etched crudely into the rocky outcrops.  Bracing yourself for the unknown of the mysterious darkness that lies further on, you wave your rod of releasement through the air.


Bringing forth the green parchment scroll of the 'Elder Elf Wizard, Glimdorf', you recite the ancient spell of Kelethanie, the necromantic rogue.

Phantasmic flashes of unknown light fill the grotto, as powerful flashes of roaring smoke fill the cavern's darkness.  The gateway to Exalis begins to glow in a faint purple hue,  appearing behind the decorative limestone rocks.


You decadently close your hypnotic eyes and step forward into the underground passageway.




When you pass through the roaring blackness of the underground passage, with its crooked low ceiling of endless glitter and roaring white noises, you find yourself suddenly at the beginning of the town of Exalis, the dim pink light of the graffiti and the town's neon pathways becoming visible from out of the pitch darkness.



A shadowy visage rests before you in the sparkling essences.  You traipse near the being, eventually getting close enough to discern that he is a Grandsire. 

He has glowing blue, bushy eyebrows and a furry, shimmering blue beard.  Long pointed ears stick out from each side of his head, as a silver symbol of Elfin protection, like a forbidden mark, rests glowing on his brow.  It is a seal of the Elf Princess.


You speak with the elderly elf grandsire garbed in dark garments, resting drearily by a foaming waterfall, flowing near the entrance of the town's gateway.



"It's you!

The mighty elfin adventurer has returned! The Elf King wishes your council immediately even though you have just arrived.  Speak to the Magistrate Guru in the citadel to be given a title and to receive the Elfkeeper's Ring.  Please take this wand of healing as a token of our greeting and your returning gift,"  the Grandsire groans forth in an excited stupor. 

Glittering phantasm is flashing forth from his mesmerizing eyes and pointy blue ears.


You bow low in greeting before the grandfather and receive the dark wand, before continuing onward.  A sparkling substance shines on the rocky ground in this area and a dim red light emanates from red doors resting in the rock walls.



 Nearing the area, you walk past two sparkling ruby doors in the rocky limestone wall and speak with an elderly elfin woman, garbed in a skimpy green fur coat with red sparkling heels, who is pacing about outside of a vandalized Church.

Her countenance is morose and sorrowful, with her glittery blue hair resting to each side of her head in disarray, a tiara visible on her brow.  She instructs you to confer with the Guru in the holy citadel (church) before you speak to the Elf King.



Walking further through the glow-in-the-dark cavern, you come upon a great green marble door.  A flashing light, resembling a strobe light, flashes on and off in a quick succession from within the darkness of the glittering area that is in front of the underground Church. 


Glowing symbols of ancient elf language dimly alight the gloomy gateway before the passage.  The somber and deathly, gorish appearance of the exterior hardly resembles its once sacred and innocent glory.  Vile desecration lies in shadowy gore before the red stained glass windows fronting the pyramidal structure.


  Glow in the dark skeletons, sparkling forth in a dismal beauty that is hideous to behold, rest chained to the outer windows. - Fragrant green smoke wafts above you and glimmering graffiti is sprawled throughout the area.

Fragrant green and red smoke is puffing from a neon chimney that is sitting on top of the bizarre Church.

An ominous dread and frightening horror rests in this place that leads into the Church and you close your eyes, holding your shining wand of healing forth, your Band of Protection on your brow flashing forth in the darkness.



Stepping within the marble door, you see a darkened room lit by neon flares of light and red stained glass windows to one side.  Regal decadence of desecrated innocence, mixed with a dark, luxurious protege, furbishes your surroundings.


The Magistress Guru gazes upon you with wisdom, terror and a mysterious, innocent grace as you slowly saunter up to speak to her.  An alluring beauty of mystifying innocence rests within her gaze. 

 The elfin sage before you resembles a child yet her ancient wisdom is evident, etched in cruel wanton and glitter that glares lustily from her countenance, her hypnotic eyes glaring forth through your soul, revealing the deepest, darkest desires of your heart.



Welcoming you into her presence, she states in a deep, sultry female voice that is much lower in tone than a woman's wont, 

"Why have you returned child?  We're enslaved by an evil, vicious dwarf-cleaver excursionist from the darkest nightmare of nefarious hell.  The gorish entity has a title yet I shall not utter it here.  We shall all surely perish from this Infidel, this stranger of black magic.


The end is near, my elfin child.  However, if you must continue in your quest, then I beseech you to heed my warning.  Beware the vagrants and vandals of the Infidel's hideout.  Flee from their forbidden, dark side of town, behind the Xerxes waterfall and the hidden caverns beyond.  The Elfin King awaits your presence.  First, however, I must present you with the Elfkeeper's Ring.  This will identify you as a citizen of Exalis since your quest has been many years past,"


the Guru explains softly in wise consolation.



 She solemnly presents you with the 'Elfin Ring' which will identify you as a citizen of Exalis.  Bowing low in a regal manner, in conclusion to her council, she bids you farewell, closing her shimmering eyes.  A soft healing essence of honeyed gossamer rests sparkling upon her brow as it also follows suit, shimmering on your brow, as well.


A pathway of light materializes in the ethereal air and she bends forward, exquisitely kissing your brow gently, as a shimmering mark appears in its place.  It is an elfin seal of protection to ward off evil malevolence.



You exit the underground Church and continue walking along the dark path, lit by the flashing strobe lights that emanate from the glowing graffiti along the cavern's rocky limestone walls. 


Another bewildering structure built into the limestone fronts the road with a flashing sign, glowing in shimmering letters, beside it, reading, "Hardware & Tool Wares Shop".



A very handsome young elfin man with no shirt and a shining garb covering his privates salutes you, saying in a deep voice,

"Remember to visit the locksmith comrade.  You must have a key of Jackal to leave the town.  Dwarfs are already residing in concealment within the town.  I fear the end is near.  Would thou like to partake of the blue cake of elixir?  It has healing and restorative properties.  You may find its secret abilities of healing may come in handy."



He salutes you again and hands you a strange blue cake with red icing that is sparkling on top, wrapped in an invisible parchment.  Bowing before him in a regal manner in thanks, you continue further along the glistening pathway through the dark.


Bizarre red skeletons, hanging from smoking green alcoves in the icy ledges directly above you, shimmer forth in a hellish gossamer of gore, as furry bats flit gaunt and drear within their environs.  They lament forth and cry pink tears that form pools of phantasmic rainbow essence in the smoking grottoes below.



The young fellow behind you, in the hidden darkness of the grotto,  retrieves a 'Red Cigarette' from his garment, as his alluring masculine chest drips in aromatic sweat.  He puffs on it lovingly in the dark, his glow in the dark hair flashing forth in necromantic flair; it was grotesquely beautiful and strangely fascinating to behold.



Continuing along the path, you come upon a glistening icy waterfall that is foaming and splashing into the darkness of a grotto chasm below.


A neon-lit bridge leads across to the other side of the underground town.


Upon the flashing bridge are two solitary dwarf creatures with spikes moving slowly in the dark smoke.  A glistening pink essence covers their bodies of vile enchantment. 


You nimbly jump over the two Spiked Dwarves and continue to the left along the glowing blue road in the cavern.

Finally, out of the darkness, you see an elf guard outside of the Fortress of Exalis.  He is suited in an Elfin Battle Armor with a Prismatic Helm and Elfin Sabre of Mandragora with studded shield. 


You walk slowly up to the guard and bow low in greeting, presenting forth the flashing glimmer of the Elfkeeper's Ring.  "Welcome my friend.  You've returned at last.  The King awaits your presence within the Castle."


 You slowly step down a long, winding stairway that is etched with powerful, ancient symbols of protection and enter the castle through the archway by pushing upon the glowing door.


Entering into the throne room, you see a great Elder King resting upon his mighty ruby throne of power as two great crystals sparkle in otherworldly radiance from the staff within his hand.  His majestic countenance brilliantly shimmers with his crown glistening in heavenly splendor.  A mighty furry blue beard flows to his chest as his glistening red elfin ears of power glare forth a blinding force.


  Bowing lowly before him, presenting your Elfkeeper's Ring to identify you as the lost mage, you slowly approach and speak with the King.


"Disaster has befallen us.  The Elf fountain's mantra essence, which is our life source, has stopped.  Many men of our town went out to seek the reason for this treachery and wicked desecration yet no one has returned.  As well, we are enslaved by a necromantic excursionist entity named The Butcher.  His infidels and followers have slaughtered many of our citizens, leaving our town in ruins and forlorn despair.  You are the last hope.  I shall give you 1500 jewels to begin your long and treacherous journey."


 Bowing low before the majestic Elder King, you exit the hidden castle grounds and continue along the pathway to the region of the cavern with the Shops.



Walking within the smoky red glare of the endless flashes of the neon strobe lights within the cavern, you come upon a bewildering ruby doorway leading to the first shop, the Elfin Emmisary Arts Dojorian.


  He is a grand, bulky fellow with long pointed ears, blue neon hair, muscled physique with great black breeches and golden slippers upon his feet.  For 200 jewels, you will be taught how to fight.  Deciding to take him up on the offer, your health power is replenished and he teaches you many sacred and hidden power techniques of emissaries of elder time. 


 Finishing, you exit the shop and find the dark gateway leading to the next shop in the smoking red darkness, which is the lair of the Elfin Mage.


Upon approaching the pedestal where the ancient mage stands, you bow low and speak to the grandsire, "For 200 jewels, I shall be able to teach you how to properly enchant and conjure magic incantations and elixirs.  Dark, black magical properties are our specialty." 


 He is clothed in a fur raiment with glimmering staff of runes and black shining boots upon his feet. Deciding to take him up on the offer, your magic power is replenished by 70%.


 Once you're finished, you leave the lair of the elfin mage and walk to the right, hopping over the infernal, spiky dwarf creatures.  Farther along the path, you suddenly come upon a man garbed in a bewildering spiky attire with a strange pointed top-hat upon his brow, smoking a red pipe in the darkness.


His glow in the dark beard besets his very long, pointy ears that sparkle in dark blacklight.  Coming upon him, he asks of you, "Do you have a weapon for fighting?  There are many dangers outside of town.  Don't forget to equip your weaponry."


This is your next task; to locate the doorway to the cave of the Hardware Shop.


Continuing along the cavern path, you walk beneath a flowing waterfall and step up a number of steps to find a hidden ruby door, which reads in colorful script, "Toolman's Wares".  Entering upon the next door to the right you will be in the Hardware Store.


A furry pink bat of necromancy flutters from the cavernous roof above to settle on the top of a glowing pipe in one corner of the shop.  You approach the Tool Man, an alluring elfin man with no shirt on behind a great counter.  Bushy blue eyebrows of otherworldly fashion sparkle from his face as his hypnotic eyes blaze forth into yours.


"I sell wares.  What would you like sire?" He inquires, displaying his novelties from dark shelves behind him, and then, opening another great chest nearby, brings forth different wares.  This is what you will be able to purchase in the town of Exalis:


Green Hand Dagger400

Red Potion160

Elixir of Life320

Dilad (Magic)400


You glance upon the Green Hand Dagger and decide to buy this for a weapon and the dilad mantra for magic usage.  As well, you view the swirling, glimmering essences of the elixir in the crystal vial and decide on this as well. 


 "An elixir of life.  Very rare and it shall be useful to you in your quest," he says in a strange  whisper.


 You pay the elfin Toolman 1120 jewels.



"Many gracious obliges for your business, my son.  Please visit again," the Toolman finishes.


 You equip the sparkling 'Green Hand Dagger'.  Green glitter covers the entire dagger.

You also equip your dilad mantra as you exit the store.  Your neon hair and long pointy ears, shaped in a handsome fashion, form your magnificent face and bulky torso.  You slash the 'Green Hand Dagger' upon the flashing air, testing its strength and durability. 


 You check your fairy's pouch and are left with 380 jewels.  Exiting this store, you proceed to the right and further along the neon pathway, in the flashing darkness of the strobe lights, there lies a doorway to the side of the cave with a glowing sign above reading, "Locksmith Esq.".


The endless flashes of strobe-lights begin to pick up pace and it becomes hard to discern your surroundings.  It is very bizarre and mysterious!


Entering the Key Shop, you approach an elfin man of middle age with long blue beard and repairer's cap upon its brow, bent over an assorted array of different sizes and shapes of keys. He glances up and squints as you approach to talk to him.



"Good day my son.  I sell keys.  What would you like?"


These are the types of Keys that you will be able to buy in Exalis:


(Key Jackel)100



You glimpse upon the glittering array of keys and decide on the Key of Jackel.  You remember one elderly elfin woman that was pacing in front of the forbidden underground tavern, Glimdorf's Bar, repeating that it is required to open the doorway to exit the cavern of Exalis that leads on the Road to Town of Apoluna.


 You decide to purchase one of these keys because you will need it to exit the town. 


"A most fitting choice my son.  It shall be useful for you.  Please come again," he replies, bowing low in gratitude, as you pay 100 gold pieces to the Locksmith.


As you exit the shop, you place the key in your fairy's pouch. 



Finally, you continue through the darkness along a crooked neon pathway and walk by the gateway of a vandalized, depraved Church sitting in an icy alcove, near a strange smoking pipe.

The strobe-lights in the darkness are now unbearable and you shield your eyes from the flashing smoke and fragrant hypnotism of the wicked phantasm.


Opening one eye, you gaze upon the entrance into a strange area with a low ceiling.



 There in the darkness, above a tiny ruby doorway, lies the distorted glow of mesmerizing, forlorn letters, reading, "Butcher Esq.".  There is sparkling glitter and bizarre syrup laying in glistening pools, while smears of gorish splendor sparkle upon the doorway outside.  You gaze in terror as you traipse forward, entering the shop.


In this vicious lair, which is the Butcher's Shop, the Butcher (no longer a passive  creature) will sell Glazed Cakes to bring energy and lifepower for 100,550 jewels, if you can overtake his mighty personage.


Upon entering the doorway, neon chains swing within the darkness behind a great vault, with Christmas trees sitting in the smoking corners, near large pools of shimmering ice-paste.


An elfin brothel resides hidden back behind this bizarre area and you catch a slight glimpse of the nefarious delights occuring within the smoky neon blackness;  forbidden fornications. 


 A vicious, spiky pink doorway opens and an illustrious grand figure of dark eminence appears.  A vicious, bloodthirsty infidel rests before you, his foul, grotesquely handsome countenance dripping in lustful zeal.


  His glittering, glow-in-the-dark skin is gleaming with tantalizing essences of lavish mesmerism.


His eyes flash forth with a hypnotic power of mystical terror. - A terrifying bloodlust lies heavy upon his gaze.  Vile pointy ears, etched in glittering markings, rest upon a barbaric head covered in a strange flashing light that glares wickedly upon the young elf.

  His great bulky chest heaves up and down, while tantalizing fragrances emanate from his alluring body of endless temptation. - His lower body is covered in a drizzling, icy-rich pink icing. - He stroked his masculine, bulky chest grossly as he glared upon you in a vicious and wicked fashion. 


 He has a device resting upon his chest that flashes a deafening, blinding light throughout the room, causing a hissing noise that deafens your ears temporarily.  A necromantic flare of light blinds you momentarily, flashing in terror within the dark. 


 He is the dreaded excursionist of the hellish entities, known as 'The Butcher';  a dreaded being of which is half elfin male and half demonic netherbane creature of the darkness of the nightmare of hell.  He worships the dark aura of the 'GrandMaster Necromancers' in the secret realms of the locked dwellings of doom far below. 


 "Leave my vault.  You've entered the forbidden part of town.  My gang and den of thieves runs this brothel and dark side of town.  You'll only find death and destruction the farther along the road out there, boy.  Go back the way you've came," he recites in a groaning, disturbing voice of vicious zeal.


His voice was dark, deep and sultry, with a tone of foreign wailing of blood-curdling death and intrigue mixed in a hellish gore most disturbing to witness.  His tone in his voice resembled neither a male nor female in its bravado, yet seemed to incorporate a duality of both in its nature.  It was terrible yet fascinating!


  A furry, pastel-green'Wyvern-bat' flaps from the glistening, smoky darkness above and swoops down to rest on his shoulder.  It has three vile, disdainful faces, covered in colourful fur, that seep pink syrup upon its furry, disgusting form, as it suckles the Butcher's great chest nipples, the mysterious essence seeping forth.


This was one of his 'familiars' of which he reproduces in the nethermost vaults.  Colorful skeletons, covered in red glitter,  hang upon the glittering neon walls, as vespers of mystifying smoke float behind them.


 With your 'Green Hand Dagger' held before you, in a defensive stance, you walk through the doorway of necromancy, and say, "I've come to find the Elixir, Cakes and Wares Shop.  This was once the location. Do you know of where it resides?  Please bring no harm to me as I shall leave forthwith."


"Leave," he moans in nefarious delight, groaning to himself lustily. "I shall entreat to be given the opportunity grant your wish.  Not before I have a trifle of pleasure."  He laughs in a disgustingly vile fashion, most terrifying and disheartening to hear, as he lifts his 'Pink Rune Axe', dripping with icy-magic paste, and takes one grand evil step forward.

A supernatural flash of light resounds through the roaring and smoky blackness and the Butcher vanishes, only to reappear near you.

He viciously swings his majestic axe of death through the air.  You wail in terror, backing away and out of the Butcher's hellish lair.


The wicked little crooked door slams shut and you back away into the darkness of the cavern, watching the glowing red light of naptha spraying from a shimmering pool. 


 Farther along this road the red lights vanish and darkness reigns.  You see glowing blue graffiti scrawled upon the cavern walls near other ruby doorways leading to Houses of Assignation and Elfin Brothels. 


 Large industrial neon-pipes, covered in sparkling graffiti, are visible within the area.  Christmas lights are strung from the dilapidated buildings and from the low ceiling of the passage.  Red, green and blue smoke rises from the pipes in the area as a bewildering scent is evident in the air. 


 Laments and grotesque wails of horrifying darkness echo within the cavern's morose decoration.  Flashing strobe lights decorate the outside of many of the bizarre and surreal buildings.  A strange trembling roar is heard in the distance.

  A frightening, vicious hypnotic feeling overwhelms you and you hide your face in terror from the forbidden malice evident in this secret underground alleyway in the flashing darkness.


Elfin men are visible standing in the darkness of the clefts within the cavern here watching you and whispering in tones most viciously evil to hear.  Many are naked yet others are garbed in the most bizarre and vicious attire you've ever witnessed. 


 Dark flashes of radiance and forbidden pleasures of bloodthirsty viciousness echoes from their lusty visages.  Bloodlust rests strong within their wicked stares, flaring forth in hellish fury from their menacing eyes.  The malice lies strong in their distorted, vile countenances.


You glimpse upon vicious acts of malignant desecration as other elfin males are producing foul and shameful acts in the darkness outside the brothels. 

One bewildering furry creature, adorned in a glittering top-hat and a colorful polka-dotted vest of many patches of colorful fabric, whispers in a demonic fashion from the darkness above, "You are banished!  Banished from our realm!  Never return again!  Never! Never!"



You flee from this nethermost passage, from this dark, ravaging area of the underground gangs of the forbidden 'Vandal & Vagrant's Town', and return through the cavern waterfall, opening a door etched in glowing hellish symbols, which closes behind you.


You've once more returned to the shining neon pathway of the town of Exalis. 


Finally, you find the correct pathway leading to the sparkling ruby door with flashing letters above reading, "Dried Goods & Wares".


Stepping within, you view an elfin man with blonde hair, who is dressed in a bizarre pink attire with a perplexing cigar in his mouth and strange top-hat upon his brow, sitting behind a great counter.  Overgrown, bushy eyebrows stick out from under his hat and a glowing, furry beard falls to his waist.

"I sell novelties to bring health and vitality to one so fair.  May I help you?"  he inquires.



You pay the Shopkeeper 250 jewels for three services of elixir and cake rations along with healing potions.  It will require three times to fully replenish your health and magic pool.  Each time you eat, both your health power and magic mantra-pool will be restored by approxiametly 33 points.


  This leaves your fairy pouch with 130 jewels.  Now, you are prepared to proceed on this journey of mystical secrecy.


Continuing on the dark-lit neon road of the cavern, by the aid of the smoky strobe-lights that sparkle in the dark, you come to the outskirts of the town.


Approaching upon a strange elfin citizen, garbed in a grand, gothic cloak, with a great majestic cap covering his brow and a grotesque mask of macabre covering his countenance, you bow low in greeting.  His long elfin ears are covered in loathsome markings and symbols, which sparkle in a phantasmic essence. 


Talking to the lone citizen, which is walking to and fro amongst a darkened grotto, with a fragrant pink smoke that is puffing from a vent that is built into the wall directly behind him, he instructs you to go straight ahead through the locked Doorkeeper's Hold and you'll find the underground hallways leading to the town of Apoluna. 


 Beyond that lies the 'Hideout of Victem', the bandits hidden pipeworks town.

''Beware of Faxandu-Faxandorf's Underground Factory and Theme Park.  - As well, his secret entrance to his industrial vagrant's slum of NIGHT-WORKS SECTOR 8!  If you enter it, you will never find your way out of that secret area!''  the citizen whispers in a frightened and nightmarish tone.


As you continue walking to the right and down through the Gate of Exalis, the darkness increases and you take out a large red candle from your inventory and alight it, a flashing, glow in the dark smoke arising from it into the sullen air.


A telepathic young girls voice shimmers and resounds in elfin language from within your mind.  A zealous telekinesis wafts around your brow.


You close your eyes and cautiously listen.


  "Elfin child, silent and be still my friend!  Beware!  The darkness increases from here on and I sense a hellish dread and demon of darkness nearby.  Take heed friend and be ever watchful,"  the voice whispers in a wailing tone as you try to respond, yet in vain.

"Silence!  You may need my guidance and aid on this journey.  I know not what evil you shall tread upon," the young girl's voice warns in a high-pitched voice.


From out of the darkness of the shimmering grotto, an infernal furry dwarf-bat flaps its vicious wings, as an icy and snowy wind of wintry chill comes suddenly upon you.

The dreadful being before you has furry and vile pointed ears, two sparkly bat wings, covered in flashing glitter, flapping ceaselessly and long legs covered in a shimmering red fur with claws tearing in the darkness.

The dwarf-bat's flashing eyes flare forth a hypnotic power upon you as it sends down a red psycho-force of nightmare-magic.


The furry creature shrieks in a hellish manner most terrifying to behold.



Flapping in the flashing gloom of the darkness, it releases a poisonous, smoking flash of fragrant smoke down upon you.


You procure your Dilad mantra-shield, reciting the 'Prismatic Lightning' spell and moving your palms in the mantra's runic field.  A glaring, thunderous light of prismatic hue issues forth from the Dilad shield and strikes the Dwarf Bat upon its furry pointed ears.


The demonic fiend wails viciously and retreats backwards slowly into the infernal darkness, through a hidden cleft in the cavernous rock.  A fragrant blue vapor, resembling smoke, is now filling the grotto. 


Nimbly escaping from the icy-grotto area, you run along the neon-lit path toward the 'Doorkeeper's Hold'.  This locked hold is the gateway out of Exalis and the beginning of the underground road leading to the 'Pipeway Water-town of Apoluna'.



Flashing water splashes and trickles into foaming pools, as you approach a waterfall with a large sparkling pipe that is resting in the rocky wall, shining in a dark lustre and radiance from above the locked doorway.


A signpost nearby reads in scrawling, glowing letters, "Doorkeeper's Hold".


Approaching the waterfall, you run into the dark cleft and behind the flowing water, reappearing in complete darkness.

A sparkling industrial door, that has a vent built into it, is sitting directly in front of you.  Neon posters and spiky vehicles are sitting along the cavern's industrial walls, as you hold forth your Green Hand Dagger before you, glaring around the bizarre environs.



"Elfin child," the telepathic voice whispers within your mind from out of the glowing darkness. 

"This darkness is more than your eyes may bear.  A good friend halves the burden and we share the plight.  I shall provide my light of revealing to your seal of protection upon your brow."


A smoke of rainbow colors flashes forth from out of the darkness and a grand flash of light, as of powerful lightning, becomes visible in the cavern.


 "At your service my sire.  There!  The doorway leading forth to the next underground area.There are locked hallways and secret underground industrial passages beyond this doorway.  Be on your guard!  We know not what lies further into the underground!"  the telepathic girl's voice commands you.


The voice replies in a whisper.  "Take courage my friend.  Our answers lie ahead.  Onward shall we tread upon which the mysterious journey may never end."


You grin in a disdainful manner.


 A phantasmic glare of light flashes with an iridescent sheen upon the glow-in-the-dark keyhole that is before you, in the right side of the spiky industrial door. 


Then, taking the Jackel Key out of your inventory and using it on the locked keyhole, you pass through the gateway, into the flashing strobe lights of the darkness, and exit the dominions of the 'DoorKeeper's Hold' of Exalis.


Your journey is only beginning!  Get ready for the next stage!
















COPYRIGHT ©2018 ZELDA V. All rights reserved.









Submitted: May 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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