The Lady in a Pink Dress

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man finds a woman walking alone in his town. But she may not be what she seems...

She walked down the road, her pink dress flowing behind her like the wind. I stared at her, wondering what she was doing here. Her little plastic crown stood on top of her head crookedly. Or was it actually metal? Nah.

I couldn’t see her eyes, but I could sense she hated this place. The way she looked around, the way she moved past certain places, the way she waved off certain places.

I walked up to her, trying hard to push aside my admiration for her.

“Hey,” I said, avoiding looking at her… chest.

She turned around, looking a little startled. “Oh, hi,” she responded rather quickly.

As I looked at her face, I noticed that one of her irises was white, while the other was red. She also had blue and red stripes going down her eyes, as well as a band-aid on her cheek.

Quite the odd appearance.

Clearly, she could see I was thinking this, as she then told me, “I’m going to a sort of… party, might you say.”

“Ah, I see,” I said. “Here?”

“No, just the next town over.”

I stared at her, puzzled. There was no other town around for miles.

“Oh, right, of course.”

She gazed into my eyes. As I looked back, I could see that the iris wasn’t white, it didn’t seem to exist at all.

“Well, I best be off then,” she said, suddenly. “My friend awaits me there.”

“Who’s your friend?” I asked her.

She looked around, like if she was seeing if anyone was watching. She beckoned me with her finger to come closer. I leaned in towards her.

She whispered into my ear, “His name… is Lucifer.”

I drew back slowly. I looked at her crown again. It was definitely metal, and the red gems in it looked as if they were on fire.

Her red eye shone brightly with a fire, which I couldn’t tell was either excitement, anger, or real fire.

The world around me started to look odd. The houses towered above me, looking as if they had faces. The ground below me shook, as if there were an earthquake.

Most interesting of all, however, was that I couldn’t see the lady. All I could see was a child, crying tears of black oil, wearing a grey dress.

Her mouthless face stared at me, as the screaming I heard became more clear. At last, all went dark.

* * *

“So, he just died?”

“No, thelocals say he was talking to someone, then started screaming. They ran away from him, and he passed out and died.”

“Ah, I see. Yeesh. Who was he talking to?”

“Dunno. All we found was a pink bowtie.”


“Yeah, huh.”

The man stared at the sky, his face frozen in fear for the rest of time.


Submitted: May 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Skit Master. All rights reserved.

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