As a Firefly in the Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Where Does the Circle Begin

Where Does the Circle Begin     "Come on, Dad, let’s get into the ocean. Just one more time," George wheedled. ... Read Chapter


Trapped   "It was quiet in the kitchen. Dark. Mr. Mouse crawled out of his hole in the corner, his whiskers quivering. There... Read Chapter

On the Edge

On the Edge     The apartment was quiet, irksomely quiet. I turned on the TV, but it couldn’t replace the sound o... Read Chapter

The Cowboy

The Cowboy     Andy was trying to do his job—writing—which he found nearly impossible. Tommy, his six-year-... Read Chapter

The Souvenir

The Souvenir   I had marked the house for a little more than a month and a half now. It was pretty, new, in the affluent nei... Read Chapter


Luck     On a Tuesday night, I decided to go to a bar in the neighborhood, which my friends had told me was "not ba... Read Chapter

Hurray for the Revolution

Hurray for the Revolution     Lena relistened to Tom's message again. Some of her college friends were meeting at h... Read Chapter

Late in the Subway

Late in the Subway     It was about eleven o’clock on Sunday night. George was going back to Brooklyn after a wee... Read Chapter

Tik-Tok and the Dog

Tik-Tok and the Dog     In a large home improvement store, three persons were strolling together along the shelves.... Read Chapter

Autumn Leaves Yellow, Red and Brown

Autumn Leaves Yellow, Red and Brown     I am dining at my favorite café on the main street in town. It’s a gloom... Read Chapter

To Disappear Completely

To Disappear Completely     It was my turn next to tell a story. I had been waiting far too long to speak my words.... Read Chapter

Something Will Happen

Something Will Happen     The street musician played his blues guitar on Main street, not far from downtown Bingham... Read Chapter

Alvin and Malvin

Alvin and Malvin   The body of the spaceship, covered in holes where the aliens’ lasers had hit it, crashed landed with a ... Read Chapter

As a Firefly in the Night

As a Firefly in the Night     On a stormy night at the end of October, the cold, piercing wind was whistling betwee... Read Chapter


Froggy     Froggy was a strange character. His nickname was on the spot. He had quite a face, an ugly face. My inte... Read Chapter

The Green Note

The Green Note     Waking up early in the morning had always been a problem for me. The bed was calling me, and I f... Read Chapter

Come to Syracuse

Come to Syracuse     I love driving at night, especially when it's raining, or even better - snowing. Then you have... Read Chapter

The Photographer

The Photographer     The hungry years. That is how we referred to them. It was during 2010-2011 when Shane was work... Read Chapter

The Lost Keys

The Lost Keys     Yesterday morning, I went out for a short walk. I felt restless and lonely and went to the park a... Read Chapter

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