The Abyss of Nil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Faith and Trials

Book I of the series, 'The Parables of the Game Master'
When fourteen-year-old Arther Pye plays a new card in the trading-card game, Rune Matrix, with his friends, it throws him into a vast game world called the Land of the Heart. In this strange place, his feelings and beliefs are brought to life around him. The game's goal is the Mount of Omnia, but it is surrounded by the forbidding Abyss of Nil.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The howling wind drove young Arthur Pye without mercy across the twilit desert. Ahead, a mountain, glowing ghost-like in the moonlight,... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

A dull daylight filtered in through numerous glassless windows high in the stone walls into a room that was seven or eight metres squar... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

After spending the night in the temple, where the priest had kindly provided him with a blanket and sleeping mat, he bought a leather b... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“Is something following us?” Arthur asked a couple of hours later as he cast a nervous glance behind. “I keep hearing sounds back... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Arthur struggled to regain his footing in the swirling river. Then another wave hit, forcing him to drop the boots he was carrying as h... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

After what felt like hours of slow descent, Arthur and Shadow-claw got to a place where the tunnel widened out. “Ah, I see that w... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Arthur strode into Coral Castle’s great hall, while Shadow-claw watched from an upper window. Tide-puller struggled to sit up. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The frozen bubble clipped a protruding rock as Arthur came in to land at the Ice Palace, and disintegrated in a shower of ice shards. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Arthur hovered high over the desert, scanning for any oases he hadn’t checked yet, aware that his bubble was getting pretty thin. Whe... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

In the town, he started his inquiry with the elders sitting at the gate. One had heard of monsters that were strong against regular wea... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Arthur covered his eyes with his hands and pressed briefly, trying to get even a little sight back. After a couple of minutes, he was a... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Shadow-claw fluttered onto the ground in front of Arthur. “I do not like the look of this at all. It smells of the Game Master’s tr... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Arthur came out of the village the next morning, shifting the loaded leather backpack, and trying to get it comfortable. “How far are... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Powerful claws clamped onto Arthur, who watched numbly as the Abyss, and then the Forest of Darkness itself, dwindled into the distance... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Arthur cringed as he wondered if it truly was hopeless. But it wasn’t if God was involved. A knight dressed in bright silver armo... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Just as he was starting to see a little light, he landed hard on something soft—garbage. He tried to take a breath, but, having b... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Arthur sat in the back of the carriage with the luggage—he was still a slave after all—and watched the world go by. They had left D... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Arthur stood on a high hill, looking across at the shining Mount of Omnia and its surrounding darkness. “Your goal lies before yo... Read Chapter

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