Closer Love

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The closer you are to me, the greater the outcome of the chances we take together.

There lies a point where others will try to defy the beautiful love we have for each other, because those onlookers haven't a clue as to how unique our preparation was when coming into terms with an eternity with you. Standing in the middle of a glass house where you see everything I am as clear as the Sun shining off the horizon after a stormy night. Your curiosity led to your enlightening experience of a beautiful, amazing, dark, twisted, fun-loving story for your book of eternal life. I haven't written a thing down in your beautiful story because our hearts are the only instruments capable of making that possible. The love in the morning from you was different from the love in the evenings, as to say that each day you loved me more than ever before or what you could've imagined, you and I both. The long nights of staying up in front of the house in order to star gaze, trying desperately to find the exact coordinates of where we each originated.

When the universe created me, you happened to be apart of that beautiful preparation for an everlasting lifetime of truth constantly improving our journeys with the evolution of our love. Your touch sprang lovely vibes through my physical to my spine activating the all seven vertebraes for a direct communication to your spiritually no matter the distance apart. You are apart of my truth, and my truth cannot be erased. You are far more valuable than the finest fruits mother Earth could bear. I love you... However, that isn't the end of this moment captured in time. Here we stand without each other at our sides, and you are soaring greater heights than even our child version selves could paint with their imaginations. I painted a picture in my mind a few days ago of you, and day by day the universe has a way of bringing that into reality. You stood in my mind and heart as the most beautiful queen on Earth, however, I was wrong. You are the most beautiful empress in my universe. The Queen is a master of one skill keeping in order an entire kingdom, all while an empress is a master of many bringing stability and abundance to everywhere her presence blesses the surroundings. You are my empress, love.

Submitted: May 10, 2021

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